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Chapter 1054: Position of the Princess Consort

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Perhaps Chu Liuyue’s current appearance was too ordinary and she was an outstanding heavenly doctor, or perhaps Dugu Mobao looked too cute, but it caused the few women’s motherly hearts to flutter.

No matter what, their attitudes toward Chu Liuyue and Dugu Mobao during the entire journey were extremely good. The few of them surrounded the duo and asked quite a few questions, clearly quite interested in both of them.

Chu Liuyue was still okay as she occasionally talked to them. However, Dugu Mobao had a cold face, and he exuded a coldness that prevented strangers from going close to him.

It was a pity that it wasn’t very convincing when paired with his current cute and adorable appearance and figure.

If Chu Liuyue didn’t defend him sternly, Dugu Mobao’s distinguished face would be terribly touched.

They passed through the extremely terrible period in this manner, and the crowd finally reached the place.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

This was a large square.

In the center of the square, there was a black circular transportation formation. It was engraved with some pattern—that was the Lin family’s totem!

There weren’t many people in the surroundings, but a few guards were still stationed there as they guarded the place strictly.

The discipline was high, and the atmosphere was solemn.

After reaching this place, everyone seemed to be especially stern and serious. There seemed to be some faint form of fear and respect.

Lin Tianfeng surveyed his surroundings, knitted his brows, and asked, “Where’s Yu’er?”

According to the rules, Lu Yu’er should’ve been waiting here long ago to send us off. But everyone else is here at this moment, yet Lu Yu’er Is nowhere to be found. 

The person at the front stepped forward and respectfully said, “Master, Madam… temporarily left because something cropped up.”

What thing could be more important than sending us off to that place? Without thinking, Lin Tianfeng knew what had happened, and his face turned cold. “Did something happen to the Lu family again?”

“Uhm…” That man hesitated for a moment and whispered, “I heard that something is wrong with Young Master Lu’s body…”

“Hmph, he’s the most arrogant one usually. What problem can he have?” It’s fine if Lu Yi is immature, but even Lu Yu’er is messing around with him! For that younger brother she spoils, she doesn’t even care about her responsibilities as the Lin family’s Mistress! 

“Forget it!” Lin Tianfeng said as he stepped onto the transportation formation! It isn’t too late to do the accounts for this when we’re back. 

Lin Zhifei, Elder Lin Mo, and the rest followed closely.

Then, it was the few young women.

Lastly, it was Chu Liuyue and Dugu Mobao.

Actually, this transportation formation wasn’t considered huge. Only a hundred or so people could be transported at one time, but its aura was extraordinary.

Just as Chu Liuyue was about to get on, the women that had just gone up yelled in pain.

One of them was careless and directly kneeled on the floor! Her knees smashed against the floor harshly, letting out a sound. She was in so much pain that her face paled.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. This is clearly not the reaction one would get from knocking their knees. It seems like— 

“The other end of the transportation formation is connected to that place. Its suppression is naturally much stronger than other transportation formations.” Elder Lin Mo hurried over and helped that woman up. “Even people like us—who have stepped into the Apotheosis Realm—feel that it’s hard to handle, let alone you.”

That woman forcefully stood up with Elder Lin Mo’s help.

The other two women seemed to have only forcefully stabilized their figures due to the other two elders’ help. But judging from their expressions, they clearly looked like they were uncomfortable.

“When we’re on the road, you must remember to look after each other. Master and the elders will also help you,” said Elder Lin Mo comfortingly.

The few women then felt more assured, but they still looked shocked.

Lin Zhifei looked at Chu Liuyue and slightly knitted his brows.

Chu Liuyue didn’t notice this as she pulled Dugu Mobao over. But the moment she stood on the transportation formation, she felt an intense suppression coming from all sides!


Chu Liuyue’s alarm in her heart rang loudly! My true cultivation level is only that of a beginner stage-seven warrior. How can I handle this? But right now, I can’t openly get Ancestor’s help or even Dugu Mobao’s help! 

Just as she was very nervous, the Cosmic Ring on her hand suddenly vibrated slightly. An extremely small wave was then sent out!


That unknown suppression suddenly dissipated, and the burden on Chu Liuyue seemed to instantly disappear at that moment!

Chu Liuyue looked down and glanced at the Cosmic Ring on her hand in shock. There is nothing amiss. Other than me, it seems like nobody noticed this minute change. 

She pressed her lips against each other tightly. This Cosmic Ring belongs to Rong Xiu, but it doesn’t seem like an ordinary Cosmic Ring. This transportation formation’s reaction… 

“Ms. Dugu, are you okay?” asked Lin Zhifei suddenly.

Chu Liuyue looked up and smiled. “I’m fine. Fourth Young Master, you don’t have to worry.”

Then, she looked at Dugu Mobao beside her. “Big Baby, how are you?”

Dugu Mobao originally didn’t want to talk, but seeing her concerned expression, he still spat out two words. “I’m fine.”

What is this girl thinking? I’ve already formed my Holy Body, so the transportation formation naturally won’t pose much threat to me. Yet, she still asked… Dugu Mobao helplessly shook his head. She didn’t let me feel assured at all. 

When they were talking, the two of them had already reached the rest.

At this point, Chu Liuyue then realized that they were looking at her and Dugu Mobao with a strange gaze.

“…What’s wrong?” asked Chu Liuyue curiously.

“Are you… really okay?” Shock flashed across Lin Tianfeng’s eyes. It’s okay for Dugu Yue. After all, she has to be strong if she could barge in from outside the God Residence Realm. But this child… Why does he seem so unaffected?

Chu Liuyue roughly guessed their thoughts, but she didn’t express much.

Lin Zhifei touched his palm and smiled slightly. “Good that you’re fine. Father, let’s go.”

Lin Tianfeng nodded as he suppressed his inner doubts and gathered his force!

Very quickly, a bright pattern appeared above his head—it was the Lin family’s totem!


The transportation formation seemed to be urged by some force as it gradually spun!

At the same time, miles away.

The islands floated quietly.

The rich Heaven and Earth Force formed white clouds, which floated around lightly.

A deep, blue ocean was beneath, and it flickered under the sunlight.

At first glance, it looked like paradise.

A few guards stood guard next to a transportation formation on one of the islands.

Suddenly, the transportation formation moved strangely!

One of the guards widened their eyes slightly. “W-why does this seem like His Grace’s aura…”

“What nonsense are you saying? His Highness’s birthday banquet is about to start, and everyone from the clans is already here. It’s very crowded on the main island. Why would His Highness be here?” retorted another guard by the side immediately.


“No more buts.. I heard that the person from Fairy Water Mound is also here. The position of princess consort should belong to her, right?”

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