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Chapter 1110: Awkward

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Seeing the relieved expressions on the two elders, Chu Liuyue had a strange feeling. Even though she didn’t know which ‘Yue’ the other party was referring to when he asked this, she somehow felt that it was her ‘Yue.’ However, she didn’t reveal it as she acted like she didn’t notice anything. “May I know if

Ican take the test now?”

“Test, test!” Elder Hua Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said.

Chu Liuyue nodded slightly and placed her hand on the red crystal at the side!

The surrounding crowd was softly discussing. “He doesn’t seem to be very old. Does he already fulfill the admission criteria?”

“His appearance and aura seem decent. He must’ve come from a good family, right? He might be some family clan’s disciple!”

“Perhaps he just came to play…”

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and gathered her focus.

Very quickly, a line of words appeared on the red crystal: “16 years old, eighth-grade heavenly doctor!”

The crowd was suddenly dead silent.

Elder Wen Xi abruptly stood up, while Elder Hua Feng was dazed and not focused, causing him to almost fall on the floor.

If it were usual times, he would definitely hold Elder Wen Xi back and beat him up, but he couldn’t care about such things now.

“You’re only 16 years old?!”

“You’re an eighth-grade heavenly doctor?!”

The two elders voiced out in shock!

It was no wonder the duo had such a reaction as this matter was indeed too stunning! In the God Residence Realm, an eighth-grade heavenly doctor wasn’t considered rare—especially in Ling Xiao Academy, where talents were everywhere.

Many top geniuses were gathered here! Those who could become elders here were naturally rare strong warriors.

Having been in Ling Xiao Academy for so many years, what kind of freak had they not seen before?

But the fella before their eyes still caused them to be taken aback. The main point was—16 years old was way too young!

Even in Ling Xiao Academy, where geniuses gathered, it was truly extremely rare for someone to become an eighth-grade heavenly doctor at such a young age!

Chu Liuyue coughed. I forgot that my body is only 16 years old.

“May I know… if I’ve passed?” asked Chu Liuyue.

“yes! Of course!” Elder Wen Xi yelled instinctively. If he can’t enter, all those that came before have no right either!

The two elders closely stared at the young man in front of them in elation and frustration.

They were elated because they met yet another rare talent. They felt frustrated because it was a pity that this talent specialized as a heavenly doctor.

The two of them were either a warrior or Xuan Master, so they couldn’t teach the kid.

Seeing the slight smile on Chu Liuyue’s face, Elder Wen Xi recovered his senses and hurriedly produced a black plaque to pass to the youth. “Here, this is your pass and your identity in the academy next time. You must take care of it!”

“Thank you, elder.” Chu Liuyue took it with both hands and smiled humbly and politely.

Nobody could fault her behavior at all.

She held the black plaque in her hand and injected a wave of force into it.

The academy’s totem lit up faintly, and Chu Liuyue’s name was written below: Chu Yue.

She stared at the black plaque in her hands and felt incredulous.

Previously, Ling Xiao Academy seemed to be an unreachable place, one that she could only dream of going to. But now, she had actually become one of them.

The surrounding people watched on, green with envy.

Elder Wen Xi glanced at the sky and chuckled toward Elder Hua Feng, “These four kids are all counted under my name!”

Elder Hua Feng frowned. “Dog-sh*t luck!”

Elder Wen Xi didn’t care about his mockery. I can properly flaunt when I go back!

“Hehe, yesterday I was still envious of Liang Xia for taking in an outstanding Xuan Master. He’s young, but he’s an expert in transportation formations. I didn’t expect my luck to be better today!”

Chu Liuyue’s ears tingled. That person… should be Lin Zhifei.

She was slightly later as she purposely took the longer route here, but this was good as well.

Chu Liuyue didn’t tell Lin Zhifei that she was coming, As for later… She could also temporarily go around the academy with her Chu Yue identity.

It was better if fewer people knew about some things.

“Hmph!” Elder Hua Feng grunted. “Go and enjoy! Be careful of that trouble—”

‘When he said the sentence halfway, he noticed that quite a few people were still watching from the side, so Elder Hua Feng hurriedly kept quiet.

However, this was clearly very useful for Elder Wen Xi. He immediately toned down his arrogant manner as he alertly surveyed his surroundings.

If Elder Hua Feng didn’t bring it up, he would’ve forgotten about this!

“Ahem, time is up. Hua Feng, it’s your tum to take the shift. I’l bring these kids back to the academy first!”

“You want to leave? What did you say just now?!” Elder Hua Feng almost jumped up. Didn’t he say that we’ll go together? If he leaves now, and the troublemaker comes, how can I hold her off alone?!

However, Elder Wen Xi stroked his beard. ”

iya! I don’t have a choice, right!? Look, these kids are all waiting for me! I need to send them over quickly! Persevere for a while—someone will come to take over in a few hours.

Elder Hua Feng was so angry that his teeth felt itchy. It sounds good! If it were normal times, it would be fine if I were stationed here for ten days or half a month, but how could it be the same now?

As long as he thought about how the troublemaker could wreak havoc at any area, his entire person became unwell!

“Y-you—when you go back, immediately call someone to come over!” Elder Hua Feng thought for a while longer before giving in.

Elder Wen Xi immediately agreed.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze shifted between the two elders, and she felt confused. That’s weird… Why do I feel like they’re scared of something?

This was Fangzhou. When they walked a few steps forward and passed through the gigantic, silver barrier, it was Ling Xiao Academy.

It wasn’t an understatement to say that this was their territory. What exactly caused them to be so guarded and worried?

Luo Shishi and the rest also vaguely noticed something, but they weren’t as sharp as Chu Liuyue. They just thought that the two elders had other plans, so they didn’t take much notice.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyue was more interesting to them, and they kept looking toward her from time to time.

Chu Liuyue nodded at them slightly and instinctively greeted, “I’m Chu Yue. Please guide me along in the future.”

Her harmonious and polite attitude caused Luo Shishi and the rest to let their guard down, and they had good impressions of her.

“Tt seems like you’re quite capable!” Zhuo Sheng crossed his arms, his expression slightly awkward.

To be more specific, the other party’s talent was clearly higher than his, yet he showed such an attitude toward the other party when he entered the city

Zhuo Sheng felt embarrassed, but his dignity and competitiveness didn’t allow him to bow down and apologize, so he could only speak awkwardly.

Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to care as she smiled slightly. “Thank you for the praise..”

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