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Chapter 1157: Make Mistake

Tuan Zi—who was abandoned, was—speechless. Master, did you say something wrong? Hm? You’re not serious, right?! 

With that last bit of hope, Tuan Zi turned its head with much difficulty and glanced at Chu Liuyue, its eyes watery.

Chu Liuyue returned a gaze that meant she would love to help but couldn’t. I’m sorry! My instincts tell me that this incident is very serious—extremely serious! 

Seeing the few elders’ current state… If I don’t remove myself from the situation, I will be punished harshly. Chu Liuyue personally thought that she didn’t have the strength to go against these three elders. Then… We’ll try to save as many as we can! 

She held Tuan Zi’s wings and passed it forward. Her expression was filled with apology and sincerity. “It’s all because I didn’t teach it properly, causing such an issue. But I’m really incapable, and I couldn’t guard it properly just now…”

At the end of the day, the red-tailed phoenix was still a legendary fiend. If it insisted on doing something, a mere beginner stage-seven warrior couldn’t hold it back.

The three elders exchanged glances. We did clearly see that it was this red-tailed phoenix that suddenly ran out. Chu Yue stopped it, but it wasn’t done in time. 

“This is your legendary fiend after all,” said Elder Wen Xi. “You can’t be excused!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat.

“From today onward, your punishment is to be grounded in Fengmin Mountain for a month!”

Fengmin Mountain? Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other. I’ve been to quite a few places in the academy these few days and understand the area a fair bit, but why have I not heard of this place before…

“A month? It seems a little too long…” said Elder Hua Feng rather hesitantly. “This kid is Wan Zheng’s newly accepted disciple…”

That old thing hasn’t taken in disciples for a few years. Now that he’s finally found a suitable one, he definitely treasures him like a baby. His face will be ugly if his disciple has to be grounded for a month!

Elder Wen Xi paused. “Then, ten days! It can’t be any less!”

This time, the other two elders didn’t object to it.

Elder Wen Xi’s gaze swept across Tuan Zi’s body.

Tuan Zi immediately held Chu Liuyue’s hands tightly.

“Now you know how to be afraid?” Elder Wen Xi sneered. “If I find out later that you did such a…”

“Elders, don’t worry. I’ll definitely discipline it strictly,” said Chu Liuyue seriously and sincerely.

Elder Wen Xi grunted. “And you—you’ve already gotten into such trouble on the first day you came!”

How exactly did I think that this was an honest and obedient one? 

Chu Liuyue lowered her head and obediently listened to the elders’ lectures.

At this point, the sky was slightly bright.

Chu Liuyue stood with her hands behind her back, and she looked down slightly. They could only see her thick lashes trembling slightly and her white and smooth chin.

She seemed like she was obedient and quiet again.

Elder Wen Xi suddenly couldn’t finish his scolding. Actually, at this point, he could already tell that this kid was a troublemaker. However… His innocent, pitiful, and remorseful look caused him to be unable to scold the kid.

“Forget it.” Elder Wen Xi shook his head. “Never again!”

Chu Liuyue could hear the relaxation in his voice, and she couldn’t help but look up in surprise. “Thank you, Elder!”

The young man looked handsome and clean. He smiled with sparkling eyes, and he looked especially alluring.

An extremely familiar feeling suddenly overwhelmed Elder Wen Xi, and his heart beat harshly. This expression, this smile is extremely like—

Chu Liuyue could sense his strange expression, so she immediately retracted her smile silently.

“Ouyang, bring him to Fengmin Mountain.”

Elder Ouyang widened his eyes. “Why me?”

Elder Wen Xi rolled his eyes at him and was too lazy to talk nonsense as he directly turned around and left.

Elder Hua Feng patted Elder Ouyang’s shoulders in sympathy. “Brother, you also have to take responsibility because you didn’t guard this fountain well. But don’t worry—we’ll definitely put in a good word for you later on.”

Then, before Elder Ouyang could respond, he quickly left.

Very quickly, only Chu Liuyue and Elder Ouyang were left on the mountain peak.

The mountain wind blew over, and it was slightly cold.

Elder Ouyang then recovered his senses and glanced at Chu Liuyue grudgingly. “You kid… Forget it; follow me!”

At this moment, the sky had just lit up. However, quite a few students had already started cultivating in the academy.

All the students were busy with their own things at the top of the mountains.

The monthly assessment had just ended, and everyone was in a good mood. Those who won wanted to stabilize their position, and those who lost wanted to make a comeback.

As for the new students, it was needless to say that they were filled with excitement and curiosity. Their minds were all focused on properly cultivating so that they could beat their senior brothers and senior sisters earlier and have a footing in the academy!

But at this moment, a strange and weird scene appeared in the academy—an elder in the academy glided through the air with a student. They passed by an academy and arrived at a mountain peak in the warrior region.

That mountain was located in a rather deserted area, so even the warrior students rarely went over. The key was that there was an extremely strong barrier outside of the mountain, and outsiders couldn’t easily go in.

These two people suddenly came at this moment, so they naturally attracted a lot of attention.

“Who is that elder? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“You just came not long ago, so you naturally don’t know! That’s one of the few Armory Refinement Masters our academy has—Elder Ouyang!”

Once he said this, the crowd burst into an uproar. “Armory Refinement Master?”

“Didn’t they say that those few people rarely come out usually? Why did he suddenly—wait! Why does the young man beside him look a little familiar?”

“Ah! I think… his name is Chu Yue? He performed quite well at the heavenly doctor’s assessment yesterday!”

“Why did a heavenly doctor student and an Armory Refinement Master elder come here…”

At this point, Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng—who hadn’t rested well the entire night—finally came back after receiving Elder Wen Xi’s permission.

Hearing the surrounding discussions, the two of them were collectively stunned. They exchanged glances and immediately looked up.

As expected, two people were standing in mid-air in front of another mountain.

Isn’t one of them Chu Yue, who was trapped on Million Wine Mountain earlier?! 

“Why is he here?!” The two of them were shocked.

Previously, they had stayed at Elder Wen Xi’s residence the entire time. After a long time, Elder Wen Xi and Elder Hua Feng finally came back.

Originally, they thought that Chu Yue would come back with them. But once they asked, Elder Wen Xi and Elder Hua Feng’s expressions turned strange. The elders just said that Chu Yue was safe and told them to go back without worrying.

They thought that Chu Yue had returned to his own place. Who knew… he actually came here?!

Suddenly, someone spoke. “Fengmin Mountain is only used to punish and ground students who made major mistakes. What exactly did the new Chu Yue do to go in on the second day of coming to the academy?”

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