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Chapter 1057: Rules

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Yan Qing secretly thought to himself, His words are gold, and he even said that she is his princess consort. Yet, he still openly organized a contest to choose his princess consort, making it so real. I wonder what reaction that person will have if she sees this! 

But since His Highness plans to do this, we can only listen to him as his subordinates. In a short period of time, countless scenarios that might take place flashed across Yan Qing’s mind. Hm? Perhaps I should also think about how not to be implicated by His Highness then…

But the moment the master-servant duo walked out and before they could move anywhere else, Yu Mo hurried in from outside.

“Your Highness.” Seeing Rong Xiu, Yu Mo hurriedly bowed. “Your Highness, Big Missy Jiang is here. She’s currently waiting outside the palace, and she says that she has something to discuss with you personally.”

Without any background or name, just a ‘Big Missy Jiang’ was enough to explain who the other party was. This could only prove that this person had a very high status and that everyone would know who she was by her term of address.

Rong Xiu didn’t stop in his tracks as he looked nonchalant. “Ask her to wait.”

Yu Mo was dazed for a moment as he looked up strangely and glanced at Rong Xiu. It’s fine if His Highness doesn’t see the rest, but this person… 

A bulb then lit up in Yu Mo’s mind as he suddenly thought of something. Could it be…

He quickly glanced at Yan Qing, and the latter silently nodded.

Yu Mo understood. No wonder—so that person really is here! 

He then swallowed the words in his throat. If that person is here, the rest will definitely have to be pushed back! 

But not long after Rong Xiu walked out, a sweet and gentle woman’s voice sounded. “His Highness, where are you going? You’re in such a hurry that you don’t even want to see me?”

Rong Xiu stopped in his tracks and looked over.

A girl in a white dress stood there in a lively manner. She was thin and slim, and she didn’t have any unnecessary accessories adorning her. There was only a thin, blue jade belt around her waist, which outlined her womanly figure.

She looked like a peach, and her features were perfect. The most charming thing was the gentleness in her watery eyes.

Her intricately tied-up hair had a blue hairpin stuck to it.

She tilted her head slightly and gently shook it as if she could tingle one’s heart.

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes and lightly said, “Jiang Zhiyuan? Why are you here?”

As he spoke, his gaze turned and landed on Yu Mo.

Yu Mo was shocked and hurriedly said, “Your Highness, I previously told Big Missy Jiang to wait outside, and I didn’t invite her in. I don’t know why she’s here either.”

The soldiers at the side were dazed, and they then realized that they seemed to have done something wrong. Hence, they hurriedly kneeled down. “Your Highness, we—”

“I have long set rules—without my permission, nobody is allowed to enter or leave this area casually. It seems like your memory isn’t serving you well.”

“Your Highness! Your Highness, please spare us!”

“You are dismissed from your positions. Also, flog them a hundred times.” Rong Xiu’s expression was cold. “Immediately carry it out before the main hall!”

When they heard him say this, the soldiers’ faces turned pale as they collapsed on the floor in defeat. Oh no…

Jiang Zhiyuan’s smile froze. “Your Highness, what are you doing? They just let me come in because they saw that it was me. In the past, I’ve always come and gone to this place as I pleased. There was never—”

“That’s in the past.” Rong Xiu glanced at her with a deep gaze. “When the clan leader lived here, you could do whatever you wanted. But now, this is my bedroom. I have the last say.”

“I believe you should remember this rule this time, right, Big Missy Jiang?”

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