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Chapter 1125: Qing Yun Rank

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Here it is! Rong Xiu—who had expected this question—smiled instead of feeling displeased. “It looks like the letter from Fairy Water Mound has reached Elder Dan Qing.”

Elder Dan Qing replied curtly with a frown, “The letter didn’t mention much. It was your doing, so it’s natural that the matter would spread. Don’t tell me that you were planning to hide the matter?”

The others fell silent. Even though they shared the same sentiments as Elder Dan Qing, they weren’t as blunt and agitated as him.

The reason why he paid extra attention to this matter was that Jiang Zhiyuan was his student. As her mentor, he naturally felt upset when he saw his beloved student being miserable and suffering such grievances. Hence, he found Rong Xiu to be somewhat of an eyesore as a result.

“The selection for the princess consort was an open one.” Rong Xiu smiled. “Everything that happened during the selection was witnessed by the people present.”

Elder Dan Qing was at a loss for words, for what Rong Xiu had done couldn’t be considered as a deliberate cover-up.

“If Elder Dan Qing has any questions about the events of that day, I can answer them right away. That way, you needn’t get angry for nothing from hearing unreliable news.” Despite the smile on Rong Xiu’s face, these seemingly polite words were as sharp as a knife.

Elder Dan Qing’s expression darkened. “Are you saying that Zhiyuan lied about everything and was deliberately accusing you?”

“I didn’t say that.” Rong Xiu’s eyebrows rose slightly. “But don’t you think it’s more convenient and accurate to hear from the person in question himself than an outsider?”

Outsider—with that one simple word, he instantly drew a line with Jiang Zhiyuan.

Elder Dan Qing felt stifled. He didn’t want to get involved in this matter at first, but he felt bad to see how dispirited and miserable Jiang Zhiyuan was after returning to the academy. Hence, he couldn’t resist the urge to question Rong Xiu.

Though, what Rong Xiu said was right since Jiang Zhiyuan was indeed an outsider to him. Aside from the fact that she wasn’t even on par with him in terms of status, he had never shown any interest in her before. It was ultimately just Jiang Zhiyuan’s own wishful thinking.

“Alright, alright. That’s Rong Xiu’s own business; he has a mind of his own and knows his priorities. Since he has made up his mind, we shouldn’t interfere with his decision,” Elder Wan Zheng stepped in to mediate.

Elder Bo Yan nodded. “That’s right. Rong Xiu, bring your wife over when you’re free.”

As Rong Xiu had spent quite some time in Ling Xiao Academy, the director and the mentors were all elders to him, so it was only normal for them to make such a request.

Rong Xiu, however, appeared somewhat hesitant for once. “…Some other day, I guess. The academy is currently facing some troubles. I’m afraid we’ll be disturbing you from important business if I bring her here. Besides… she needs some time to get used to her new environment.”

The elders looked at each other in surprise as they didn’t expect Rong Xiu to politely refuse them. What sort of woman is the princess consort for him to be so protective ofher?

“Well, that’s true.” Elder Bo Yan knew that this was a concession on Rong Xiu’s part, so he didn’t say anything more.

Just then, a loud and heavy bell sound could be heard coming from outside. It was from Dong Huang Clock Tower.

“The monthly assessment is about to begin.” Elder Wan Zheng looked at Elder Bo Yan, who had to be present for occasions like this.

Elder Bo Yan nodded his head slightly. “Let’s go out. Rong Xiu, you may leave fir— I‘

“I’ll go out with you to take a look too,” Rong Xiu interrupted Elder Bo Yan with a smile.

The elders revealed looks of surprise. “Really?”

Rong Xiu had always been aloof, and he wasn’t a fan of crowds. Even when he was in the academy, he didn’t show up for such occasions very often, which was why they were so taken aback.

“Yes.” Rong Xiu’s smile deepened slightly. “It just suddenly occurred to me that it’s been a long time since I took the monthly assessments, so I missed them a little. You won’t object, right?”

“Why would we?! Haha! Those brats would be overjoyed to know that you’re here!” Elder Wan Zheng burst out laughing loudly.

Rong Xiu was famous for being outstanding in the academy. Even though he had left the academy, his reputation was still as resounding as ever. Many students secretly saw him as their model in the hope that they could, one day, become as outstanding as him and even surpass him.

Rong Xiu fell silent for a moment before he laughed. “…Probably… I guess.”

Qing Ming Square was already bustling with activity even though the sun had just risen. Countless students were gathered there brimming with energy. Excitement, apprehension, and ambition could be seen on their faces. Although they were standing on the square in groups or all by themselves, their eyes were all fixed on the clock tower.

“So this is the monthly assessment! I wonder if I can successfully get a mentor…”

“It shouldn’t be a problem since we’ve been preparing over the past two weeks or so!”

“What a headache! I still haven’t figured out the Xuan formation I was asked to look at last month. I don’t think I’ll pass this time!”

“Haha, I just broke through two days ago! Hehe! There might be a chance that my rank will move up!”

Everyone was talking, and the noise made the originally quiet square much livelier.

Chu Liuyue followed Zhong Xun to the area for heavenly doctors.

The thing was that their area was slightly further away and located near to the Xuan Masters. They could even hear some of their whispers from their area.

Chu Liuyue followed everyone’s line of sight and looked in the direction of Dong Huang Clock Tower. “Why does everyone seem to be looking over there?”

Thong Xun couldn’t hide the excitement on his face. ‘That’s because the Qing Yun Ranking will soon appear on the clock tower!”

Chu Liuyue was surprised to hear that. ‘Qing Yun Ranking?!”.

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