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Chapter 1109: Which Yue

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As if sensing something, Chu Liuyue looked up.

‘When she discovered that one of the elders was looking at her, Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and smiled slightly.

At this moment, she looked young and handsome. With such a smile, she exhibited the innocent and harmless vibe of a young master. In addition to her respectful and well-mannered expression, it made people like her genuinely.

‘When he saw that it wasn’t the face in his memory, Elder Hua Feng instinctively heaved a sigh of relief. But for some reason, he felt that this youngster looked rather familiar.

At the side, Elder Wen Xi also followed his sight and looked over. Coincidentally, the people in front blocked her, and the duo couldn’t see her very clearly.

Chu Liuyue had already looked down.

At this time, it was Zhuo Sheng’s turn to take the test. “Greetings, elders. I am Zhuo Sheng, and I want to take the warrior’s test.”

Elder Wen Xi retracted his gaze and glanced at the youngster. His eyes lit up, and he raised his chin. “Just act according to what it says.”

“Okay.” Zhuo Sheng tried his best to hide his nervousness and expectations as he placed his hand on the white crystal in front of him!

The next moment, a line gradually appeared: “23 years-old, beginner stage-nine warrior!”

The surroundings fell silent.

This met the entry requirement for Ling Xiao Academy, and he was already considered one of the more outstanding ones!

One had to know that the earlier one broke through to become a stage-nine warrior, the more resources they would get after they entered the academy!

As expected, Elder Wen Xi revealed a smile. “Yeah.”

Then, he flipped his palm and produced a black jade plaque.

This jade plaque was entirely black, and it was engraved with a golden pattern—it was Ling Xiao Academy’s logo and also their totem!

“Inject a wave of your force into it to activate the pass. Then, you’ll officially be the academy’s student,” said Elder Wen Xi with a smile.

Many people in Fangzhou tried to enter Ling Xiao Academy every day, but very few of them could actually succeed. Sometimes, there might not be one in a month.

Originally, Elder Wenxi thought that he wouldn’t have much of a result today, but he didn’t expect one to appear when his shift was about to end!

And… there might be more than one! The two people that accompanied Zhuo Sheng seemed rather decent!

Zhuo Sheng meticulously injected a wave of his force.

The academy’s totem suddenly flashed across the black jade plaque! Then, the two words ‘Zhuo Sheng’ appeared below it!

“Great! From today onward, you’re the academy’s student!” Elder Wen Xi laughed out loud.

Once he said this, the surrounding crowd looked over enviously.

Zhuo Sheng looked at the black jade plaque in his hands. He was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth.

Even though he had already long expected this outcome when he came, it was still hard to conceal his emotions when it actually became true!

“Wait at the side first. When this ends, you can go back with me,” said Elder Wen Xi with a smile. “Next!”

This time, the person who went forward was Luo Yanming. “Greetings, elders. I am Luo Yanming, and I want to take the Xuan Master’s test.”

Elder Hua Feng suddenly interrupted: “Luo family? Do you know Luo Yanlin?”

Luo Yanming said with a smile, “That’s my brother.”

“No wonder!” Elder Hua Feng also smiled. “I was just saying that you two look quite alike. That fella is very outstanding. I believe the few of you are also the same, right?! Quickly, test and check!”

Luo Yanming acknowledged it and placed his hand on the black crystal at the side.

Very quickly, a line of words gradually appeared on it: “23 years-old, ninth-grade Xuan Master!”

Gasps could be heard from the crowd! He’s only 23 years old, but he’s actually a ninth-grade Xuan Master?! He is indeed an extremely outstanding talent!

“Haha! My taste won’t be wrong!” Elder Hua Feng smiled pleasantly at Elder Wen Xi. “This kid is like his brother. They both have excellent talent in this area!”

The reason why he was happy was that he was also a Xuan Master, while Elder Wen Xi was a warrior.

Both of the talents were 23 years old, but a ninth-grade Xuan Master was stronger than a stage-nine warrior!

Elder Wen Xi didn’t calculate this against him as he chuckled. Anyway, he came when I was on duty, so this result will be mine!

And that lady—come over!” Facing Luo Shishi, Elder Hua Feng and Elder Wen Xi had more harmonious attitudes.

Luo Shishi stepped forward and respectfully bowed. “Greetings, elders. I am Luo Shishi. I want to be tested as a warrior.”

Elder Wen Xi chuckled. “Sure!”

Luo Shishi smiled and placed her hand on the white crystal.

Amoment later, a line of words appeared: “20 years old, stage-nine warrior!”

The crowd instantly fell silent!

The two elders’ expressions changed slightly, and surprise appeared in their eyes!

A 20-year-old stage-nine warrior! In this academy, she was one of the top!

Elder Wen Xi was elated. There are so many surprises today! Others might not even be able to find a passable one after waiting for a month, yet three of them came in one go today!

He even felt that his heart—which was hurt because he suspected the troublemaker had appeared—was comforted!

“The Luo family indeed is a gathering of talents! All of the younger generation is outstanding!”

Luo Shishi blushed slightly. “Elders, thank you for the praise.”

She received her black jade plaque and felt the slightly cold touch before she felt more sure of herself.

“According to your talent, you could’ve come here long ago. Why did you wait so long?” asked Elder Wen Xi curiously.

Luo Shishi said rather awkwardly, “Actually, my two brothers could already come earlier, but they wanted to wait for me, so…”

She insisted on breaking through to become a stage-nine warrior before coming over. After all, Ling Xiao Academy was one of the top academies in the God Residence Realm. She wanted to perform better, so she waited until now.

The Elder Wen Xi-Elder Hua Feng duo smiled and didn’t ask for details.

“It’s good that you guys are close! When you reach the academy, I’ll get Luo Yanlin to bring you guys around!”

The crowd was very lively.

‘When the spectators saw this, they were filled with envy.

Afterward, more than ten people were tested, but none of them passed.

However, the two elders were already very happy—especially Elder Wen Xi. These three people were all recorded under his name!


Chu Liuyue went forward. She was the last one.

“Greetings, elders.” Chu Liuyue politely bowed, and her every action and movement was like a model young master, which was pleasing to the eye. This also made quite a few people—who planned to leave—stop and take another look.

The Elder Wen Xi-Elder Hua Feng duo then carefully sized the youngster up. They couldn’t discern his background, but his aura… was rare.

“rm Chu Yue. I want to take the test for heavenly doctors.” To be safe, Chu Liuyue still chose the heavenly doctor test.

But once she said this, the two elders opposite her were stunned at the same time as if they had heard something that agitated them.

Elder Hua Feng stared at her. “Chu Yue? Which Yue?!”

The question baffled Chu Liuyue, and she almost instinctively said, “Yue as in pass [1. This ‘Yue’ character is different from the ‘Yue’ in Chu Liuyue’s real name].”

The duo heaved a sigh of relief in unison.. “That’s great, that’s great!”

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