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Chapter 1154: Keep Secretly

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“What are you doing?!” Elder Wen Xi’s reaction was extremely fast as he whipped his sleeves, and a wave of force flew out.


The two waves of force hit each other intensely!

After all, Elder Wen Xi was one of the top few strong warriors in the academy. With this impact, the strength of the lightning bolt was instantly reduced by quite a bit.

The originally dazzling light instantly dimmed.

“Who summoned this!?” Elder Wen Xi was ferocious as he stepped into the barrier!

Elder Hua Feng followed closely after. “Where’s that kid, Chu Yue? He didn’t get struck by lightning, right?”

Once Elder Hua Feng said this, he saw Elder Wen Xi’s body stiffen as the latter looked in front in shock, as if he had seen something incredulous.

“What are you looking—” He followed Elder Wen Xi’s gaze and looked over. His voice trailed off mid-sentence.

He saw a young man standing at the top of Million Wine Mountain. His figure was slightly skinny, but he still stood tall and upright.

At this point, he was standing beside the fountain as he held a completely dark longsword. His surrounding force moved aggressively!

It was Chu Yue!

At this point, there were two bolts of lightning hovering above his head! The lightning was only a short distance away from him.

As long as it moved another step forvvard, it could easily kill him! But for some reason, those two bolts of lightning didn’t move and just floated above quietly. And Chu Yue had his back straightened. He held his sword as if he wasn’t even fearful.

This scene was indeed too strange, causing the two elders who were used to seeing all sorts of thunderstorms—to be speechless for a while.

As if detecting the commotion over here, that young man looked over.

“Elder Wen Xi, Elder Hua Feng, you’re finally here!” Chu Liuyue looked grateful as if she heaved a sigh of relief.

The two elders had weirder expressions. T-this isn’t right!

“Luo Shishi said you were trapped in Million Wine Mountain…” said Elder Wen Xi hesitantly. “But this doesn’t seem like it…”

Chu Liuyue raised her sword and pointed at the fivo lightning bolts above her. “Yeah! I am stuck here!”

Didn’t itjust hit me and make me fly backward? I was even caught by Elder Wen Xi.. Chu Liuyue thought this in her heart, but her expression didn’t break at all.

The two elders looked at the two bolts of lightning that didn’t move at all before exchangmg gazes. Both of them looked strange. He doesn’t seem like IVs trapped at all! When we previously saw how nervous Luo Shishi and the rest were, we thought Chu Yue was in a life and death situation. However, why is it completely different from what we expected?

Elder Wen Xi waved his hands. “Don’t worry. We’re here. That thing can’t hurt you; just come over!”

Chu Liuyue looked down hesitantly and glanced at Tuan Zi, who didn’t t even move its butt at all as it squatted next to the fountain.

“Elder, um… Can I go after a while?”

“Huh?” Elder Wen Xi was confused. “You still want to stay here?”

“Is this your legendary fiend?” His gaze turned, and he finally saw Tuan Zi below. If I don’t see wrongly, that’s a red-tailed phoenix, right?

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Tsk, this red -tailed phoenix’s color is actually so pure and intense. I’m afraid that its bloodline strength must be stunning!” Elder Hua Feng’s eyes lit up! I’ve seen other red-tailed phoenixes in the past, but this one is definitely top-tier!

“You’re pretty lucky! You can even make an agreement with this kind of legendary fiend…” Elder Hua Feng smacked his lips. “You’re staying here because of it?”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment before nodding slightly. The fountain at Million Wine Mountain has a secret. These two elders most likely know about it. If so, I have no reason to hide anymore.

“No wonder… but you can’t do this! Students aren’t allowed to overstay at Million Wine Mountain at all. Besides, this is within the restricted time, yet you brought the kid over. Quickly leave with us!”

Chu Liuyue wanted to leave as well.

After all, the fivo elders had already come over. If she continued staying, they might discover something.

She walked over and picked Tuan Zi up.

Tuan Zi looked at her with much desire. Very soon.. Really soon! It’s a waste if I leave now!

From the corner of her eyes, Chu Liuyue saw that the fountain seemed to be glowing. She focused on it and suddenly became dazed.

This was because the water didn’t reflect the images of lightning bolts, but.. There were actually bolts of lightning!

At some point, countless bolts of lightning gathered in this fountain and were like swimming silver dragons as they swam around in the water!

Chu Liuyue held her breath in. Who would’ve thought that this fountain hid such a big secret!? Tuan Zi was waiting… for this?!

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly and suppressed all the emotions in her eyes. When she looked up again, her face was calm.

Just as she brought Tuan Zi away from the fountain, the two bolts of lightning in the sky suddenly struck one after another!


Without turning around, Chu Liuyue knew that it was the sound of lightning landing in the fountain!

Then, the third bolt of lightning—which Elder Wen Xi had reduced the strength of—rushed over closely.

Elder Hua Feng and Elder Wen Xi exchanged looks. This child might be able to guess something…

“Chu Yue, pretend you’ve never seen what happened today ” Before Elder Wen Xi could finish his sentence, a few loud noises could be heard from the sky.


A few bolts of lightning consecutively appeared, and this time, another delighted voice boomed, “Hahaha! I finally broke through!”

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