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Chapter 1067: Dugu Yue

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“Your Highness, are you okay?” After Rong Xiu walked over, Yu Mo—who was serving by the side—couldn’t help but ask. It’s too scary! The previous scene was too terrifying! Ms. Liuyue’s actions were extreme! In front of so many people, she didn’t leave any face for His Highness! But His Highness couldn’t bear to do anything to her, so he could only be ridiculed. 

On the other end, Yan Qing was expressionless. When he heard this, he couldn’t help sneering in his heart. Who can he blame for the sin he committed himself?! In the beginning, I had long advised His Highness to speak about it earlier, but he refused. Great, now she has directly come to the door! Then? He said he’d fetch her personally, but he didn’t in the end. It would be earth-shattering if that person wasn’t angry! 

Rong Xiu looked calm. “Just go according to the procedure.”

Yu Mo hurriedly acknowledged the order. “Yes!”

Seeing that His Highness really didn’t have any other plans, Yu Mo was anxious as he used his elbow to nudge Yan Qing. Hey, didn’t His Highness tell you to fetch Ms. Liuyue over previously? Why did she still come with the Lin family in the end? Look at how angry that person is now! If you did it well, why would His Highness end up in this situation?!

Yan Qing laughed coldly. So what if I went? I directly went down on one knee to beg her sincerely, yet that person was unmoved. At the end of the day, isn’t it because His Highness is in the wrong first? Even if I went there and let her unleash her temper, how can I reduce that person’s anger on my own? His Highness can’t even do it, let alone me! At the end of the day, His Highness should suffer all of this! 

Seeing how calm His Highness was and how Yan Qing wasn’t doing anything, Yu Mo scratched his head and felt his head ache. After much thinking, he couldn’t conjure up any solution, so he could only sigh deeply in his heart. Sigh! Oh well! Why should I care so much!?? Since His Highness isn’t anxious, there must be a solution to it, right? 

Then, Yu Mo collected his thoughts and started busying himself with the banquet.

Rong Xiu came earlier than expected. After he came in, there were some other divisions that gradually arrived.

Due to his presence, the atmosphere in the hall was clearly more solemn than before. Even if he had already told the crowd to be at ease, everyone didn’t really dare to be casual!

This was especially so for the ladies. All of them fought to be the best and the elegant one as they obeyed the standard for their every action and every word spoken, terrified that they would make a mistake and incur that person’s wrath.

Afterward, the people from Cold Mountain Gully came.

After they came in, the row of people first saw Rong Xiu sitting above. They then realized that they had come late, so they hurriedly kneeled down.

Rong Xiu nonchalantly let them sit down.

However, the faces of Han Quan and the rest were still white. They knew very clearly that they wouldn’t have much of a chance after making such a huge mistake.

Only Han Zishu and the rest couldn’t react after a long while as they only cared about staring at Rong Xiu sitting above.

He sat in a formidably handsome manner—it was very normal for such a person to charm others.

It was only until Rong Xiu looked over with coldness in his eyes and the overwhelming suppression attacked them did they finally wake up!

“If you don’t want your eyes, just say it,” said Rong Xiu coldly.

Han Zishu and the rest then hurriedly lowered their heads to beg for mercy.

This scene made the crowd in the palace feel very conflicted. In the beginning, Dugu Yue said she didn’t see him, but he wanted her to see him. Now that the few women from Cold Mountain Gully stared at him until they were in a daze, he wanted to dig their eyeballs out. It’s not that His Grace hasn’t done such things before, but with that earlier incident as a comparison, this incident is too strange. Why is the difference between humans so huge?! 

After much convincing, the people from Cold Mountain Gully finally obtained mercy as they sat in a corner helplessly. At this moment, they saw that Lin Tianfeng and the rest were actually sitting in the first row!

Han Zishu was stunned and was about to speak when Han Quan pulled her from the side. We can’t even take care of ourselves! How can we talk about others? 

Besides, although Han Zishu and the rest might not know, Han Quan and Chen Ting knew the pros and cons.

Lin Tianfeng and the rest safely sitting there stated too many problems! Even if they wanted to cause trouble for them, they had to understand the situation clearly first!

Hence, the few of them could only suffer their grievances.

“Hmph, I want to see how arrogant they can become now! Ms. Dugu, it’s all because of you this time! If not, we’d be bullied by them again!”

The few women from Grotto-Heaven Cliff felt relieved over this.

“Everyone now knows that you and His Grace know each other. In the future, I bet nobody will dare to offend you!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue laughed as her gaze swept across Lou Ruhai, who had been quiet the entire while. “I hope so.”

After everyone arrived, the banquet officially started.

Firstly, all the people from the divisions presented their gifts and celebrated His Grace’s birthday. Beautiful compliments fell down like raindrops.

Chu Liuyue listened until she was very sleepy.

Rong Xiu scanned his surroundings and saw her lazy and tired look. He couldn’t help but smile and interrupt Yu Mo, who was reading the gift list. “Okay, I’ll read this later. Other than my birthday, today is also the contest to choose the princess consort. It’s also time for me to choose a wife, so we’ll directly begin.”

The crowd was stunned and became thrilled. This is the important show of the night! 

Rong Xiu waved his wrist and passed a booklet to Yan Qing. “Please read out the name list for those participating in the contest.”

“Yes!” Yan Qing respectfully opened it, and his expression froze. He then quickly looked up and glanced at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu was calm. “Read it.”

Yan Qing gulped a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. “The list of the people participating in the contest for the position of princess consort is as follows: From Grotto-Heaven Cliff: Lin Miao’er, Lin Shuangshuang, Su Xiaoyan… D-Dugu Yue!”

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