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Chapter 1064: Meeting

Hu Yang’s expression instantly became solemn and respectful.

“That’s Jishen Palace; His Grace lives there. That place is even more heavily guarded and distinguished than Tongshen Palace. You can’t go in there! Other than His Grace and his confidants, nobody is allowed to enter it casually!”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly. As expected… So that’s where Rong Xiu lives and where he has been all these years…

“Actually, that’s the clan leader’s place. But now that the clan leader is in seclusion, everything that goes on in the clan is handled by His Grace. Therefore…”

Hu Yang didn’t continue, but everyone understood what he meant: His Grace was currently the most distinguished existence in the Sky-Cloud Empire!

The crowd looked at the black palace, and their expressions were solemn. Even if they were a distance away, they could still feel the endless suppression exuding from that area!

Chu Liuyue suddenly giggled. “I see. Then, His Grace usually must be very busy, right?”

Hu Yang’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly surveyed his surroundings. After confirming that nobody else saw them, he heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Chu Liuyue with a complicated gaze. He then said, “Ms. Dugu, we’re reaching Tongshen Palace soon. Please try not to say such words in the future, in case you attract trouble.”

Seeing his nervous look, Chu Liuyue laughed. “I know.”

Then, all of them continued to walk forward.

After about 15 minutes or so, Hu Yang finally stopped.

At this point, they were on one of the peaks beside Suming Peak, and their position was almost the same as Tongshen Palace.

Hu Yang took out his white jade plaque and inserted a wave of force into it. The plaque then glowed brightly!

“Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Master Lin is here!”

Very quickly, a ray of silver light flew out from Tongshen Palace! At that moment, it was like a silver river descending—it was dazzling!

Under the sky that had already become dark, it was especially charming!

At the same time, a similar ray of light also flew out from Hu Yang’s white jade plaque and intersected with it. Of course, compared to the one that flew out from Tongshen Palace, Hu Yang’s light ray lacked in many areas.

The person in charge of receiving them was very clearly stronger than Hu Yang!

Hu Yang jumped up first and put away his plaque. “Everyone, please—”

Other than their group of people, there were many brilliant light rays that formed bridges around Suming Peak, allowing people to enter. Obviously, these people were also coming to attend the banquet.

The closer they got, the more clearly Chu Liuyue could feel the suppression from Tongshen Palace.

She looked up.

In front of Tongshen Palace was a giant square made of white jade stone. Beside the square, there was a black clock quietly floating near the cliff.

The clock sound should’ve come from here previously.

Many soldiers in black armor were standing neatly around the square.

Even though there were many people coming back and forth, it was very organized. It was clear that no matter what background these people had, they would all become obedient and abide by the rules when they came here.

At first glance, all of them were in lavish clothes, and it was very grand.

The group of them finally landed on the ground.

“Welcome, Master Lin!” The moment the few of them landed, someone immediately came forward to greet them. This person looked like he was younger than thirty, and he was wearing black armor. His face was slim, and his eyes were energetic, looking very experienced.

Even though his clothes were the same as Hu Yang’s, his surrounding aura was much stronger. Even the previous Chen Ting couldn’t be compared with him.

It was no wonder he could stay here and work.

Chu Liuyue was thinking about something when the other party suddenly gazed at her. “This should be Ms. Dugu, right?”

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and immediately understood. It seems like Yan Qing should’ve told them about me beforehand.

She smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

A smile surfaced on that man’s face. “It’s great that you’re here. We’ve already allocated seats for you. Please, head in—”

Then, he turned around and led the way.

Lin Tianfeng and the rest couldn’t help but glance at Chu Liuyue. However, Chu Liuyue looked calm as she raised her brows and followed him in.

The interior of Tongshen Palace was sparkling gold and looked magnificent.

Inside the palace, the throne was carved from black stone and looked extremely formidable.

Below, many white jade tables were arranged neatly. It split from the middle into two sides, and the crowd would sit on either side.

All the seats seemed to have been allocated in advance as all the tables were written with the respective division’s name.

After every table were a number of seats, clearly for the people that came with the respective division.

At this moment, more than half of the seats in the palace were filled.

The crowd was either exchanging pleasantries or having private conversations. The scene was very lively but with some restraint as it wasn’t noisy.

Many people looked outside the palace from time to time. They were clearly waiting for the most important person of the night.

Lin Tianfeng and the rest’s arrival didn’t cause much of a commotion.

Many people just took a glance to the side and retracted their gazes. Grotto-Heaven Cliff? Nothing much.

Hence, with that soldier leading Chu Liuyue and the rest, they discreetly arrived at their table.

“Master Lin, this is Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s seat. Everyone, please take a seat.”

However, Lin Tianfeng didn’t move as he glanced at the man suspiciously. “Here?”

Did he get it wrong? This is the first row!

One had to know that those who could sit in the first row in such a scenario were the top few divisions! A clan like Grotto-Heaven Cliff would usually sit in the last row, in a very ordinary corner.

And now—this seat is too obvious?! Even if we take Officer Yan Qing into consideration, such a move seems rather inappropriate!

Even Hu Yang was shocked as he hurriedly asked, “Are you sure it’s here?”

“Of course, I’m sure.” That man laughed. “Everyone, don’t worry. We won’t get such a matter wrong.”

Lin Tianfeng instinctively glanced at Chu Liuyue. T-this position should be because of her…

“Since they arranged it, let’s just sit down,” said Chu Liuyue as she naturally walked over.

Lin Tianfeng could only nod, and he sat down with the remaining few people gingerly.

Once the few of them sat down, the palace quickly fell silent.

Everyone looked over and had various expressions. It was clear that everyone had found something amiss.

Lin Tianfeng coughed as he shot Chu Liuyue a questioning look. Then, he lowered his voice. “…Ms. Dugu, what exactly do you and Officer Yan Qing—”

“His Grace is here!” A thunderous announcement suddenly sounded!

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled as she looked up.

A man appeared outside the palace! He was wearing a black robe, and he stood tall and upright, looking very charming.

All the light in the palace shone on his face, reflecting the most handsome appearance in the world.

Before he stood still, he looked toward the crowd in the palace as if he were looking for something.

As if they had a telepathic connection, he stared straight in Chu Liuyue’s direction.

A ripple flashed across that pair of deep and clean phoenix-like eyes; they were like the spring wind melting the snow, filled with longing and smiles.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be touched by something soft. Her lips moved slightly as if she wanted to call him directly.

Right at this moment, a woman’s voice sounded. “Your Highness, why are you walking so quickly? I can’t catch up with you..”

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