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Chapter 1074: Mystery Solved, Date from Back Then

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Her smile was very bright, and her eyes looked like stars. They were clearly very ordinary five features, but she became more charming because of this smile.

Quite a few people were slightly stunned. At first glance, this woman seemed ordinary. But upon closer inspection, she seems very pretty.

Her black, gem-like eyes alone had a slight ripple of light in them, causing one’s heart to flutter.

Rong Xiu didn’t look shocked at all as he smiled slightly. His originally cold and distinguished eyes instantly felt like spring water melting ice as there seemed to be a vortex in the depths of his eyes, which could easily swallow someone and drown them.

He raised his hand, anda ray of golden light flew out!


The golden chess piece landed and blocked the path of Chu Liuyue’s chess piece!

“His Highness really took action!”

“She won’t last for long, right? Rumor has it that His Highness’s chess skills are amazing.”

“So what? Even if she loses now, she’s still first! Besides, she’s the only one who could force His Highness to make a move today”

Countless gazes gathered on the duo standing opposite each other in the palace. They all focused completely, terrified that they would miss even a little bit.

However, not everyone was like this. At the very least, Jiang Zhiyuan was no longer in the mood to continue watching patiently at this point.

Her heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something, and her chest felt stuffy. The discomfort caused by Dugu Yue in the beginning had now spread all over her body!

“Zhiyuan, what’s the matter?” Jiang Hetian furrowed his brows and was filled with worry.

Jiang Zhiyuan forced a smile. “Father, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

How could she possibly be fine? Ever since she was young, she had been very outstanding. No matter if it were her family background, appearance, or talent, she could easily surpass the rest. She had always been the brightest existence in the crowd.

But now? All the limelight had been stolen by that woman called Dugu Yue.

She was clearly so ordinary, and there was nothing amazing about her from head to toe. However, she somehow had some magic power that could easily attract everyone’s attention. Not to mention that the skills she currently displayed were extraordinary!

Jiang Hetian glanced at that chessboard. “Zhiyuan, she should be close to losing now, right?”

I don’t really understand this, but according to my previous experience, Dugu

Yue shouldn’t last for long. If she loses sooner, Zhiyuan might feel slightly better.

However, Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her fists tightly, and something seemed to be stuck in her throat as she couldn’t make a sound.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t tell what was going on in the intense battle on the chessboard. It was because she could that she felt even more terrible!

This was because Dugu Yue didn’t lose out too much when compared to Rong Xiu! The two of them were clearly on par!

Jiang Zhiyuan asked herself and felt that she was definitely considered a talent in this area, who could easily crush 99% of the people here. But compared to the woman who was standing comfortably and calmly in front of the chessboard, she instantly dimmed and wasn’t worth a mention.

Time trickled past.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue had already made tens of moves each. The situation on the chessboard became even more complicated, and the battle between the two parties was even more intense.

Chu Liuyue’s red pieces were like a relentless wyrm that kept chasing after Rong Xiu as she tried to attack him in all directions! The chess pieces were ferocious!

On the other hand, Rong Xiu was more conservative. However, he was tight on his defense and left some leeway for himself.

Both parties had their own advantages, and they were extremely capable in their battles.

The two of them went back and forth.

The chessboard that originally glowed brightly was even more eye-catching at this moment!

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly. Even if there was a chessboard between them, he could still sharply feel the harsh coldness from the opposite end.

He helplessly rubbed his temples, and a helpless and doting smile flashed across his eyes. If she can relieve her anger in this manner, thatd be good..

Finally, when the gigantic chessboard was about to be filled, the red wyrm trapped the golden pieces with a deadly grasp.

The intense battle and the messy light had already taken away everyone’s attention in the palace.

Everyone instinctively held their breaths–the atmosphere was increasingly tense.

Life and death was in this instant!

Chu Liuyue looked at the chessboard before her, and that sense of familiarity almost reached its peak!

Countless scenes quickly flashed across her mind. Those once blurry and unclear scenes gradually seemed to become clearer at this moment. But for some reason, there always seemed to be a layer of mist before her eyes.

She knew very clearly that she was one step away from seeing everything clearly!

In her dantian, her force crazily surged out and gathered in her palm! Then, she raised her hand and was about to land her piece.

But for some reason, her hand suddenly trembled. Something seemed to be surging out of her heart.

She clenched her teeth and suddenly hurled out that force.

A red chess piece landed on the chessboard!


It was like a sword sealing a throat!

The golden color instantly collapsed and rapidly turned into countless tiny golden sparks as they spread in all directions.

Rong Xiu raised his hand, and the overwhelming golden color instantly flew back. At the same time, even the chessboard silently collapsed.

The demon and deity-like man on the opposite side had his lips curl up slightly. “YOu’ve won!”


A third crack suddenly appeared in the black pyramid within Chu Liuyue’s dantian.

Dazzling golden light shot out from within! It was as if a veil was instantly split open in front of her!

Those scenes became clear!

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