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Chapter 1101: Set Rules!

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Lou Ruhai—who was right next door—also found out that Chu Liuyue was here. He paced back and forth in the room uneasily and anxiously.

As a peak ninth-grade heavenly doctor, he would be dearly respected no matter where he went. Hence, he had always been arrogant and didn’t really care about others; he was used to being arrogant. But this time, he knew very clearly that he had stepped on a nail!

Ever since the banquet the night before—when Chu Liuyue’s status as princess consort was confirmed—he was dazed. He didn’t even remember how he came back as one sentence kept reverberating throughout his mind. Oh no! It’s all over! It’s fine if I offended others, but it had to be Chu Liuyue! Besides,

seeing how His Grace protected her, I know that I’ve completely offended him too!

After Lou Ruhai came back, he had always been very uneasy.

Originally, he was still hopeful that Chu Liuyue and the rest would be busy with their own matters and wouldn’t care about him. However, she was actually here!

Lou Ruhai wanted to immediately rush over and hear exactly what they were discussing.

He still didn’t know his own fate at this moment, but it had already been decided amongst a few people’s casual talk.

Yan Qing quickly returned.

Chu Liuyue directly set up a cauldron in the room and helped him refine medicine. Of course, she didn’t use the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

Lin Zhifei’s body had already reached the last stage of recuperation. She didn’t even need to produce a pill and could just make herbal soup.

The medicine was done after around an hour.

The intense medicinal fragrance filled the room. With one deep whiff, it made one feel much more rejuvenated.

Lin Tianfeng’s originally sorrowful and furious feelings miraculously became at ease.

Lin Zhifei took the medicine, and his originally pale face became much rosier.

Actually, his body was recovering at a pace faster than Chu Liuyue predicted.

On the one hand, Lin Zhifei was very talented. On the other hand, the Heaven and Earth Force in the Sky-Cloud Empire was very intense, so it was useful for nursing one’s health and improving one’s cultivation.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Lin Tianfeng, “Master Lin, can I bother you to ‘invite’ Lou Ruhai over?”

Lin Tianfeng was stunned for a moment before immediately nodding.

After he left, Lin Zhifei then gazed at Chu Liuyue. He said calmly, “Thank you. May I know if there’s anything else I can help you with?”

Lin Zhifei is indeed very smart. I can save a lot of effort when I deal with smart people. Chu Liuyue smiled. “I do have something I need your help with.”

“Please say it.”

“Ineed your help to build a transportation formation.”

Lin Zhifei’s gaze flickered, and the depths of his clear lake-like eyes rippled. “From where to where?”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “From Grotto-Heaven Cliff to the Tianling Dynasty.”

Once she said this, the room fell silent.

Lin Zhifei instinctively glanced at Yan Qing at the side.

“Yan Qing is His Highness’s man. Don’t worry. Nobody else will know about this,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile. Anyway, whatever I want to do, Rong Xiu will find out sooner or later. Therefore, I’ll just be open about it.

Lin Zhifei’s gaze changed slightly, and he was truly taken aback. “His Grace still doesn’t know about this?”

“Even if he knows, he’ll pretend that he doesn’t.” Chu Liuyue raised her brows and smiled with deep meaning. Her words held an extremely natural and determined confidence.

At that moment, Lin Zhifei suddenly understood why she always smiled so brightly and why her eyes dazzled whenever she brought up her ‘husband.’ This was because she trusted and depended on that man more than ever.

Perhaps even she herself didn’t notice this rightful wilfulness.

Lin Zhifei paused for a moment. “Logically speaking, the clans within the God Residence Realm aren’t allowed to connect with the outside world secretly, nor can we build a transportation formation…”

“So I came to find you.” Chu Liuyue smiled cryptically. “If it were someone else, they probably wouldn’t dare. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be capable enough. But Fourth Young Master Lin, you are both.”

“Grotto-Heaven Cliff guards a barrier, so you should know clearer than everyone else how to complete this. Besides, you’ll be Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Master sooner or later, so it can be considered as your territory. If you’re willing to help me, it’ll be better than ever.”

“Ican guarantee that I’ll definitely keep this matter a secret, and I won’t implicate you into any trouble. Fourth Young Master Lin, may I know if you’ll agree?”

Lin Zhifei was silent for a moment before he laughed helplessly. “You’ve already said so much. How can I reject you?”

Chu Liuyue saved my life, so I should return the favor with my life as well. Besides, she has no doubts and fully believes that I can complete the matter. This is the biggest affirmation for me.

Lin Zhifei knew that he was talented in this aspect, but he had always been ill these few years and never dared to harbor any hope. He could only hide in the dark and help out from time to time.

It wasn’t that he had no regrets. Young people were always ambitious; who didn’t want to make a name for themselves?

“That’s a deal.”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Fourth Young Master Lin, happy cooperation!”

Lou Ruhai was quickly brought over.

In the room, Chu Liuyue and the rest were already back to normal. Nobody could guess what exactly happened during that short period of time.

“Elder Lou,” greeted Chu Liuyue with a smile. “Why do you seem rather lethargic today? Did you not make a scene to your heart’s content yesterday?”

Lou Ruhai’s heart skipped a beat. “G-greetings, Princess Consort…”

As he spoke, he gingerly bent his body and bowed.

Chu Liuyue sat there and leisurely poured herself a cup of tea without drinking it.

Time trickled past.

Lou Ruhai continued bending down as he held his hand and felt very uncomfortable.

He specialized as a heavenly doctor, and his cultivation level as a warrior was very ordinary. Hence, when Chu Liuyue purposely added some pressure, he couldn’t handle it at all.

It was only when his legs started trembling and his face turned red that Chu Liuyue nonchalantly said, “Elder Lou, why are you so polite? I asked you to come over today because I have some things I need to ask you,”

Chu Liuyue spoke as she looked up and glanced at him. Her black and sharp eyes seemed to be blades that could pierce through everything! “Who is Lu Yu’er’s backer?”

Lou Ruhai was stunned and suddenly looked up. When he met the pair of sharp eyes that had a cold gleam to them, he hurriedly lowered his head. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Princess Consort…”

“yan Qing.” Chu Liuyue lazily called out.

Yan Qing expressionlessly went forward and harshly kicked Lou Ruhai’s kneecap!


The bone-breaking sound was extremely clear!

“Ah!!!” Lou Ruhai cried bitterly and kneeled on the floor!

He wanted to yell out loud, but he didn’t forget that the other party was no longer someone he could offend. Thus, he could only beg Lin Tianfeng. “Master! Master, save me!”

Chu Liuyue interrupted him. “Elder Lou, you don’t have to yell. Master Lin has already willingly suggested that I handle you fully.”

His life and death were completely in her hands!

Lou Ruhai’s heart turned cold as he forcefully looked up, and his lips turned pale. “Y-you… Princess Consort, you just ascended to your position, yet you can’t wait to torture and kill the people who barely offended you before. Aren’t you afraid that others will say that you’re petty and ruthless?!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed and clearly said, “It’s precisely because I just ascended that I want to set the rules straight!”

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