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Chapter 1108: There’s No Use Escaping

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Elder Hua Feng anxiously said, “U-uh… I’ll find a place to hide first. I’ll leave this place to you!”

Then, he turned around and wanted to run away.

“Stop right there!” Elder Wen Xi pulled him back and clenched his teeth. “If you’re going to leave just like that, what should I do?!”

“Who told you to be on duty today?!” Elder Hua Feng swiftly retorted as he glanced at the sky. “Look, there’s still another hour before the shift changes! Of course, I have to leave everything to you! I won’t talk anymore; I’ll leave first!”

Then, Elder Hua Feng hurriedly struggled free from Elder Wen Xi’s grasp as he found a direction and was about to escape.

Elder Wen Xi was so angry that his teeth were itchy. He moved his legs and was about to directly chase him as he yelled, “You old fogey! Why are you so scared of her?!”

“E*ck! If you’re not scared, why are you chasing me?!” retorted Elder Hua Feng.

Elder Wen Xi was stumped, and he felt stifled.

Suddenly, his expression changed. “That’s not right. That troublemaker hasn’t returned in years, so why would she suddenly appear now?”

Elder Hua Feng was also dazed as he looked up and surveyed his surroundings. “There really does seem to be something amiss. It has already been so long, but why hasn’t she looked for us yet?”

According to our old ‘rules,’ she should’ve already appeared by now.

‘The duo exchanged discreet glances.

“Is it an illusion? That aura… isn’t her?” said Elder Wen Xi with his brows knitted.

“Impossible!” Elder Hua Feng immediately denied it. “It must be her! It’s definitely her!”

In this world, only that person’s arrival could shock him awake from his sleep! He had no other choice; he was used to it, and it even became an instinct.

The many cultivators still queueing up to be tested saw the duo discussing from afar and had confused expressions. W-what’s going on? Who is the person these two elders are talking about? Both of them are Ling Xiao Academy’s elders. In this Fangzhou, who else can cause them to have such a reaction?

The crowd didn’t dare to ask further, and they could only wait silently.

After being stared at by these people’s weird gazes, the Elder Wen Xi-Elder Hua Feng duo finally realized that they had lost their composure.

Ahem!” Elder Wen Xi forcefully coughed as he glanced at Elder Hua Feng. He then lowered his voice. “Why are you causing a scene?! It’s so humiliating in front of so many kids!”

Elder Hua Feng looked conflicted. “What’s the big deal about being humiliated? It’s scary if you lose your life!”

Elder Wen Xi was speechless.

He sighed deeply and finally found a bit of his rationality. “If she really comes back, what’s the use of hiding?! We’ll just wait here. What can she do to us?!”

Elder Hua Feng glanced at him in doubt and anger.

Elder Wen Xi guiltily rubbed his nose. “Give me some face! If you just run away now, don’t you still have to come back for your shift an hour later?! There’s not much use in us running, That troublemaker is more familiar with Fangzhou than we are! Where can you hide?! Why don’t we just wait for her and

do whatever we should do?!”

Elder Hua Feng was uneasy. After hearing how hard his colleague tried to convince him, he was finally a little tempted. “Then, you’re not allowed to run when she comes over later!”

“Okay, okay!”

For safety reasons, the duo discussed and decided to take action together, preventing them from being left alone. Hence, the duo sat behind the table in unison.

“Ahem, continue!” Elder Wen Xi braved himself and yelled.

However, he did not dare to yell too loudly. He was afraid he would attract the troublemaker.

Even though the young men and women were confused, they still obediently went forward when they heard this and continued on with the test.

However, both the two elders in charge of testing seemed rather distracted. From time to time, they would glance at their surroundings as if they were searching for someone or waiting for someone. However, their facial expressions weren’t ones of elation or expectation.

Time trickled past.

The two of them gradually felt more at ease. Perhaps… it’s really fine? If not, it’s quite weird that she hasn’t shown herself in such a long while.

Elder Wen Xi was even slightly comforted. Perhaps she went to find other people?

“That’s strange. What day is it today? Why are there two elders stationed to test us?” Seeing the long queue, Luo Shishi widened her pretty eyes slightly, and shock flashed across her face.

“Perhaps they knew that we were coming today?” Zhuo Sheng chuckled.

“The news of us coming over has been kept a secret. Besides, who are these two elders? We’re just small characters, so why would they trouble themselves over us?” Luo Shishi shook her in rebuttal.

“Perhaps the two elders have other arrangements, but it’s not something that we can ask anyway. We should hurry up!” At the side, Luo Yanming spoke with a smile.

Then, the few of them went forward and joined the back of the queue.

Chu Liuyue looked at them from afar, but she didn’t follow them.

From her position, she couldn’t see the two elders. But judging from the long queue and the hushed discussions of the surrounding people, she could guess that it was Ling Xiao Academy’s testing area.

That place should also be the only location where she could obtain a pass. However, Chu Liuyue wasn’t in a hurry to go over. After confirming the location, she walked around the city rather leisurely.

Every street here was very spacious and broad—it was very lively.

Just by walking on the streets, she could clearly feel the strong auras. Even if she couldn’t identify what cultivation level they were at, she could guess a thing or two from Ling Xiao Academy’s enrollment requirements.

Someone who became a stage-nine warrior before the age of 25… was definitely a top talent! However, this was just an entry requirement here.

Chu Liuyue deeply felt the words Dugu Mobao had spoken earlier: Here, the current her was indeed too weak!

Actually, the speed of Chu Liuyue breaking through was already very high. After all, she was reborn into the body of a good-for-nothing with her Yuan meridian broken.

Her actual cultivation time was only these two years. If not for the treasures and fates that she managed to receive, it would be hard for her to even reach her current standard.

But in a world where the strong were respected, everyone only cared about the results and not the process.

Chu Liuyue casually walked along the streets.

Fangzhou was very big and lively. As Ling Xiao Academy was behind the city, the people who came here were very disciplined.

Other than this, there were many businessmen who sold anything and everything—pills, Yuan instruments, herbs, Xuan formations

There was a large market here for almost everything related to cultivation.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to pick a few items, but nothing caught her eye.

Chu Liuyue shopped around in this manner for a while before she tuned around to where Luo Shishi and the rest were earlier.

At this time, the long queue had shortened by quite a bit.

She saw that it was about to be Luo Shishi and the others’ tun.

Chu Liuyue walked over. There were a few people between them, and she stood at the end of the queue.

Elder Hua Feng suddenly felt a chill run down his spine as he alertly looked in Chu Liuyue’s direction!

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