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Chapter 1123: A Restless Night

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“You’re outstanding and admired in the academy, while that princess consort isn’t even qualified to become a student here! You’ll get to reap the benefits of being in a favorable position! It just so happens that Rong Xiu will be staying in the academy for the time being. Once you spend enough time by his side, he’ll naturally prefer you more!” The sharp-chinned girl revealed a smug look. “No man will be able to resist such a gentle pursuit.”

“That’s right, Zhiyuan! You’ve liked him for the longest time, so don’t you feel indignant giving up just like that?”

“To be honest with you, we’ve always thought that you’d be… Can you really bear to see someone else together with the man you love?”

It didn’t take long before Jiang Zhiyuan’s mind started wavering. She pursed her lips tightly together and furrowed her eyebrows in hesitation and nervousness. “Actually…”

She wanted to say that Shangguan Yue was far more powerful than they thought. For some reason, there wasn’t much news about Shangguan Yue circulating in the Sky-Cloud Empire; it was like someone had deliberately sealed the news off. That was why everyone else mistook Shangguan Yue for an ordinary girl.

Jiang Zhiyuan, however, knew all too well that Shangguan Yue was far superior to her in terms of looks, talents, and everything else. Most importantly, Shangguan Yue had Rong Xiu’s favor. He was indeed fond of her and didn’t hesitate to go to great lengths for her.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to say all that and admit that Shangguan Yue was more outstanding than her; she simply couldn’t do it. After a long time, she finally exhaled and said, “I have my own plans.”

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged in the room as she gathered her focus and raised a hand. A point of light appeared on her finger, and it soon split into multiple points and illuminated her entire palm.

Jingshen Finger was transformed into Jingshen Palm.

She then slowly clenched her fist. A stream of force surged to her fist and emitted a faint glow.


Chu Liuyue sent a punch flying out. As a strong gust of wind blew across the room, black cracks instantly appeared in the void, which was the result of the violent wind.

All of the Heaven and Earth Force in the surrounding—which seemed to be affected by that punch—started rippling.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes when she saw an invisible fluctuation rush out of the room, and a rich force suddenly rushed out.


The violent collision was from the power of the punch striking the newly formed barrier. The barrier barely managed to stabilize after that brief and violent collision.

“Phew! Are you trying to scare me to death, lass?!” Shangguan Jing—who had appeared in the room at some point—had a look of trepidation on his face as he patted his chest above his non-existent heart. “If anyone hears this commotion, you’ll surely get punished by those elders tonight!”

“Well… I didn’t expect this either…” Chu Liuyue let out an awkward cough. After slowly withdrawing her power, she opened her hand and took a close look at her fair palm and defined fingers. If one didn’t see it for themselves, they surely wouldn’t know that this slender hand contained such astonishing power. “Jingshen Fist is so powerful… ”

This was the first time she had executed Jingshen Fist. After breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior, the force in her body had been greatly boosted, and she had become extremely proficient in controlling Jingshen Palm. Hence, she reckoned that it was time for her to try practicing Jingshen Fist; it was a part of Ultimate Jingshen anyway.

Since Jingshen Fist was transformed from Jingshen Finger and Jingshen Palm, she didn’t need to exhaust a lot of energy to execute it. But the thing she didn’t expect was that it would pack so much force. That punch alone had shown signs of mobilizing the Heaven and Earth Force.

“Of course, it is! What did you expect from an Earth-grade warrior technique?!” Shangguan Jing huffed and glared at her.

“But only Heaven-grade warrior techniques can mobilize the Heaven and Earth—”

“Don’t forget that you have a holy force in your body!” Shangguan Jing shook his head. “Jingshen Fist is extremely complex, but it has great potential. The power you unleashed just now could almost be comparable to that of a Heaven-grade warrior technique. If you practice well… you might even be able to execute a more powerful punch in the future!”

Chu Liuyue was secretly amazed by this when she suddenly recalled the scene where she discovered Ultimate Jingshen. That’s right! This set ofskills contains Heavenly Dao! It’sjust that I was too weak at the time to fully understand the skill and many things happened thereafter, so I temporarily put this matter aside. Now that I think about it… there’s no way an ordinary Earth-grade warrior technique can be so powerful!

“Lass, you better master this skill well. It might become your most powerful skill in the future!” advised Shangguan Jing earnestly.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“I’ll help guard you while you figure things out.” After saying that, Shangguan Jing strengthened the barrier to prevent the people outside from sensing the commotion here.

“Thank you, Ancestor.” Following that, Chu Liuyue quickly gathered her thoughts, closed her eyes, and recalled Ultimate Jingshen. She used to find Jingshen Fist disorganized and disorderly, but for some reason, she could now sense a hint of pattern in it. She thus channeled her internal force once more and lifted her right hand.

When a red force shot out and enveloped her palm, she started turning her palm in mid-air slowly and clenching her fingers to form a fist. Her palm was entirely wrapped in radiant light and somehow appeared translucent.

Shangguan Jing was shocked to see an appalling pressure spreading out. Ultimate Jingshen is indeed comparable to a Heaven-grade warrior technique! This lass is… unbelievably lucky!

Chu Liuyue didn’t know what was running through Shangguan Jings mind. While repeatedly recalling Jingshen Fist’s technique in her mind, she kept injecting force into her right hand. If she were to open her eyes right now, she would see that her palm was gradually becoming transparent as her force flowed to her hand.

One couldn’t help but wonder if her hand would completely become transparent once she fully mastered the skill.

As time passed, the power in Chu Liuyue’s hand, as well as the pressure within, became stronger and stronger.

Shangguan Jing felt inexplicably nervous while he stared closely at her hand.

The dazzling light illuminated Chu Liuyue’s face, making her fair face appear even clearer and cleaner.

Just then, Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering slightly as the brilliant light reflected in her black eyes. She then pushed her fist out.


Shangguan Jings eyes widened in shock, for the barrier he had set up had been easily shattered by Chu Liuyue’s punch..

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