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Chapter 1152: Which of You Wants to Go First?

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“Chu Yue!” They cried out in shock, their hearts almost leaping out of their mouths.

Just then, a strong wave of force spread rapidly from the top of the mountain.

Luo Yanming quickly pulled the other two backward, but they weren’t fast enough. They felt a terrifying and powerful force sweep over them before their bodies were sent flying backward, and they fell to the ground.

Luo Shishi endured the pain on her back and lifted her head with much difficulty, only to realize that she had been sent out of Million Wine Mountain along with Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng, who were lying next to her.

Looking up from here, Million Wine Mountain seemed peaceful and quiet with the leaves rustling in the wind. It didn’t look like anything had happened.

Luo Shishi gasped.

“Are you okay, Shishi?” asked Luo Yanming out of concern as soon as he climbed to his feet, not caring about the pain in his own body.

Luo Shishi shook her head. “Don’t worry, Fifth Brother. I’m fine. It’s just that…”

It was only when Luo Yanming noticed her odd expression that he looked in the direction of her line of sight, and he was shocked to see Million Wine Mountain being so dark and quiet. He squinted his eyes as he said, “W-What’s going Even though we’re currently at the foot of the mountain, we should be able to see a little of what’s happening at the top. Moreover, it was such a huge commotion. We should be able to see it even if were standing further away, but it looks so quiet now…

“It looks like there’s a special barrier around Million Wine Mountain!” Zhuo Sheng grimaced in pain as he stood up. “Otherwise, this shouldn’t be the scene we’re seeing right now! That explains why nobody is here to check out the commotion!”

Zhuo Sheng’s words enlightened the other two.

“No wonder!” Luo Yanming understood what was going on now. “I didn’t realize it before, but now that I think about it, don’t you find it weird that Million Wine Mountain is only open for a specific time every day? That rule might’ve been set because an elder is there refining weapons and is thus always summoning the lightning. Also.. ”

“In order not to cause suspicion and worry, the elders also set up a barrier around the mountain to hide what’s happening there. Unless one stays on the mountain, nobody knows what’s going on up there.” Luo Shishi finished what he was saying.

The trio fell into a brief silence.

This matter was actually quite easy to understand. They saw the two bolts of lightning descending on Chu Yue just a moment ago, but as soon as they were driven out of the mountain, everything disappeared.

“But Chu Yue is still inside!” Zhuo Sheng scratched his head.

Luo Shishi and Luo Yanming looked at each other, and they could see the worry in each other’s eyes. The force of the two bolts of lightning was so strong that they themselves didn’t dare to face them head-on. The worst thing was that Chu Yue was just a beginner stage-seven warrior.

“Million Wine Mountain is between the heavenly doctor area and the Armory

Refinement Master area, so there will probably be elders around…” Luo Yanming slowly said. “It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to enter the mountain right now.”

Luo Shishi hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ll look for my mentor.” She was naturally referring to Elder Wen Xi.

“Now?” Luo Yanming looked up at the sky. It’s almost midnight right now. It doesn’t seem appropriate to look for him at this hour…

Luo Shishi who seemingly saw through his thoughts shook her head. “This matter has to be dealt with as soon as possible. The long Chu Yue stays inside, the more dangerous it’ll be for him.” The lightning is no joke.

After a brief hesitation, Luo Yanming finally nodded his head. “Alf ght! I’ll wait here while you guys go and fetch Elder Wen Xi!”

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyue was in a stalemate with the two bolts of lightning.

Yes, stalemate.

As soon as she felt the lightning descending upon her, she removed her hand from the water and flicked it dry while standing up. However, the two bolts of lightning ended up stopping a few steps in front of her instead.

She looked over and got a clear look at the glowing lightning.

The power they exuded was even more frightening close-up, but they weren’t moving at all. They appeared a little hesitant as they hovered in mid-air.

If someone were to see this scene, they would surely find it absolutely ridiculous.


With a flicker of a black light, the Long Yuan Sword appeared in Chu Liuyue’s palm, and she grabbed it tightly in her hand. The ancient and heavy sword body glinted coldly in the dark as it waited to battle.

As rich force flowed into the sword, Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes and curled her lips into a reckless smile. “Which of you wants to go first?”

“Master! Are you in there, Master?!”

Elder Wen Xi was resting when he suddenly heard someone knocking urgently on his door. He sat upright in his bed when he realized that the anxious voice belonged to his new disciple, Luo Shishi.

Using his willpower, he opened the door.

Upon seeing Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng standing at the doorway and looking really anxious, he frowned and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

It must be a big deal if therre here at this hour.

Luo Shishi anxiously said, “Master, please quickly go to Million Wine Mountain and take a look! Chu Yue is trapped on the mountaintop!”

“What?” All signs of weariness vanished as Elder Wen Xi widened his eyes and jumped out of bed. “Did you just say that Chu Yue is trapped on Million Wine Mountain?

“Yes! When we were coming down, there were two bolts of lightning

Elder Wen Xi’s expression became serious, and he immediately walked toward the door. “I’ll go there right away!”

Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng were somewhat relieved to hear that. Things might be a little safer for Chu Yue ifElder Wen Xi can reach there sooner.

“Both of you stay here!” Elder Wen Xi suddenly turned around and said this to them in a serious manner.


“Also, you mustn’t breathe a single word about tonight’s incident to anyone else!”

It was the first time that Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng had seen such a serious and stern expression on Elder Wen Xi’s face, for he was usually smiling away. They couldn’t help but flinch inwardly as they unconsciously nodded their heads. “Don’t worry, Master. We’ll definitely keep it a secret!”

Elder Wen Xi stared at the two of them for a moment before exhaling slightly. “Alright. You guys don’t need to worry too much either. I’ll go and take a look

“Please bring Chu Yue back safely,” Luo Shishi blurted out.

Elder Wen Xi let out an angry huff. “I’ll definitely bring him back even without you saying! If he’s trapped on Million Wine Mountain, it means that he didn’t come down in time!”

The two students fell silent out of guilt. It wasn’t exactly very late… Just a bit later… We didn’t expect things to turn out this way.

“Watch how I punish him when we come back!” Elder Wen Xi fumed. Today is just his first day of becoming an official student of the academy, yet he’s already gotten himselfinto such huge trouble! I thought he was a well-behaved and obedient chap, but he turned out to be— “Eh? What are you doing, Wen Xi?”

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