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Chapter 1075: The Very Beginning

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Rong Xiu, you let me uin again!” Her frustrated voice sounded in her mind. “One day, I can also beat you without you letting me!”

The young man in front leaned against the chair, picked up the ginger tea at the side with one hand, and squinted his deep, phoenix like eyes slightly. He was lazy and comfortable as he slowly said, “Great.”

His voice was deep and melodious as if it were the wind that gently stroked the violin’s strings. Then, the tea was already sent to his lips.

His thin lips gently touched the side of the white porcelain cup.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw that he had taken the vvrong cup and hurriedly said, “Hey„_ Rong Xiu! ‘Ihat’s my tea!

Rong Xiu stopped his actions and raised his eyelids slightly. His originally cold eyes were instantly much warmer.

Like the sun setting by the river in the evening, the brilliant light shone on the

water and formed the color of the sky and water.

Oh__ Is it. ?” A few slurred syllables came out from his teeth with some faint smiling intent.

Just as she thought that he was going to put the teacup down, she suddenly saw the man bring the cup to his lips as they moved slightly and gently overlapped with the extremely faint lipstick stain on it.

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat, and she was instantly dazed on the spot.

Even if she was very cunning normally, she didn’t expect he would do that.

He sipped on the tea before slowly placing the teacup down.

As his lips were stained with tea, they looked especially supple.

Chu Liuyue’s face suddenly turned red—it was like a fire had burned across it!

The warm heat hurled over and instantly swallowed her whole!

He didn’t seem to notice it as he raised his brows slightly. “So you drink ginger tea every day.”

As if she finally found her voice, Chu Liuyue gently grunted. “Ginger tea is bitter. You wanted to drink other people’s tea, and now you’ve tasted the bitterness, right?”

“Oh?” Rong Xiu held himself up with one hand and glanced at her in a seemingly smiling manner. “l feel that this tea is sweet and refreshing. Other teas can’t even be compared to it at all.”

Chu Liuyue could no longer sit around as she suddenly stood up. “I suddenly remembered that I haven’t cultivated some sword technique. I’ll go back first.”

Then, she hurriedly left.

Rong Xiu looked over.

She walked down the path on the cliff with light footsteps, and her light dress flew like a butterfly. Her hair flew up, and she looked very’ lively.

After walking a distance, she suddenly stood still and looked toward the cliff again.

Rong Xiu had long expected it as he raised his teacup and bowed to her from afar. “If you want some guidance, I’ll help you anytime.”

That woman instantly disappeared even quicker.

Rong Xiu’s lips curled up, and he smiled with even deeper meaning.

It was a bright and clear day as the wind blew lightly.

A man in white sat in the pavilion on the cliff, and he leaned against his chair slightly. The mountain wind hurled up his sleeves, and they floated up.

A teacup was placed beside his hand.

Sweet yet bitter.

Those scenes gradually disappeared.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze slowly became more focused, and everything in front of her entered her vision again.

She opened her mouth.

Rong Xiu’s brows moved slightly, and there seemed to be a slight ripple in his eyes. “Ms. Dugu, what’s wrong?”

His tone became extremely light with some sort of mysterious strength that could calm one down.

Chu Liuyue completely woke up. She closed her eyes before gazing at Rong Xiu not far away. At that time, no matter if it were Rong Mu or me, we didn’t seem very old. Our eyes had the youthful energy of a youngster. At that time, we shouldve already known each other for a while. Although I can’t recall how long it had been, I can clearly remember that my heart was beating intensely.

That was the first time her heart beat like thunder—her face turned red, and she was helpless. Yet, she had an indescribable liking. Perhaps it was that time or even earlier, but she had already liked that person then.

She didn’t even know how many days it had been since then, but they finally still got together.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered, and she shook her head. “Nothing. I just thought of some things.”

She raised her chin slightly, and she smiled slightly. “l should be first for this stage, right?”

It was completely silent.

The crowd looked at the woman in the middle of the palace and was still quite in a daze. She’s„_ first just like that?! Previously, many people tried to get His Highness to make a move but couldn’t. Not only did she do it, but she has evem__ beat His Highness!

Rong Xiu’s lips curled up slightly with slight smiling intent. “You’re first—well -deserved. ”

Jiang Zhiyuan broke her perfectly manicured nail, and the strong, intense pain from her fingertips caused her face to turn pale. However, these feelings couldn’t be compared to the indignance and grievances she felt in her heart.

How did this happen? I was clearly in first place! From the start to now, 1 never doubted that 1 was the most outstandingperson and also the most suitable and most rightful person to become the princess consort

She took it for granted all the time, so she didn’t feel much stress. It was only at this moment, when Dugu Yue stole first place from her, that she finally realized that there were other people better than her!

The she thought she could get so easily wasn’t something she could obtain so stably!

Actually, if the women in the other divisions beat her, she wouldn’t feel so terrible. She would rather Pei Pei and the rest win instead of seeing Dugu Yue becoming the limelight in the center. This was because Rong Xiu clearly treated her differently!

An unknown sense of danger surged up Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart!

Jiang Hetian turned around and saw his daughter’s upset and aggrieved

He frowned—even he didn’t expect that Dugu Yue would suddenly intercept out of nowhere and steal first place from her!

Zhiyuan definitely feels upset. She is used to being arrogant, so how could she be willing to accept such a result?

“Zhiyuan, don’t worry. This is still the first stage. Just work hard in the future and showcase all your abilities. You’ll definitely be able to get it back!” comforted Jiang Hetian patiently.

“But she won first…” muttered Jiang Zhiyuan.

‘So what if she’s first? Can the Sky-Cloud Empire really allow such a woman with an unknown background to become the princess consort?” Jiang Hetian was very confident. As long as Rong Mu weighs the situation, he’ll definitely leave the position ofprincess consort to Fairy Water Mound. As for the others„

He can randomly choose other people to get the lowly mistress status. All of these things arent important.

But as he spoke, he saw blood dripping down from Jiang Zhiyuan’s palm from the corner of his eyes. He was instantly taken aback “Zhiyuan, your hand—”

Jiang Zhiyuan slowly recovered her senses and instinctively hid her hand behind her. She clenched her teeth and said, “I’m fine. Father, you’re right. I’ll get first place back later!”

I definitely wont let that Dugu Yue steal the limelight again!Thinking of this, she looked at Rong Xiu. “Your Highness, the first stage has already ended. Let’s directly start the second stage then!”

I definitely have to win the second stage!

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