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Chapter 1056: Personally Welcome

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Sky-Cloud Empire! Chu Liuyue kept thinking of these words in her mind. So… this is Rong Xiu’s family clan’s name? 

When the others heard it, they instantly fell silent. Even in the dim passageway, it wasn’t hard to detect the slightly tense atmosphere.

Even Lin Tianfeng’s expression was stern and serious, one he had never shown before.

It could be seen that everyone was nervous to some extent.

Very quickly, a strange ripple came from the front!

Chu Liuyue instinctively held her breath.

As the pressure attacked her, the place before her turned bright!

Chu Liuyue felt slightly more at ease when her feet landed on the concrete ground.

She wasn’t too used to the blinding light, so she squinted slightly. Then, she looked at her surroundings.

A blue ocean was before her, reflecting the light as it looked pure and vast.

Far away, islands of different sizes quietly floated in midair. They were surrounded by smoke, and it looked just like paradise.

The sky was a clear light blue.

The place where the water and the sky intersected—it was hard for people to differentiate if the blue was the sky or the ocean.

There was a faint sweetness in the air, which rejuvenated one’s organs and made one feel comfortable.

Chu Liuyue secretly felt shocked. This place has the highest Heaven and Earth Force density I’ve ever seen in my life! 

Right at this moment, a stern voice sounded in her ear. “Grotto-Heaven Cliff?”

Chu Liuyue paused and turned in the direction of the voice.

Next to the transportation formation were a few guards in black armor. The person talking at the front seemed to be a grade higher as his bodily aura was stronger than the rest.

They all had a strange pattern engraved on the upper-left side of their chest armor.

This should be their Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem. Chu Liuyue watched on and faintly felt that it was quite familiar.

Lin Tianfeng cupped his fists, smiled, and said, “I’m Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Lin Tianfeng. I brought my clansmen over to congratulate His Grace on his birthday banquet!”

The soldier at the front cupped his fists and politely said, “Greetings, Master Lin.”

The few people behind him bowed in unison.

Chu Liuyue watched on from the back with much interest. Even though these people are very polite to Lin Tianfeng, they don’t put themselves in a very low position. And Lin Tianfeng clearly respects them very much since he treats them differently from ordinary guards. The Sky-Cloud Empire… is indeed different. 

These soldiers were clearly acting this way because they were from the Sky-Cloud Empire.

When a clan was strong to a certain extent, everyone would respect them. This… was the right to speak brought about by capabilities!

“Master Lin, why did you guys arrive so late? His Grace’s birthday banquet is about to start in a few hours! If you were any later, you wouldn’t even be able to go to the main island!”

Lin Tianfeng hurriedly said, “Sorry, we did meet with some troubles on the way here. Firstly, the transportation formation was faulty and kept delaying our arrival.”

That soldier shook his head. “It’s fine; there’s still some time left. You—hm? Why is there a child?” He glanced at Lin Tianfeng and slightly knitted his brows. “Master Lin, I recall that you don’t have such a young child, right?”

Lin Tianfeng hurriedly waved his hands in denial. “It’s a misunderstanding—a misunderstanding! This child isn’t from my Lin family; it’s this Ms. Dugu’s! She’s my son—Zhifei’s heavenly doctor, so they came along.”

Quite a few people knew that Lin Tianfeng was biased toward his son Lin Zhifei. Rumors had it that he seemed to want to pass the position of Lin family head to the latter. It was a pity that Lin Zhifei had been frail since birth and was sickly.

Thus, many people didn’t think well of this. However, Lin Tianfeng’s attitude still didn’t change.

It’s expected that he would bring Lin Zhifei and his heavenly doctor along, but… It’s fine if his heavenly doctor came. What’s with the child? 

“Master Lin, even though this child doesn’t take up a spot, it seems rather inappropriate for you to do this! This is His Grace’s birthday banquet and the contest to choose his princess consort. You—”

Lin Tianfeng coughed and lowered his voice. “Uh… You might not know, but this Ms. Dugu has no kin or relatives. It’s really hard on her to bring a child along. I can’t just ask her to abandon her child… I promise that this child won’t run around and cause any trouble! Do you think… you can let this slide?”

Seeing how Lin Tianfeng was asking him for a favor, the soldier couldn’t say anything further.

“Since this is so, then… Master Lin, you must be careful. You also know that this is the Sky-Cloud Empire.” When he said the second half of the sentence, that guard’s voice was sterner with a hint of authority in it.

Lin Tianfeng hurriedly thanked him.

The soldier waved his hands. “The people from the other clans have already arrived. You should hurry on too!”

Even though Grotto-Heaven Cliff was considered weak out of all the other divisions, they should do what they needed to.

He then moved his sleeves slightly, and a palm-sized white plaque appeared in midair.

The plaque was engraved with the Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem, and it had clouds carved on the edges.

It glowed brightly.

That soldier boomed, “Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Lin family is here! Someone from the main island, please receive them!”

Then, the plaque whirred softly. Afterward, a silver ray of light shot out and spread in another direction!

Chu Liuyue and the rest looked toward the light.

Far away, a gigantic island floated quietly—it seemed to be the biggest and centermost island here! No matter if it were scale or authority, it was unquestionably the top existence here.

That… should be the main island they were talking about, right? Once this thought surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s mind, a ray of light suddenly flew out from the main island.

Compared to the light on the plaque, that ray of light seemed much more substantial!

In no time, the two rays of light met in midair and formed a bridge!

“Everyone, go ahead!”

Lin Tianfeng jumped up first and landed on the bridge. The remaining people followed closely.

The few elders were alright as they were quite experienced, so they seemed rather calm. However, those few women still couldn’t conceal the excitement and curiosity in their eyes, though they tried their best to calm themselves down.

It was their first time here.

To them, the Sky-Cloud Empire was once a high and unreachable place. Now, with this chance, they could actually be here…

It was like a dream!

Chu Liuyue brought Dugu Mobao with her, and they were the last to go up.

“Let’s go!” Lin Tianfeng led the way and walked forward first.

At the same time, Rong Xiu was reading in the study. Suddenly, he paused in his actions, and his thin lips curled up into a faint smile. “She’s finally here.”

Then, he stood up and walked outside.

Seeing this, Yan Qing hurriedly went forward. “Your Highness, you really… want to personally go over now? Why don’t I first—”

The outside is filled with people. His Highness’s actions will definitely be seen. 

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows.. “I naturally must personally welcome my own princess consort.”

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