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Chapter 1155: What’s With You

Once this was said, a figure suddenly came from the sky!

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw that the incoming person’s robe flew with the wind. The latter took only a few steps, but they covered a huge distance.

Before she could see the other party’s movements clearly, the person had already arrived before them.

Her heart skipped a beat. This person can only be stronger and not weaker than Elder Wen Xi and the rest!

“Again!” That person stood in the air and waved his arm!

Dark clouds tumbled in the sky, and three bolts of lightning appeared at the same time! In addition to the ones from before, there were a total of nine bolts!

Chu Liuyue stared at them closely! Armory Refinement Master—this is actually my first time formally meeting an Armory Refinement Master! When I previously refined that sword, I only succeeded in the end because of Ancestor’s help.

There seemed to be something tingling in Chu Liuyue’s chest.

There seemed to be something tingling in Chu Liuyue’s chest.

Armory Refinement Masters used to be a legendary existence to her. They were distant and mysterious as if one could never reach them.

Even if she had produced the Cloud -Sky Copper Sword with Shangguan Jing’s help, strictly speaking, it wasn’t truly weapon production! After all, the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword already had its shape and core back then. All she had to do was use the lightning that Shangguan Jing guided to refine it.

Now, she finally knew what Armory Refinement meant!

She saw the person stand in mid-air while his two hands moved around. The lightning seemed to land according to his command!


Bolts of lightning continuously landed in the fountain! The stunning suppression and aura almost caused Chu Liuyue to suffocate.

She should move back to avoid being hurt by accident, but her feet seemed to be nailed to the ground. She couldn’t move at all.

The silver light in the fountain shone! Even if she was a distance away, Chu Liuyue could still clearly see the scene within!

Countless strong forces intertwined with each other!

At this moment, the person in the sky raised his hand suddenly!


A green light flew out from the fountain, landing in that person’s hands!

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw that it was actually a broadsword!

The broadsword was entirely green—it was as clear as jade, and it gave out a faint crystal glow. Its body was thin and narrow, but it was extremely sharp! Its suppression was also stunning!


That person held the sword and lightly sliced the air! Then, a gigantic black crack suddenly appeared!

A tiger’s howl could be heard vaguely!

This was enough to show how formidable the sword was!

Chu Liuyue’s heart trembled.

This was her first time seeing a true Armory Refinement Master producing a legendary weapon. Even though she couldn’t see it clearly, everything before her was enough to shock her!

Stealing the power of lightning to form a legendary weapon! At that moment, it seemed like everything in the land was under his control!

Even though her expression didn’t change much, Chu Liuyue’s heart was overwhelmed uncontrollably.

Her pair of black, gem-like eyes dazzled! Nine bolts oflightning… Then, that person should be producing a top-tier legendary weapon! This person is, at the very least, a superior Armory Refinement Master!

“Not bad! Not bad! I didn’t waste my efforts from the past month…” That person was clearly very happy as he held the broadsword in his hands with elation.

But at this moment, Elder Wen Xi and Elder Hua Feng’s expressions weren’t great.

Elder Hua Feng didn’t hold himself back as he yelled, “Ouyang! Get down right now!”

Elder Ouyang then recovered his senses and looked down. “Hua Feng? Wen Xi?

Why are the fivo of you

As he spoke, his gaze turned, and he saw Chu Liuyue standing by the side.

His eyes that couldn’t be seen because he was smiling widened instantly. He was stunned. “Why is there a doll here?!”

The two elders were speechless.

Chu Liuyue—who had been ignored the whole time—was speechless. Even though my appearance isn’t as eye-catching now, I’m not that easily ignored, right..

“Hey, what’s with the two of you?” Elder Ouyang glanced at the sky.

The darkness of the sky was about to go away as the sides were dark blue.

Where heaven and earth connected, the white horizon could be seen.

Light gradually shone through the layers of clouds.

“The sky is about to turn bright. Why did you still bring a doll with you?”

“Pui!” Elder Hua Feng couldn’t hold himself back and spat. “Ouyang, open your eyes wide and look! We didn’t bring this kid in! When you summoned the lightning bolts to produce your weapon, he was already standing there! You’re blind yourself, yet you blame us?!”

“What? He’s been here since just now?” Elder Ouyang was dazed before he carefully sized Chu Liuyue up. His expression then turned increasingly weird. “This is a new student? He doesn’t know the rules?

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. She suddenly felt that ever since she entered

Ling Xiao Academy, she was going head-on against the word ‘rules.’

The key was that she didn’t purposely disobey the rules, but she would always end up in all sorts of situations for some reason. This caused her to reach a state where she couldn’t make herself clear.

“Isn’t this all your fault!?” Before Chu Liuyue could explain her side, Elder Wen Xi sneered first. “Before you produce your weapons, don’t you know how to check if there are any students around?”

According to what Luo Shishi and the rest said, they should’ve left on the dot. But before they could leave, the lightning bolts came. Hence, Chu Yue was stuck, and this happened in the end.

“I…” Ouyang blinked in a very innocent manner. “How would I know that there would be other people here?!”

I was in a rush today, but I didn’t do it much earlier. After all, it has always been fine before. Who knew—

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally understood what was going on: It turned out that Elder Ouyang had long been preparing to produce his weapon here. Today was the last day, which was the most crucial day to summon the lightning bolts and nourish his weapon!

Previously, he could only summon eight bolts of lightning. Now that he could finally summon nine bolts today, he was elated, so he didn’t care about so much and swiftly produced it in advance.

Within the fountain was a sword core he put in previously. After the last step was done today, he could officially produce the legendary weapon.

Who knew that he would coincidentally bump into Chu Liuyue and the rest who left late? This then resulted in this scenario.

“That’s not right!” Elder Ouyang suddenly thought of something when he turned around to look at Chu Liuyue, his eyes filled with doubt. “Even if we did bump into each other, the lightning power would’ve chased all of you out. Why

He paused. IfI remember correctly, the lightning bolts that I first summoned stopped after meeting this kid?!

“Kid, what’s with you?”

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