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Chapter 1151: The Secret of the Fountain

Its dazzling light lit up half of the sky.

“Run!” Luo Yanming shouted as he dragged Luo Shishi down the mountain, with Zhuo Sheng following closely behind. Just as he took a step forward, though, he suddenly remembered something. He quickly looked back and shouted to Chu Liuyue, “Why are you still standing there, Chu Yue?! Run!”

This isn’t the time for him to be standing there like an idiot. Does he want to be struck by the lightning?!

Chu Liuyue had just taken a step when she saw a flash of red shadow—it turned out to be Tuan Zi.

“Tuan Zi!” Chu Liuyue hastily called, but the fiend didn’t seem to hear anything. With a few leaps, it headed straight toward the fountain at the top of the mountain.

She frowned. Why is it going back when it has only just returned?! Is there something in the fountain that’s attracting it? Still, nothing is more important than its life!

Meanwhile, the bolt of lightning was about to land. The red furry figure appeared particularly tiny under the dazzling lightning.

Ifit gets struck by lightning.. Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth and rushed up the mountain.

“Chu Yue, are you out of your mind?!” Zhuo Sheng shouted out in shock. Isn’t that as good as courting his own death?!

Luo Shishi and Luo Yanming who had already gone down some distance—looked back when they heard Zhuo Sheng’s shout, and their eyes grew wide in disbelief.

In the darkness of the night, where the lush trees cast dark shadows on the cold and eerie mountaintop, a bolt of lightning suddenly landed on a patch of trees, ripping and burning them. The sight of it—hell, even a glance—would make people shiver in fear.

While everyone was desperately trymg to avoid the lightning, one person was running toward the top of the mountain.

“Chu Yue!” Luo Shishi instinctively shrieked, but her voice got swallowed in the deafening commotion caused by the violent winds and thunder. She gritted her teeth and moved to run back up, only to get pulled back by Luo Yanming. “What are you doing?!” Luo Yanming sternly questioned. “Do you want to die?!”

Luo Shishi opened her mouth, but she eventually swallowed what she wanted to say when she saw her brother’s expression.

Luo Yanming could also see the worry in her eyes. He sighed internally and then shouted at Zhuo Sheng, “Zhuo Sheng, come take Shishi away first! I’ll bring Chu Yue back!”

Although Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng were warriors and Luo Yanming was a Xuan Master, he was the strongest among them in terms of combat power.

Zhuo Sheng quickly understood what he meant and rushed over. But just as Luo Yanming wanted to go up the mountain, a clear and powerful voice suddenly came from above. “Don’t bother about me. Just leave first!”

The trio didn’t take those words to heart at first. In their opinion, Chu Liuyue wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the moment; othervvise, she wouldn’t have risked her life to go up the mountain. They thought that she was taking her life too lightly.

But before Luo Yanming could take a step up the mountain, a rich force suddenly wrapped around him in a domineering yet gentle and tolerant manner. The force made the trio go down the mountain, which got them looking at each other in shock. Chu Yue really wants us to leave first! He really intends to deal with that lightning on his own!

Luo Yanming furrowed his eyebrows. After a moment of silence, he said in a serious tone, “Maybe Chu Yue has his own plans. Why don’t we leave first and wait for him at the foot of the mountain? It’ll be better than staying here and causing him trouble.”

For some reason, even though it seemed extraordinarily ridiculous, he felt that Chu Yue was capable of handling the current situation on his own.

Luo Shishi didn’t agree to it though. Her willovvy eyebrows remained tightly knitted.

Chu Yue’s slim and upright figure appeared extraordinarily thin in this dazzling light.



Zhuo Sheng accidentally stepped into the stream.

“He has the black jade plaque with him. The elders won’t sit back and do nothing if something really happens to him,” said Luo Yanming calmly. “This is still the academy grounds after all!”

Luo Shishi could be seen wavering slightly, and she eventually nodded. “Then


Before she could complete her sentence, the second bolt of lightning appeared in the night sky. Much to their horror, it was heading straight toward them. “Let’s go!” Upon sensing that something was amiss, Luo Yanming quickly made the decision to leave with the others first.

Zhuo Sheng hurriedly pulled himself out of the stream, and one of his legs was entirely wet.

Still, no matter how fast they were, the lightning was even faster. It took just the blink of an eye for the lightning to reach above their heads, and a powerful pressure enveloped them.

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyue had already followed Tuan Zi all the way back to the fountain.

“Tuan Zi, we…” Her words trailed off as she was stunned by the scene in front of her.

Water was no longer flowing out of the inch-sized square mouth of the fountain. All that was left was a small patch of transparent water that showed a clear reflection of the radiant lightning bolt above their heads.

For a moment, Chu Liuyue had the feeling that the lightning bolt was actually swimming in the water. Next to it, there seemed to be a stream of light pouring out and flowing down the stream. It was such a bizarre and astonishing scene that she stood rooted on the ground.

Tuan Zi was currently squatting next to the mouth of the fountain and watching it. It seemed to be waiting for something, yet at the same time, it looked like it wanted to go into the water and take out the treasures that were hidden beneath the water surface.

Chu Liuyue suddenly recalled what the legendary three-eyed eagle had said. It said that the water here could help awaken the power of Tuan Zl”s bloodline… Could there really be some sort of secret hidden down there?

After a brief moment of hesitation, a faint golden glow surrounded her. Feeling slightly at ease with the pure gold armor’s protection, she extended a hand toward the mouth of the fountain.

A weird crackling sound was heard just then.

Chu Liuyue looked up, only to see the lightning bolt descending upon her at an even faster speed and hear the wind blowing violently.

The second lightning bolt that was above Luo Shishi and the others earlier made a sudden U-turn and charged toward Chu Liuyue.


Luo Shishi and the others looked over, and their eyes were filled with horror the next second.

At the peak, two bolts of lightning came striking down on a slim and tall figure.


Following the explosion was a blinding light that swallowed the youth’s figure..

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