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Chapter 1065: Don’t Misunderstand; I Just Didn’t See You

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Following this, a slim woman slowly walked in.

The sky outside was already dark.

She was decked in a white dress with a turquoise jade belt around her thin waist. Her hair was tied up neatly, and she walked slowly. Her eyes were especially pure and charming, looking as gentle as water, yet her red lips curled up playfully.

Such an appearance could be considered superior, but she seemed rather dull compared to the man in front.

The crowd first saw Rong Xiu’s deity-like appearance, so they weren’t as shocked when they saw others now. But compared to most of the women in the palace, she was clearly better.

Seeing the incoming person, Chu Liuyue squinted her star-like eyes and smiled playfully. This person seems to be the rumored… Big Missy Jiang? 

As if he didn’t hear her, Rong Xiu moved his long legs and walked toward the palace.

Jiang Zhiyuan was dazed and hurriedly went forward. Earlier, I was discussing with Rong Xiu about the academy. Later, Yan Qing went, came back, and said something to Rong Xiu. Afterward, he was quite distracted. If it weren’t because the incident was related to the academy, he would’ve stood up to leave long ago. It was only now—when the banquet was about to begin—that he rushed over directly. 

He looks as though he’s very worried that he’d be late, but that is the strangest part. As His Grace, even if Rong Xiu made these people wait here for hours, they wouldn’t dare to say anything. Besides, he has always done things at his own pace. He would never behave in such a manner… No matter what, he seems like he’s in a hurry to do something. 

Before Jiang Zhiyuan could ask clearly, she hurriedly followed him over. She almost instinctively followed Rong Xiu’s gaze and looked toward the palace.

It was a pity that there were way too many people in the palace, so she couldn’t even clearly see who Rong Xiu was looking at.

The crowd in the palace finally seemed to react as they hurriedly stood up and bowed. “Greetings, Your Grace!”

Some of the clan leaders or masters had seen Rong Xiu before, so they weren’t too stunned now. But for many of the women that came with them, it was their first time seeing the legendary His Grace.

Quite a few people directly flushed red as they dazedly watched the man walking in.



There had long been rumors about His Grace being outstandingly talented, formidable, decisive, and sharp! Hence, many people’s first impression was respect and fear when they talked about him. But now that they saw him personally, they realized how unparalleled and distinguished His Grace was.

With his deity-like and sinister-like appearance, it was enough to make countless girls fall head over heels for him. Besides, he even had a high status and held great power.

How many women wouldn’t be tempted by such a man?

Then, under countless gazes, Rong Xiu suddenly moved his feet and walked toward a certain seat.

Thus, everyone’s gazes followed them.

“Hiss… Why do I feel like His Grace is walking toward us?!” A lady sitting beside Chu Liuyue had her face turn red as she widened her eyes and softly muttered.

“How is that possible?! Who is His Grace? Why would he—wait a minute! It seems like he’s really coming over!”

“He seems to be looking at someone! Is he looking at us?”

The remaining two ladies were excited as well.

Only Chu Liuyue looked down and relaxingly poured herself a cup of wine.

“Master Lin.” Rong Xiu walked to Lin Tianfeng and lightly spoke.

“Y-your Highness?!” At this point, Lin Tianfeng was also stunned as he hurriedly stood up. “Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Lin Tianfeng greets His Grace!”

Lin Tianfeng was also a legendary warrior himself. As the clan’s master, his usual aura wasn’t weak at all. But standing in front of Rong Xiu, he instantly became minute and weak as his aura was lacking compared to the latter.

Standing nearby, Lin Tianfeng didn’t even dare to look directly at the man before him.

The distinguished aura that one would only have when one stayed in such a high position for a long time couldn’t be compared at all!

Rong Xiu stood with one hand behind his back and smiled slightly. “Master Lin, you brought so many people with you through such a long journey. It must be tiring, right?”

The man’s voice was low and melodious, yet the palace fell into a deadly silence.

Almost everyone looked dazed. W-what did His Grace just say? He actually asked Lin Tianfeng if it was tiring? Out of all the divisions, which one hasn’t come here from far away? Which of us aren’t tired? Why did he only ask Lin Tianfeng?! 

All these years, Grotto-Heaven Cliff has been ranked lowly out of all these divisions. In such an event, they usually don’t even have the chance to go forward. What is happening today? Not only are they arranged to sit in the first row, but His Grace has even personally come to ask after him? What kind of honor is this?! 

“Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. I-it’s not tiring for us.” Lin Tianfeng was also confused. He was dazed for a moment before he recovered his senses and hurriedly replied, “It’s our absolute honor to come and join His Grace’s birthday banquet!”

This sentence wasn’t an exaggeration. Out of all the divisions, there really weren’t many people who had the right to come to the Sky-Cloud Empire.

It wasn’t that Lin Tianfeng hadn’t come before, but he basically stood in the corner and belonged to the forgotten, transparent existences. There was never once a time where he was in the limelight like today.

His Grace even took the initiative to come over and ask after him.

This all happened too suddenly. Even if Lin Tianfeng was one that had experienced all sorts of big storms, he was also nervous and anxious.

“Master Lin, don’t be nervous. I’m just casually asking; I don’t have any other intentions.” Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly as he turned his gaze, which landed on the few people behind Lin Tianfeng. “These few should’ve accompanied Master Lin over, right?”

Lin Tianfeng hurriedly turned around and glanced at the few of them.

The few people who hadn’t recovered their senses before this stood up gradually to bow. “Greetings, Your Grace!”

Perhaps she was too nervous, but one of the ladies even moved the table in front of her.

Chu Liuyue had just finished pouring her wine. Before she could even pick up the cup, most of the wine was spilled.

Rong Xiu raised his saber-like eyebrows. “These few ladies are also from Grotto-Heaven Cliff?”

Lin Tianfeng was shocked. He immediately nodded and hurriedly said, “These three are, but Ms. Dugu isn’t.”

Interest flashed across Rong Xiu’s eyes. “Ms… Dugu?”

Lin Tianfeng instinctively turned around, but he saw that while all the others were standing and bowing, only Chu Liuyue was still seated down.

She didn’t even raise her head as she poured wine for herself.

Lin Tianfeng’s eyelids harshly twitched. What time is it? She actually has the time to drink wine?! Does she know that the person before her is His Grace! 

“Ms. Dugu, you don’t seem too happy to see me?”

Chu Liuyue then looked up and smiled slightly. Her pair of star-like eyes was even more intoxicating than the cup of wine in her hands that reflected the fiery light as she smiled and said, “Your Grace, don’t misunderstand.. I just didn’t see you just now.”

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