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Chapter 1053: Abandon

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For some reason, Lin Zhifei faintly felt that Chu Liuyue’s words were amiss. However, he couldn’t specifically point out which part of it was wrong.

On the other hand, those few women looked elated when they heard this.

Even though they also knew that their chances of being chosen weren’t high, who didn’t like to hear compliments? Besides, who could say for sure? What if they were extremely lucky… Then, they could shoot up to the sky!

“Thank you for your words, Ms. Dugu, but there are many clans participating in the contest for the position of princess consort during His Grace’s birthday banquet. Every clan has chosen their most outstanding girls of suitable age, so the competition is very intense. Nobody knows what the outcome will be.” Lin Tianfeng laughed.

In actual fact, he didn’t have much hope. Among the many clans, Grotto-Heaven Cliff could only be considered as one of the weaker ones. No matter if it was the size of their territory, resources, or any other aspects, they couldn’t be compared to the other divisions.

The three women before the group were meticulously chosen by them with much difficulty.

At first glance, they might seem decent. However, he was afraid that they couldn’t be compared to the elegant women the major clans carefully brought up.

Upon hearing this, the few women hurriedly retracted their gazes.

“Ms. Dugu, you’re so young, and you came from outside the God Residence Realm. I didn’t expect you to really be able to treat Fourth Young Master… I heard that you’re already an eighth-grade heavenly doctor now, Ms. Dugu?” An elder standing at the back spoke suddenly. His tone was stern with a tinge of unconcealable arrogance.

Chu Liuyue followed the voice and looked over.

That elder was thin and had white hair, but his eyes were gleaming with a cold glint.

Since she and Lin Zhifei walked in, he didn’t really smile at all. Furthermore, he seemed to have some hidden enmity toward her.

As if Chu Liuyue didn’t see anything wrong, she smiled and said, “I just broke through to become an eighth-grade heavenly doctor two days ago. May I know this senior…”

“This is Elder Lou Ruhai,” said Lin Zhifei. “He’s also the First Elder in the Lin family who serves as our heavenly doctor.”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. So this person is the greatest heavenly doctor in the Lin family? I heard Lin Tianfeng say that he seems to be a peak ninth-grade heavenly doctor? 

Knowing the other party’s status, Chu Liuyue instantly understood why the other party disliked her. He is extremely strong and has a distinguished status in the Lin family. He didn’t manage to solve Lin Zhifei’s illness after so long, but I did once I came. Won’t this be slapping his face? It’s no wonder he’s treating me with such an attitude. 

Chu Liuyue bowed. “I’m Dugu Yue. Greetings, Senior Lou Ruhai—”

However, Lou Ruhai directly said, “Forget this formality! Perhaps I might have many questions that require your guidance in the future, Ms. Dugu!”

His words sounded weird, but Chu Liuyue didn’t take them to heart as she smiled.

Elder Lin Mo, who spoke to Lin Tianfeng at first, concluded the conversation. “Haha! Since everyone is here—Master, shall we proceed?”

Lin Tianfeng nodded.

However, Lou Ruhai suddenly said, “We naturally must go, but… What’s with that child?”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. As expected, he was staring straight at Dugu Mobao with a cold gaze.

She pulled Dugu Mobao behind her and smiled politely. “Big Baby is just a child, and he’s always obedient. He won’t cause us any trouble.”

“Oh? Are you sure?” Lou Ruhai lightly grunted. “You need to know that the spots to go to that place are very precious. Seeing that you treated Fourth Young Master and that you still need to accompany him for a period of time, it’s not unreasonable to give you a spot. However, this child…”

“Elder Lou, according to the child’s age, he doesn’t need to take a spot,” reminded Lin Tianfeng.

“Of course, I know this. But Master, don’t forget. This birthday banquet that His Grace is holding is also a contest to choose his princess consort. Won’t it be rather inappropriate to bring a child along to such a venue…?”

Chu Liuyue smiled seemingly, but her eyes lost their smiling intent. “Then, do you think that I should leave Big Baby here alone?”

Lou Ruhai stroked his beard. “That can be a plan. Anyway, Madam is still around in the Lin family, and there are many people here to take care of the child. He won’t be mistreated, and it’d be more convenient for everyone, right?”

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. Thinking of leaving Big Baby behind to be the hostage? Dream on! If Big Baby is angered, the others will be the ones to suffer! 

Chu Liuyue was too lazy to talk nonsense with him as she directly looked at Lin Tianfeng and lightly asked, “Master Lin, what do you think?”

Lin Tianfeng shook his head without any hesitation. “There’s no need. This child is so young. How can he separate from his mother? We have so many people; he won’t cause any trouble.”

Dugu Yue originally came to the God Residence Realm to find her husband. It would be too unjustified if I separated the mother-son duo. 

Even though he was also worried, Dugu Yue had treated Zhifei, so he was willing to take responsibility for this.

“Master! This—” Lou Ruhai wanted to say something further, but he was stopped by Lin Tianfeng’s gaze.

“That’s enough. It’s getting late; we should set off now!” Then, Lin Tianfeng left directly.

Lou Ruhai’s expression was ugly, but he couldn’t argue further. He knitted his brows and glanced at Chu Liuyue and Dugu Mobao before following Lin Tianfeng.

Chu Liuyue touched Dugu Mobao’s head. “Don’t worry. Wherever we go, I won’t abandon you!”

Dugu Mobao’s eyelids twitched. But when he heard this, he still held back his urge to explode in anger.

The few of them didn’t speak further and went straight to the transportation formation.

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