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Chapter 1158: Close

Including Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng, many people who heard this voice couldn’t help but turn around and look toward the source of the voice.

The person talking was a young man who looked like he was 26 or 27. He was rather tall and muscular, and his skin was molt-colored. His five features were distinct, and his gaze was sharp.

“Senior Brother Mo Ran, are you saying that it’s because Chu Yue committed a mistake that he has to be locked up in Fengmin Mountain?” someone asked curiously.

When Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng heard this name, they couldn’t help but be secretly shocked.

Mo Ran—ninth on the warrior list! He could definitely be considered one of the elites in the academy! Thus, his words were more trustable.

“Yeah.” Mo Ran didn’t have much of an expression, but his gaze slightly flickered when he looked at the thin and tall figure afar. “This newcomer does have his own skills…”

His sentence was so soft that nobody could hear him.

But receiving the affirmative answer to the previous question, the crowd was in an uproar. “Who made a mistake? That Chu Yue just came, so what kind of mistake can he make?”

“Yeah! Besides, he’s personally brought over by Elder Ouyang… Did he cause trouble at the Armory Refinement Master’s side?”

“That can’t be, right? Nobody really goes over there usually. Since he’s already admitted into the academy, the elders must’ve reminded him that he can’t casually go to the Armory Refinement Master’s side, right? Besides, there’s a barrier there. How can he casually enter?”

Everyone was filled with curiosity, and their eyes had unconcealable nosiness and excitement.

Life in the academy was actually pretty calm overall. This sudden movement would naturally attract their attention.

“Senior Brother Mo Ran?” A gentle voice came from behind.

Mo Ran turned around.

A man and a woman who looked like they were around 20 years old rushed to his side. The two of them looked rather worried.

“Senior Brother Mo Ran, the thing you talked about… Being locked up in Fengmin Mountain, is it really serious? How long will he be locked up for?”

Mo Ran silently sized the duo up. “The duration of his lockup depends on the severity of his mistake… He’s the only one who went in for the past half a year in the academy.”

Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng glanced at each other and knitted their brows. Why did this happen? Previously, Chu Yue was trapped on Million Wine Mountain, so we sought help from Elder Wen Xi and Elder Hua Feng. Logically speaking, it would be lucky if Chu Yue could come back safely. But… Why did he suddenly get locked up for no reason? Could it be… he stayed on Million Wine Mountain during the restricted hours? 

Other than this, they really couldn’t think of another reason. However, they couldn’t say such words. After all, the two elders had already reminded them not to reveal anything that happened the day before.

Suddenly, an idea surfaced in Zhuo Sheng’s heart. “Right, does Elder Wan Zheng know about this?”

In front of Fengmin Mountain, Chu Liuyue and Elder Ouyang stood in the air.

Once they stood still, an old voice came from the mountains. “Ouyang? Why are you here?”

This voice was deep and caused one’s heart to rattle, even vaguely increasing the force circulating in one’s body.

Chu Liuyue secretly felt shocked. The person talking is probably much stronger than expected! 

“What can I do here? Of course, I came to send someone over!” Elder lightly grunted. “Lock this kid up for ten days!”

The other party fell silent momentarily.

Chu Liuyue felt that there was a gaze that faintly and slowly swept across her body! At that moment, she felt that everything about her was directly exposed to everyone—clearly!

She unwittingly restrained her aura.

After a moment, that invisible pressure finally disappeared. “New student?”

Elder Ouyang felt his head ache. “He just came yesterday!”


For some reason, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that the other party was interested in her.

“Interesting… The last one that came so early was—” That voice suddenly trailed off. It was as if he was rather hesitant or there was some taboo, so he could only stop his sentence abruptly.

Chu Liuyue instinctively glanced at Elder Ouyang and saw that his expression was dazed for a moment. However, such a change only lasted for a moment as Elder Ouyang’s gaze quickly returned to normal.

If it weren’t because Chu Liuyue’s eyes were sharp, she really wouldn’t have noticed it.

She felt faintly confused. If I didn’t guess it wrongly, the person the other party mentioned should be… the mysterious person whose name was erased on the Qing Yun Ranking? Everyone in the academy, from the director to the elders and even the students below, seems to keep mum about this person. Even now, I still don’t know what that person’s name is. 

According to what they’ve said, that person is no longer in the academy, but there are traces of that person everywhere. It’s hard to even avoid or ignore it.

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart lightly. I really don’t know what kind of person that is. 

“Okay, I’ve got. I’ll release him in ten days.” Once he said this, the area before the duo vibrated, and the rays of lights were vibrant!

Then, the barrier formed by Xuan formations was quickly activated.

Elder Ouyang raised his chin toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue seriously bowed before she took a deep breath in and walked in!

“What?! You guys locked him up at Fengmin Mountain?!” Elder Wan Zheng—who had just finished tidying the herbs—stared at Elder Hua Feng in shock. “Are you guys crazy?!”

Elder Hua Feng almost spilled the wine in his hands. “Your kid is crazy! I kindly came here to tell you about this, so why did you yell at me?!”

“If your disciple was locked up, wouldn’t you be anxious?!” Elder Wan Zheng rushed over in frustration. “Speak! What happened?! If you don’t explain it clearly and have bullied my disciple, I—”

“Your kid stayed on Million Wine Mountain yesterday!”

This sentence caused Elder Wan Zheng’s expression to be dazed for a moment. “What does that mean?”

“Hmph, it means what you think it means!” Elder Hua Feng tidied his collar and coldly grunted. “Not only that, but he even coincidentally saw Ouyang producing his sword! He saw most of what happened! If not for you, that kid would have to stay on Fengmin Mountain for a month!”

Elder Wan Zheng’s breathing paused. I never expected Chu Yue to get into such huge trouble in a day! 

“But—” Elder Wan Zheng was hesitant in his words.

He wanted to defend Chu Yue, but he didn’t know where to start. This was because this incident was too serious!

Ling Xiao Academy had been established in the God Residence Realm for thousands of years, and they recruited many students. Even now, the academy had around 3,000 students.

How could nobody make a mistake out of so many people?

The academy had all sorts of punishments. Being locked up in Fengmin Mountain was definitely considered one of the top three punishments.

If they didn’t have a choice, the elders wouldn’t want to do this. And now, the student he finally found with much difficulty went in directly!

Elder Hua Feng chuckled and comforted, “Aiya, think of the bright side! Didn’t you always want to take that trouble—that person as your disciple but failed? Look at it now; Chu Yue was locked up in Fengmin Mountain on the second day of school. At least he’s similar to that person in this regard!”

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