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Chapter 1066: Who Offended Whom?

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Gasps could be heard within the palace. Where did this woman come from? Why is she so arrogant to the point she dares to talk to His Grace in this manner? 

Just when everyone held their breaths in and were waiting for His Grace to rage, he suddenly nodded and seriously asked, “Then, do you see me now?”

His voice was as per usual. Not only was he not angry at all, but he even had a rare form of patience.

The crowd was confused. Your Highness?! Can you wake up!? What are you doing?! 

Chu Liuyue lightly swirled her wine around, tilted her head, and sized him up in detail. Then, she slowly nodded. “Yup.”

Mm. After being separated for so long, we finally see each other. However, I didn’t expect us to see each other in such a place with such identities. 

At this point, Rong Xiu was quite different from before.

In the past, he always wore white clothes and looked deity-like. But now, he had changed into a black robe and instantly looked more intimidating and formidable.

Chu Liuyue only saw such a him once—it was on that day when she first heard him being addressed as ‘His Grace.’ It was also from then that Chu Liuyue gradually realized that Rong Xiu was definitely not like he seemed. She had expected Rong Xiu’s background to be unusual, but she never expected it to be this shocking.

“Your Highness is indeed distinguished and handsome enough to make many people fall for you,” said Chu Liuyue in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Your Highness, you two… know each other?” Behind them, Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t help but speak. Her gaze darted back and forth between the duo while a strange discomfort overwhelmed her. Rong Xiu’s behavior is indeed amiss. All these years, he has never gotten close to women and was even too lazy to talk to them. No matter if it were the Sky-Cloud Empire’s people or the people from the divisions, they’ve tried to convince him to get married countless times. However, he never agreed. 

This time, it was probably because he couldn’t delay it any longer, so he agreed to hold this contest to choose the princess consort. 

Even though the event was grand, Jiang Zhiyuan knew very clearly that it was impossible for Rong Xiu to choose multiple partners. Even his attitude toward her showed even more frustration than before. But now… he actually said such things to another woman? The key is that this woman looks ordinary, and her status seems lowly. What exactly… is His Highness thinking? 

Rong Xiu’s voice was nonchalant, but he didn’t deny it. “Of course, we know each other.”

She’s my wife, my Princess Consort, my fiance. How can I not know her?! 

“I had the honor of meeting His Grace a few times before,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Rong Xiu’s brows jumped. This sentence… Isn’t she making it clear that she doesn’t want to be related to me? 

“Your Highness, this is your birthday banquet and the contest to choose your princess consort. Don’t waste time with me here. You should begin quickly!” urged Chu Liuyue.

Rong Xiu was stumped, but he temporarily couldn’t say anything in front of all these people. “Then… Ms. Dugu, please help yourself. Just treat this as your own home.”

He then gave Chu Liuyue a deep look before turning around to walk to the seat above.

“Hey, Your Highness—” Jiang Zhiyuan looked at Rong Xiu and then at Chu Liuyue. Wh-what exactly is going on?!

“Zhiyuan, quickly come back.” At this moment, Jiang Hetian suddenly spoke and waved toward Jiang Zhiyuan. In front of so many people, it doesn’t look good for her to stand there alone. Besides, anyone with eyes can tell that Rong Xiu treats her very coldly. After he came in, he didn’t even glance at her.

Jiang Hetian doted on his daughter, and he could only call her back hurriedly.

Jiang Zhiyuan pressed her lips against each other and walked toward her father before sitting behind him.

That was the first position in the top row on the left—this showed how high Fairy Water Mound’s status was!

After Rong Xiu left, Lin Tianfeng finally let out the breath he was holding in. He hurriedly turned to look at Chu Liuyue with furrowed brows and a complicated gaze as if he had many things to say. However, he didn’t know where to begin.

“Ms. Dugu, you… Why didn’t you tell us earlier than you know His Grace!?” Lin Tianfeng spat out this sentence with much difficulty.

Chu Liuyue blinked. “You didn’t ask either!”

Lin Tianfeng was confused. I would only ask such a question if my brain had problems, right?! Who would’ve thought that an ordinary woman from outside the God Residence Realm would know the high and mighty His Grace? Huh? Who would! 

“No wonder…” At the side, Lin Zhifei suddenly understood something. It’s no wonder Yan Qing treated her with that attitude. Previously, I felt that Yan Qing’s polite and even subtly obedient attitude toward her wasn’t normal. Now, I finally understand why. The person she knows is His Grace! 

Lin Zhifei suddenly recalled that she had once asked in the Lin family if His Grace was called Rong Xiu.

At that time, Lin Tianfeng still told her not to address His Grace by his name casually.

At that time, he also thought that she was ignorant because she had just arrived in the area, so she casually called out His Grace’s name.

Thinking about it now… It was simply because she thought of His Grace as her equal from the very beginning! Hence, her tone was so calm and carefree! 

“Oh my god! Ms. Dugu, you actually know His Grace?! No wonder he came to talk to us just now!” The ladies beside her exclaimed, and their faces were filled with envy.

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled and said, “Yeah, I previously didn’t know his identity either. Thus, I didn’t talk about it.”

“I see!” The few ladies didn’t doubt her as they nodded continuously.

“I knew it was weird for us to sit in the first row. It must be because His Grace knew that you were coming earlier on, so he purposely arranged it for us, right?!”

“Yeah! So this means that the two of you are very close, right?”

“T-then, what kind of girl does His Grace like? Do you know?”

Chu Liuyue picked up her wine and finished it in one shot.

The fiery burn entered her stomach through her teeth, and it burned until half her body became warm.

She held her chin with one hand, and her thin, white fingers gently knocked against her chin. “Hm… The girl he likes… Won’t we know when the contest begins?”

Hearing her nonchalant tone, Lin Tianfeng felt grateful, and his head ached.

He was grateful that they treated Dugu Yue decently during this period and that they didn’t offend her. What made his head ache was that she didn’t even notice how shocking her relationship with His Grace was and what it meant!

The key is that she didn’t seem worried that she would offend His Grace at all. Just listen to what she said just now! Even if I had ten guts, I wouldn’t dare to say it! However, she said it all! She doesn’t plan to give His Grace any face at all! Without a choice, Lin Tianfeng could only lower his voice. “Ms. Dugu, we’re all very grateful to have been able to enjoy your benefits today. But in the future, I hope you’ll be more careful. D-don’t say such words again in case you offend His Grace!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. Hm? Who offended whom now?

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