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Chapter 1156: Trouble Maker

Chu Liuyue looked innocent as she blinked lightly, with her clear eyes looking confused. “I… don’t know either.”

Elder Ouyang looked at her doubtfully. “After I summoned the lightning bolts, they should all directly land in this fountain. They will only change route when they feel some other threat. Just now… It seems like you’re the reason why the lightning hesitated for so long?”

He sized Chu Liuyue up and softly muttered, “You seem pretty young. You shouldn’t be able to handle the lightning…”

“Ouyang, what are you thinking about!?” Elder Hua Feng laughed out loud. “Chu Yue is just a beginner stage-seven warrior. How can he go against that lightning? If Wen Xi and I didn’t come on time—”

At the side, Elder Wen Xi didn’t support his words. On the other hand, he glanced at Chu Liuyue, and his gaze was deep.

He entered this barrier a step before Elder Hua Feng, so he saw more clearly than the latter. At that time, Chu Yue was standing at the top of the mountain after the duo entered.

However, Chu Yue didn’t seem to be trapped by the lightning, and it looked more like… they were in a stalemate. Right—yes, stalemate! Elder Wen Xi was a pretty experienced person, and he knew that this kind of situation would only happen when a cultivator was extremely strong. However… this is definitely not something a Chu Yue can do! 

He still recalled that when the young man turned around to look, even though he seemed surprised, the depths of his eyes were filled with unexpected calmness. But when he thought of it, he felt it wasn’t right.

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly and pretended not to know anything.

Elder Ouyang asked for a while, and seeing that he really couldn’t get any information, he swiftly gave up. I probably guessed wrongly…

“Let’s not talk about this first. What do you plan to do with the current situation?” Elder Ouyang’s gaze swept back and forth between the two elders with deep meaning. Normally, this Million Wine Mountain has its opening hours strictly restricted, and we never allow students to appear here at such a time. But not only is Chu Yue here now, but he has also seen too much! Even if he still doesn’t know about the secret within the fountain, he has already seen things he shouldn’t have. 

If it were an outsider who purposely barged in, they could’ve just directly executed them. But Chu Yue was still their own academy’s student after all, so they couldn’t do that. Hence, this matter became hard to handle.

Elder Wen Xi kept quiet for a moment and looked at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Yue, can you be tight-lipped about today’s matter and not tell the people outside anything about this?”

Could Chu Liuyue say ‘no?’ She nodded and seriously said, “I have been cultivating at my residence today, and I don’t know anything about anything else.”

Elder Wen Xi stared at her closely. “That fountain… you…”

He hadn’t finished his sentence.

The young person in front of him looked youthful. His eyes were clean and pure as if one could see the bottom at one look.

He heaved half a sigh of relief in his heart. “Forget it. Let’s take it as today’s incident never—”


Before he could finish his sentence, a weird sound came from the fountain on the mountain peak!

Chu Liuyue instinctively turned around and saw the fountain glowing brightly! She could vaguely see the countless lightning bolts swimming even more quickly!

They intersected crazily! It was as if they would jump out the next moment!

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled slightly. Standing here, she could clearly feel the suppression rising at a stunning speed!

At this point, Tuan Zi suddenly flew out from her shoulders and went straight for it!

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly jumped. “Tuan Zi!”

The three elders were taken aback.

“Stop it!” Elder Wen Xi hollered!

However, it was already too late!

Chu Liuyue and Tuan Zi were originally very close to the fountain, and the fiend took action at such an unexpected time. Who could’ve stopped it?


Tuan Zi directly stuffed its head into the fountain!

Sparks instantly flew everywhere, and its tiny red figure was instantly covered by countless silver rays!


Chu Liuyue could even clearly hear the sounds of lightning crazily swimming around Tuan Zi’s body!

She was about to take action when she suddenly felt a weird sensation.

This is… Tuan Zi’s aura is strengthening! Chu Liuyue was genuinely stunned. This… is the reason Tuan Zi had to go over! This is just the beginning, but its bloodline potential seems to have signs of being unleashed! If it stays inside longer—

“Quick! Get him out quickly!” yelled Elder Ouyang as his hands trembled.

“My wine!” Elder Hua Feng cried bitterly and pounced over first. This thing actually jumped right in! 

He directly ran to the side of the fountain, moved his hand, and captured Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi blinked its round eyes and suddenly dove even deeper!

Elder Hua Feng was anxious, and he couldn’t help but scold, “Come out right now!”

Tuan Zi finally found a chance to enter and was enjoying it to the fullest. How could it come out?

Elder Hua Feng was enraged to the point his teeth were itchy, and he planned to take action instinctively. But when his hands entered the water, he suddenly paused as signs of struggle flashed across his face. We accumulated this over many years with much difficulty…

“Chu Yue, immediately get it out!” Elder Wen Xi spoke.

Seeing his expression that became more serious, Chu Liuyue clenched her hands in her sleeves and looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, if you don’t come back now, don’t ever come back!”

She said this sentence very calmly, but her voice was filled with obvious warning.

Tuan Zi’s body froze. After quickly swimming one round in the fountain, it flew up reluctantly.

Its entire body was wet, and its red feathers looked even more intense in color as it was drenched in water.

Above it, one could still see a few silver rays of light that quickly flashed across and entered its wings.

When the few elders saw this scene, their faces turned incredulous. T-those are the lightning bolts we accumulated in the fountain with much difficulty! We only managed to gather such an amount after all these years, but it was totally taken away by this thing! 

“You!” Elder Wen Xi took a deep breath in, and his vision turned black.

Tuan Zi squatted on Chu Liuyue’s shoulders with its wet body. It then used its wings to wipe its head and looked innocent.

Elder Wen Xi suddenly couldn’t finish his scolding. The red-tailed phoenix is a legendary fiend, and it has a mind that won’t lose out to humans at all. It did this… totally because it wanted to, and it still dared to do it in front of us! With such personality and guts, there is no use in scolding it a hundred times! 

Elder Wen Xi’s gaze turned, and he looked at Chu Liuyue. Suppressing his anger, he asked, “Chu Yue, what do you think we should do now?!”

Chu Liuyue kept silent for a moment. Suddenly, she picked Tuan Zi up, passed it over, and seriously said, “Elder, whoever causes trouble will be responsible for it. Is that okay?”

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