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Chapter 1165: Thousands of Ways to Win

Once she made a move, the originally noisy crowd fell silent instantly!

Not all of the spectators were heavenly doctors, but even if they were warriors or Xuan Masters, they were all top elites to be able to enter Ling Xiao Academy.

They had a certain level of understanding toward heavenly doctors, so they could also differentiate one’s standard in pill production. Hence, when Chu Liuyue started to produce the pill, they were all star-struck.

This smoothness in movements and control over the herbs were clearly better than Liu Zi’an!

Liu Zi’an was also shocked. Isn’t Chu Yue an eighth-grade heavenly doctor? However, the abilities he’s showcasing have clearly long exceeded someone like that! 

Liu Zi’an closed his eyes and focused again. Perhaps Chu Yue is just bluffing people and doesn’t actually have capabilities— 

When Liu Zi’an saw the opposite Chu Yue relaxingly separate the herbs and refine them respectively, his last bit of hope was completely shattered!

At this point, even if he didn’t feel indignant, he had to admit that Chu Yue was indeed capable!

He was slightly anxious. Perhaps Chu Yue can actually beat me… 

“Si—” Suddenly, a scorching pain was felt!

Liu Zi’an gasped and looked down. He then realized that he actually forgot to control the fire within the cauldron as he was distracted!

Just now, the fire spark that flew out burned his hand. He wasn’t really injured, but the herbs within the cauldron were already burned.

Looking at the scorched mess, Liu Zi’an’s blood boiled. He wanted to kick the cauldron away and smash it against Chu Yue’s face!


He harshly poured all of the herbs within the cauldron out!

The dust flew away.

Seeing this scene, quite a few people secretly exchanged glances. This Liu Zi’an… doesn’t have much resilience… Chu Yue just stood there and only started producing his pill, yet he has already accidentally ruined the herbs he just refined. Tsk. If this Chu Yue really wins, god knows what kind of expression he will have! 

Liu Zi’an took a deep breath in and forced himself to calm down. Even though he wasted his previous efforts, he luckily still had some spare herbs. The next thing I have to do is quickly produce my pills! 

He started refining the herbs again.

Glancing from the corner of her eyes, Chu Liuyue roughly knew about Liu Zi’an’s condition. Her lips curled up slightly, and she found it funny. I really don’t know why Liu Yintong would ask him to come over. Did she overestimate Liu Zi’an or underestimate me? She clearly has already lost to me once at Million Wine Mountain, yet she is still so careless now. Isn’t she just directly giving me a win? 

Chu Liuyue started to add herbs to the cauldron in an orderly fashion.

Ever since she came out from Fengmin Mountain, she clearly felt that her abilities had improved. She faintly felt that she had touched a higher stage, and she seemed to be much more energized. This allowed her to be more comfortable when producing pills.

Time slowly trickled past.

Outside the square, there were quite a few spectators.

On the one hand, there weren’t many challenges in the academy, so it would attract quite a few people’s attention every time one happened. On the other hand, the name ‘Chu Yue’ had been talked about wildly in the academy.

The moment he came out from Fengmin Mountain, he had a challenge with someone else, and the other party was clearly stronger than him… It was hard to forget this new student even if they wanted to.

After receiving the news, Luo Shishi and the rest also rushed over.

Luo Yanlin also came with them.

“It’s really Chu Yue!” After seeing that person standing on the square, Zhuo Sheng couldn’t help but exclaim, “What exactly is he thinking?! He knows the rules of the challenge, right?”

If the other party is bent on teaching him a lesson, he— 

“Shishi, your friend isn’t very mature.” Luo Yanlin stared at the square and gave a comment.

It was rare to see such torturous students.

“Liu Yintong and the rest want to bully him, so he reacted in this manner.” Luo Shishi pressed her lips against each other. On Million Wine Mountain that day, it was clearly those people who went to provoke him and wanted to compete. After Liu Yintong lost, she was still indignant and sent other people to purposely cause trouble for Chu Yue. From start to end, Chu Yue actually didn’t do anything wrong. If it were someone else, they might not even be in Chu Yue’s state as they would be bullied completely. 

“The strong are respected. There’s nothing about bullying or no bullying,” said Luo Yanlin lightly. “He clearly knows this logic too.”

Hence, he agreed to this challenge! Thinking of this, Luo Yanlin suddenly laughed. “This kid… is rather interesting!”

If he really can win, it won’t be others bullying him. Instead, he’d be setting a precedent! 


Noise suddenly came from Chu Liuyue’s cauldron, and an intense herbal fragrance spread out from within!

“Chu Yue is about to form the pill!” someone cried out.

Almost at the same time, Liu Zi’an had the same commotion! The fire burned even more strongly, and a circular-shaped pill vaguely appeared!

“Liu Zi’an is about to complete it!”

“I wonder who can finish completing the pill first…”

“So what if it’s Chu Yue? An eighth-grade pill can’t be compared to a ninth-grade one!”

“He doesn’t seem to be anxious at all. Perhaps he has some backup plan…”

“Hah! Backup plan? Do you think he’ll produce a ninth-grade pill?”

Laughter could be heard from the crowd.

Coincidentally, Chu Liuyue suddenly slapped the cauldron at this moment!

Fire wrapped around the fist-sized pill and suddenly flew up! At the same time, she whipped her sleeves, and a few herbs landed within the cauldron one after another!

This sudden movement shocked the entire crowd.

“What is he doing? He hasn’t finished producing the pill, yet he emptied the cauldron?”

“No! He’s producing a second one!”

“He hasn’t even finished the first, so why is he producing a second one?”

Suddenly, a gasp filled with shock could be heard from the crowd. “No! He’s merging pills!”

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