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Chapter 1055: Sky-Cloud Empire

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“Hold on!” When Lin Tianfeng and the rest planned to leave, an anxious shout suddenly came from far away. “Dugu Yue, you can’t leave!”

When she heard this voice, Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled as she looked up.

The incoming person was Lu Yu’er. She hurried over with accumulated rage filling her eyes.

She rapidly rushed to Chu Liuyue and was about to board the transportation formation when she was stopped by the guards at the side. “Madam, you can’t board the transportation formation now.”

Lu Yu’er was very frustrated. She could only stand rooted to the spot and look at Lin Tianfeng with grievances. “Master, you mustn’t let her go!”

Lin Tianfeng knitted his brows. “What are you yelling about?!”

“Master, she injured Lu Yi and even poisoned him! She’s such a ruthless person. You mustn’t leave her with you!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lin Tianfeng was already very unhappy with her. When he now saw that she had completely lost her composure for Lu Yi, he was even more infuriated.

Seeing that the transportation formation had already been activated, Lu Yu’er was even more furious and anxious. She pointed at Chu Liuyue, her eyes filled with vengeance. “Dugu Yue, you know best what you did!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Madam Lin, what are you talking about? Why do I not understand? You said that I harmed Young Master Lu and even poisoned him, but Big Baby and I were resting in the inn last night and didn’t go out. Do you have any evidence for what you’re saying?”

“You…” Lu Yu’er was stumped.

This morning, she heard the news that Lu Yi was in trouble. She initially didn’t want to go since she had to bid Lin Tianfeng and the rest farewell after all. But upon seeing that the pageboy was panicking, she felt worried and still went over in the end.

It was fine if she didn’t go, but once she did, she realized that Lu Yi’s condition was terrible. Not to mention his forehead having a huge wound, but he even had a high fever and was unconscious the whole time as he kept muttering something under his breath.

Seeing him in this manner, she instantly guessed that he must’ve gone to cause trouble for Dugu Yue before ending up in this state. That was why she came to look for Dugu Yue in a rage and wanted the latter to give an explanation.

But this evidence… Am I supposed to expose the entire incident? We are in the wrong! For now, the only person who can testify against Dugu Yue is Lu Yi, but he is muddle-headed and can’t say anything clearly. 

Seeing that Lu Yu’er had nothing to say, Lin Tianfeng’s tone became much sterner. “Ms. Dugu is my Lin family’s very important guest. How can you blindly smear her!? Don’t let me hear this again! If not—”

Lu Yu’er bit her lips tightly, and a strong bloody smell attacked her lips and teeth. This Dugu Yue is smart. She depended on treating Lin Zhifei to gain Lin Tianfeng’s trust and protection easily! If she just leaves in this manner, it’d be hard to convict her in the future! However, I have no right to go with them…

“Dugu Yue, I won’t let this matter slide! The truth will come out one day! At that time, we’ll see how you’ll explain yourself!”

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and laughed lightly. “You’re most welcome.”

When she saw Dugu Yue’s relaxed expression that looked as if she didn’t care about this matter, Lu Yu’er’s blood boiled.

But at this moment, the transportation formation was completely activated! The transportation formation glowed brightly and instantly covered the few of them!

“Have a safe journey, Master!” As the crowd respectfully sent them off, their figures disappeared.

Looking at the empty transportation formation in front of her, Lu Yu’er clenched her teeth harshly. Dugu Yue! Don’t think that you can just leave like this! 

Lin Tianfeng and the rest entered the space passageway.

Probably because this transportation formation’s grade was very high and was built by strong warriors, it was very stable.

After entering it, Elder Lin Mo took out a lantern.

The clear light instantly illuminated the space the crowd was in.

“Ms. Dugu, what happened just now?” After a temporary silence, one woman couldn’t help but ask, breaking the silence.

Upon hearing this, everyone looked over.

Chu Liuyue looked normal and helplessly smiled. “I don’t know either. When I came to Grotto-Heaven Cliff a few days ago, I met that Young Master Lu once and had a minor argument with him, which didn’t end well. I’m not too sure why Madam Lin is behaving in this way today.”

The few women exchanged glances, and all nodded thoughtfully. Who in Grotto-Heaven Cliff doesn’t know that Lu Yi is a pervert? Dugu Yue came from outside the God Residence realm and brought a child along with her. She can be considered as not having anyone to depend on. Why would such a person willingly cause trouble for herself? It must’ve been Lu Yi who first caused trouble, and now, he is playing the blame game. 

“Ms. Dugu, don’t worry. Now that you’ve treated Fourth Young Master, the Lin family will treat you very politely! You don’t have to fear anything else!”

“That’s right! Ms. Dugu, you’re so capable! Why would you scheme against such a person?”

“That Lu Yi is used to bullying people. Someone will teach him a lesson sooner or later!”

The few of them comforted her one after another.

Looking at Chu Liuyue and Dugu Mobao at the side, the few of them revealed looks of sympathy. Is it easy for a widow to bring the child up alone?! 

“Thank you, everyone. I won’t take these matters to heart.” Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “This journey is the most important one to me.”

The few women had complicated gazes, and all nodded.

Actually, they had all heard that this Dugu Yue came from outside the realm to find her husband. Rumors had it that her husband was from that side, and he fell in love with Dugu Yue outside the God Residence realm under some twist of fate—they even had a child. It was a pity that he went off without returning and directly abandoned the mother-son duo!

“All the men in the world are the same! After they’re done eating and playing, they’ll be super irritating!”

‘Ms. Dugu, if you’re going to find that man, you mustn’t back off at that time! You must teach him a harsh lesson and let him know how capable you are!”

“That’s right! Don’t worry. At that time, we’ll all stand on your side!”

“Even though you’re from outside the God Residence Realm, Ms. Dugu, you’re very outstanding and strong. That man is clearly blind to treat you in this manner! It’s not easy to find a three-legged croak, but two-legged men are everywhere! With your qualities, why wouldn’t you be able to find another man?”

The few women spoke with infuriated attitudes.

Chu Liuyue clenched her fist and brought it to her lips to cough. “Um… Actually, he’s not that bad…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the few women gasped in shock. “Ms. Dugu, don’t tell me you still miss that jerk?”

“You mustn’t do that!”

“That’s right! Such a man can’t be kept!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. If they know that the man they’re scolding now is His Grace—who they want to keep meeting and seeing—what will their expressions be? Furthermore, if that distinguished His Grace hears these words, what will his expression be? 

“We’re reaching soon,” said Lin Tianfeng suddenly.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

A bright light appeared at the end of the tunnel!

“The place in front is the Sky-Cloud Empire!”

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