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Chapter 1159: Same Choice

Elder Wan Zheng glanced at him deeply.

Elder Hua Feng sensibly kept quiet. “Ahem! I was kidding! Don’t mind me, don’t mind me!”

Elder Wan Zheng suddenly laughed. “It’s okay; this joke is pretty funny. I’ll tell it to her when she comes back, and she’ll definitely love it to death!”

“Hey!” Elder Hua Feng’s expression changed. “Look at you! Am I not—okay, okay, it’s my fault! I admit my mistake!”

Seeing Elder Wan Zheng’s seemingly smiling manner, Elder Hua Feng wanted to slap his own mouth. Who asked you to speak so quickly!? You could talk about anything, but you had to mention that troublemaker! Great, you’ve now dug a hole for yourself! 

Elder Wan Zheng then let the matter rest, but he still couldn’t help but frown slightly regarding Chu Yue being locked up. This child has shocking talent and is very sensible. As long as I properly guide him, he will definitely be outstanding! Originally, I wanted him to get onto the Qing Yun Ranking as soon as possible, but this can only be delayed now. To think I even planned what I was going to teach in advance!

Elder Wan Zheng helplessly shook his head. “Then… We’ll wait for him to come out!”

The news of Chu Liuyue being locked up in Fengmin Mountain quickly spread around the school.

The crowd had different reactions, and they partook in heated discussions.

However, Chu Liuyue knew about none of this at this moment. After walking into the barrier, she saw a seven-story pagoda in the middle of Fengmin Mountain.

Her instincts told her that this was the place the voice came out from and also the place she had to be locked up in. Hence, she walked forward.

Arriving below the pagoda, Chu Liuyue stood before the door.

The surroundings were filled with lush greenery. There was nobody around the pagoda, and it had accumulated with grayish-white mountain rocks.

It looked like nobody had been here in a long while—or perhaps, people rarely came here.

Seeing the black metallic door in front of her, Chu Liuyue gathered her focus, calmed herself down, and walked forward.

When she reached the entrance, the door automatically opened before she reached out.


At that moment, Chu Liuyue even had the feeling of opening something that had been sealed for many years.

“Come in.” An old voice drifted into her ears.

Chu Liuyue calmed herself down and walked in.

The moment she walked in, the path before her was pitch black.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings, but she could only see a blurred black figure.

She knitted her brows. Suddenly, the door behind her gradually closed shut.


Hearing the noise, she instinctively turned around to take a look. At that moment, the surroundings suddenly lit up.

Her heart skipped a beat as she took a hurried glance and saw that the lock on the door seemed to be a little rusty.

“There are a total of seven floors here. Which one do you want to go to?” That voice continued to reverberate by her ear.

She turned around and looked in front again.

Within the spacious and empty hall, seven doors floated quietly. The doors glowed faintly and reflected a solemn and holy figure on the black marble floor.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be tightly clenched by something as even breathing became difficult for her. This was the natural reaction that occurred when she faced a formidable strength!

Even if the seven doors looked ordinary… Chu Liuyue knew very clearly that the strength they contained wasn’t something she could imagine!

In times like these, she had to be calm.

Her gaze swept across the seven doors one by one.

Actually, these seven doors were exactly the same. From their appearance, she couldn’t tell any difference.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to try using her force to test it, but she didn’t do so in the end. In such places, it was better to be quiet.

The area fell silent.

Chu Liuyue knew that the other party was waiting for her to make a choice.

“I choose…” She hesitated for a moment and chose the second door from the right. “This.”

After a moment, that voice rang again. “Why?”

This time, the voice sounded rather strange and surprised.

Chu Liuyue blinked. Why? What ‘whys’ can there be? Didn’t I just randomly choose one? 

However, she naturally couldn’t say this. Hence, she paused and replied, “…I can’t… choose this?”

Chu Liuyue originally asked casually, but the other party actually kept quiet after she spoke! This made her heart sink gradually. Did I really choose something that I couldn’t? 

“I’ll give you a second chance.” That voice sounded again. “Choose properly.”

Chu Liuyue diligently nodded. “I understand.”

Then, the seven doors suddenly glowed brightly! It was so bright that Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but raise her hands to cover her eyes.

However, it happened very quickly, and the light rapidly disappeared.

Chu Liuyue put her hand down and looked in front. Without thinking, she knew that the arrangement of the seven doors had changed.

“Choose,” said that person.

Chu Liuyue nodded slightly, and she sized up the few doors before choosing the one in the middle. “I’ll choose this.”


Chu Liuyue suddenly felt uneasy. Did I choose an inappropriate one again? Will it be that much of a coincidence? 

“Hah.” At this point, that person suddenly laughed. “It seemed like it’s destined.”

She couldn’t tell his emotions from his voice as if he had restrained all of them. However, Chu Liuyue’s heart sank. It seems like I… really chose the same one as before! 

“Go in. Ten days later, the door will automatically open and let you out.”

Chu Liuyue collected her thoughts, nodded slightly, and walked in. She walked to the door in the middle, raised her hand, and pushed it open.

Her figure quickly disappeared behind the door.

After a while, the voice sounded lowly again. “…They actually chose the same one… It’s really… I hope this kid can make it out in one piece!”

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