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Chapter 1167: Done!

He took a closer look at the young man producing the pill below. His movements were well-practiced, and his actions were smooth. It was clearly a nerve-racking challenge, but he didn’t look nervous at all.

Elder Wan Zheng focused on him and squinted his eyes slightly, the sense of familiarity in his heart becoming increasingly stronger. “It’s really that Chu Yue? Wasn’t he locked up in Fengmin Mountain previously? Why—”

“Haha! Wan Zheng, I thought your disciple was an obedient one, but I didn’t expect him to be so capable! He just ended his punishment, and now, he’s fighting with someone else again!”

The other elders also walked over and watched the competition below with much interest.

“Hey, it looks like he’s merging pills?” Suddenly, the elder who noticed this match first turned around in shock and glanced at Elder Wan Zheng. “Wan Zheng, he didn’t have the chance to learn much from you after he came to the academy, right?”

Elder Wan Zheng knew what he meant and replied, “I didn’t teach him how to merge pills.”

“Oh, that’s surprising.” Upon hearing this, the surrounding elders took a glance and laughed with ambiguous meaning.

“You won’t normally teach an eighth-grade heavenly doctor how to merge pills, right?”

“Yeah, back then, I only started learning it a year after I became a ninth-grade heavenly doctor.”

“Oh, but this kid’s pill production techniques are indeed very smooth. I think he’s even better than the ninth-grade one opposite him! Wan Zheng, you accepted a good student,” teased the few elders.

Elder Wan Zheng didn’t speak. Of course, I know that Chu Yue is very talented, but I didn’t expect him to be able to do this. If I don’t recall wrongly, he seems to be only 16 years old now, right? If he successfully merges the pills now… 

For some reason, a figure suddenly appeared in Elder Wan Zheng’s head. They had the same shocking talent and the same troublemaking tendencies.

The hands in his sleeves clenched slowly.

At this point, Liu Zi’an had already finished producing the pill and waited along with the spectators.

The second pill had already formed within the cauldron.

As time gradually passed, the two pills finally became of similar size.


Chu Liuyue slammed her hand down! Then, a ball of fire wrapped around the second pill and flew up!

The two pills floated in mid-air and faced each other.

Seeing this scene, the crowd unwittingly held in their breaths. It’s coming! 

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely and gathered all her focus. This was her first time trying to merge pills after she was reborn, and she had to win this match!

When she estimated that the two fires’ temperatures were adjusted appropriately, she took a deep breath in.

Two waves of forces surged out of her dantian, and one wave injected into each hand!



The two balls of scorching hot fire instantly wrapped around her hands! At the same time, she rapidly raised her hands and controlled them respectively before forcefully merging them.

After the two pills approached each other, they started repelling each other crazily. The surrounding fire started moving around agitatedly.

Chu Liuyue’s movements had no form of hesitation at all! She continued to use even greater strength!

The two pills started approaching each other at an even slower speed. When the two fires touched each other—


Sparks flew everywhere, and a light glowed very brightly!

Chu Liuyue’s arm started trembling slightly. She clenched her teeth and crazily circulated her bodily force!


The fire on both her hands burned even more intensely! Under such strong movements, the fire of the two pills finally started merging!

Liu Zi’an’s heart seemed to be harshly knocked as an intense uneasiness filled his heart!

Suddenly, a sound exploded between the two balls of fire! Then, the fire that had already started merging separated again from the middle! At the same time, the two pills started retreating slowly!

Liu Zi’an’s eyes lit up. It is about to fail! If a heavenly doctor can’t control the state of the two pills and forcefully merges them, it will cause the pills to be completely destroyed in the end! It is such a situation now! 

He couldn’t help but laugh, and his eyes were filled with mockery. One indeed only has such an outcome if they continue forcing themselves. I’ve long known that a mere eighth-grade heavenly doctor like Chu Yue cannot do it! 

When these thoughts flashed across his mind, the two pills between the young man’s hand had already completely separated, and the fire above gradually dimmed.

Liu Zi’an held the jade box tightly, and happiness filled his heart! I will definitely win this match! 

“It’s a pity.” The elders at Dong Huang Clock Tower were also watching the match below. Upon seeing this scene, they all looked rather regretful.

“Just a little bit more…”

“He’s an eighth-grade heavenly doctor after all, and his abilities are quite lacking. It’d be rather difficult if he wants to use this method to win.”

The other elder gave a neutral comment and looked at Wan Zheng at the side.

Elder Wan Zheng just stared speechlessly at the match below without an expression. The elders even thought that he was unhappy because his disciple was going to lose.

That’s true. Nobody can smile in such a scenario. Besides, it’s even a challenge. Losing isn’t the most important thing. If the person opposite Chu Yue is relentless, it will be… troublesome. 

According to the rules, even the elders couldn’t intervene.

“Wan Zheng, don’t be disappointed that Chu Yue lost. Actually, Chu Yue is very talented, and he’ll definitely exceed the person opposite him in time to come.”

An elder advised, “With your guidance, this child will definitely be on the Qing Yun Ranking!”

Elder Wan Zheng shook his head. “He won’t lose.”

Although his tone was calm, it was filled with determination and insistence. This wasn’t a question but a statement! It was a very determined statement too!

The few elders exchanged glances. What is Wan Zheng saying? Chu Yue won’t lose? However, we all saw clearly that the kid had lost control of the two pills. When the fire above completely extinguishes, he will—

“How can this be?” Suddenly, an elder gasped.

Upon hearing this, the few people immediately looked over. When they saw the scene below, the few of them fell into dead silence.

They saw that the young man—who already showed signs of losing earlier—didn’t completely lose on the spacious square. On the other hand, the fires of the two pills before him started burning crazily!

The aura was even more ferocious than before as he pressed hard with his two hands! Following this, the two balls of fire immediately merged!

At the same time, the two pills also merged!

Chu Liuyue yelled, “Join!”

A shockingly intense herbal fragrance exploded from within!

The fire in her hands had already completely wrapped around the pill! The next moment, the pill rushed out of the fire and wanted to escape!

Chu Liuyue went on her toes and directly flew up to capture the pill! Then, she swiftly put it in the jade box she had already prepared!


The jade box shut tightly!

Chu Liuyue landed on the ground lightly, and her clothes flowed with the wind.

She raised the jade box in her hands, raised her brows, and smiled at the pale Liu Zi’an. “Senior Brother Liu, let’s compare?”

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