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Chapter 1124: Rong Xiu, You’re Being Too Wilful

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Whoosh! Whoosh!

With a wave of Shangguan Jing’s hand, another two bolts of force flew out to strengthen the barrier. The shattered portion of the barrier was soon covered by a thin, transparent, and glittering layer.


The two forces collided once more.


The barrier failed to stop one of the punch forces, allowing it to fly out of the door. Shangguan Jing was appalled to see the gaping hole in the door.

“Are you okay, Chu Yue?! What’s going on?” Zhong Xun’s worried voice could be heard coming from outside.

Shangguan Jing instantly made himself disappear along with the barrier.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes, only to see that the house was in a mess. It was a good thing that Shangguan Jing’s barrier had stopped most of the force. Otherwise, the consequences would’ve been more serious.

“Chu Yue, what are you— I‘ Zhong Xun was shocked to see the state of the house. Even though night had fallen, the moonlight was bright enough for him to have a vague view inside.

“No need to worry, Zhong Xun.” Chu Liuyue stood up and flashed a smile at him. “I was just studying a certain warrior technique. This only happened because I failed to control it properly…”

“Martial art technique?” Thong Xun’s expression relaxed, though the corners of his lips twitched at the sight of the damaged door. “You should’ve practiced in a spacious area instead. It’s too—”

“It was my mistake. I won’t do it again,” said Chu Liuyue with a sheepish smile.

“That had better be! Why would you practice your cultivation in the house when there are plenty of places for that in the academy? But then again… You’re a heavenly doctor. Why are you wasting your time and energy on the warrior path?”

But before Chu Liuyue could say anything, the answer dawned on him.

“You’re a dual cultivator?!”

Chu Liuyue stayed silent for a moment before saying, “I’m also a warrior.”

Zhong Xun—who didn’t seem to notice her pause—said frankly to her, “I see… That explains your talent in this aspect! However, it’s better that you place your focus on the heavenly doctor path since you’re extremely talented at it.”

Even in the academy itself, students who cultivated the heavenly doctor path were somewhat prideful.

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. “Thanks for your advice, Thong Xun. l‘

It was only after looking around the house a couple more times and leaving repeated warnings to Chu Liuyue that Zhong Xun finally took his leave.

As  Chu Liuyue stared at the destroyed door, she muttered under her breath, “That door is so lousy… I better replace it with a stronger one tomorrow.”

“How is that the door’s problem?!” Shangguan Jing snapped at her. “Why didn’t you restrain yourself a little just now?! My old and feeble body barely managed to contain the force!”

“But you don’t have a body…”

‘ ..That’s not important! In any case, I want you to be careful in the future!”

“Okay.” After a while, Chu Liuyue asked, “Are you really alright?”

Shangguan Jing snorted in response. “Ask me that again when you’ve become a stage-nine warrior!”

“Okay.” Chu Liuyue broke into a chuckle, feeling relieved to know that he was fine. She didn’t continue studying Jingshen Fist and instead started absorbing more force with the hopes that she could break through as soon as possible.

Unbeknownst to her, Shangguan Jing had a hard time calming himself down. This lass is currently only a beginner stage-seven warrior, yet she managed to execute an advanced Earth-grade warrior technique to such an extent. This is really shocking! Between her ability and the warrior technique, I wonder which exactly is the truly extraordinary

“That thing will appear at any time, and many people will surely be after it. If it ends up in the hands of…” Elder Bo Yan’s voice trailed off as a grave expression appeared on his face.

Everyone in the hall was quiet. They, too, were looking somewhat serious.

Just then, Rong Xiu suddenly turned his head and frowned as he looked in a certain direction. That commotion…

Elder Bo Yan paused. “What’s wrong, Rong Xiu? Is anything the matter?”

As Rong Xiu retracted his gaze, the ripples of emotions in his eyes got hidden away as well. “Nothing. Please go on.”

He leaned back against his chair and placed a hand on the armrest. Even though he appeared as lazy and noble as usual, his eyes were drooping slightly.

Nobody caught the glint in his eyes though.

She really can’t behave herself I can’t believe she found her way back to the academy… Rong Xiu massaged his temples and then looked at

Elder Wan Zheng. He leaned slightly over to the latter and whispered, “Elder Wan Zheng, why were you late just now?”

Elder Wan Zheng waved his hand. “A bunch of naughty kids was caught betting on pills! The new student didn’t know the rules and gathered people to gamble. He seemed to be quite talented in this aspect though. In any case, they’ve been punished!”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows. What’s this feeling of déjà vu…?

“Why are you asking about this?”

“No reason.” Rong Xiu curled his lips and flashed Elder Wan Zheng a gentle and polite smile.

Why does it look like he’s pitying me? What’s with that look? Elder Wan Zheng found Rong Xiu’s smile rather strange, but when he wanted to take a closer look at the latter’s expression, the latter had already looked away and was nodding his head slightly as if he were seriously paying attention to what Elder Bo Yan was saying.

He suppressed the uneasy feeling in his heart. It’s not like we haven ‘t gotten any troublemakers in school before. Most of them tend to behave themselves after punishment. That person is an exception though…

A shiver ran down Elder Wan Zheng’s back out of nowhere, and he quickly suppressed the thought.

The meeting in Dong Huang Clock Tower went on until the next day, but this was nothing to the people present. Given their cultivation levels, staying up for a night wasn’t a big deal to them.

“I’ll leave the rest to you all then,” said Elder Bo Yan in a sincere manner as he stood up.

“You’re being too polite, Elder Bo Yan. As Ling Xiao Academy’s students, it’s only right that we do our part for the academy.”

“Yeah! It’s our honor to do something for the school!”

Elder Bo Yan expressed his gratitude to everyone present before they ended the meeting and left.

Rong Xiu took his sweet time, and before he knew it, he was one of the last ones in the room. Some people even looked back, but they didn’t say anything, for they knew that the teachers treated Rong Xiu differently from them. It couldn’t be helped that he was much stronger than the rest of them. In fact, it would be weird if the elders didn’t trust and value him.

Only Rong Xiu and the elders remained behind.

“Rong Xiu, why haven’t I heard you mention anything about the princess consort before?” asked Elder Bo Yan with hints of kindness in his expression. “I heard that she’s an outsider?”

The rest of the elders looked over when they heard that, for it was somewhat inappropriate for Rong Xiu to take an outsider as his princess consort.

Rong Xiu smiled and nodded. “It’s true.”

Elder Bo Yan was surprised when he studied Rong Xiu’s expression. He’s genuinely fond of that girl…

An elder at the side shook his head and sighed. “Rong Xiu, you’re being too willful. You’re the Sky-Cloud Empire’s saint now. How could you marry such a woman?”

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