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Chapter 1052: Number One Beauty

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Dugu Mobao’s eyes flickered. “It’s just a coincidence.”

“Really?” Chu Liuyue questioned in suspicion.

“Back then, you set yourself on fire and committed suicide. Your physical body was already completely ruined, leaving only your soul behind. You only managed to be reborn in this body by force. What has all of this got to do with the soul-sucking pill?” said Dugu Mobao nonchalantly.

“That’s true… but—” Chu Liuyue nodded thoughtfully. But I still feel that this matter is amiss. After I was reborn, I had even specifically asked for the date—that day was indeed coincidentally a year after I died. If one says that it’s a coincidence… could there really be no other meaning? 

“Let’s send him back first. If not, there might be unnecessary trouble,” urged Dugu Mobao silently.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Dugu Mobao. I wonder if he doesn’t want to talk to me about this or whether he genuinely has no interest in it. 

However, she didn’t ask in detail.

Perhaps… I really am overthinking it? She nodded and collected her thoughts as she pulled Lu Yi up. “Let’s go!”

The night silently passed on just like that.

The next morning, Chu Liuyue brought Dugu Mobao to the Lin family.

Upon seeing the duo’s arrival, the guard bowed from far away and smiled warmly. “Ms. Dugu, you’re here! Master and Fourth Young Master are both waiting for you!”

Seeing the guard’s reaction, Chu Liuyue understood that the news of Lin Zhifei’s body recovering had already spread around.

As expected, not long after she walked in, she saw Lin Tianfeng—who had heard the news and specifically came out to welcome her.

When Lin Tianfeng saw Chu Liuyue, his face immediately broke out into a smile. “Ms. Dugu!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and went forward. “Master Lin, I’m not late, am I?”

“Not at all! Not at all!” Lin Tianfeng’s face was filled with smiles. “Hurry up and go in! Zhifei is currently packing his things inside, so he didn’t come out. Ms. Dugu, don’t blame him!”

“Why would I?” Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly. Even though I’ve long known that Lin Tianfeng is biased toward his son, I didn’t expect it would be to this extent. I haven’t even treated Lin Zhifei completely, yet Lin Tianfeng’s attitude toward me is much better than before. If Lin Zhifei really recovers fully… I don’t even know how he would thank me. 

While Chu Liuyue walked in with Lin Tianfeng, she asked, “May I know if Fourth Young Master is feeling better today?”

“He’s much better! Much better!” Lin Tianfeng hurriedly nodded, his eyes filled with unconcealable comfort and emotions.

“Ms. Dugu, you’re indeed amazing! It’s all thanks to you this time!”

Lin Tianfeng originally wanted to check on his son’s condition the night before, but the pageboy had said that he was resting. Thus, he didn’t disturb him.

When he saw Lin Zhifei this morning, he immediately felt that the latter was different!

Lin Zhifei’s health did take a turn for the better!

This finally calmed his uneasy heart.

When he saw Chu Liuyue again, his emotions were naturally different.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “It’s mainly because Fourth Young Master’s core is good, and his circulation is better.”

“No matter what, I must thank you properly, Ms. Dugu!” said Lin Tianfeng emotionally.

As he talked, the two of them had already arrived at Lin Zhifei’s residence.

The pageboy welcomed them at the door.

The moment Chu Liuyue walked in, she saw Lin Zhifei.

Today, he was wearing a bamboo-green robe with a jade belt around his waist. It was clearly extremely minimalist clothing, but the robe had a clear aura to it.

His usually pale face was tainted with a slight bit of blood color. Together with his eyes that seemed brighter, his entire person looked much more different than before.

Without the weird pearl’s existence and with his internal conflict resolved, he naturally got better faster.

Seeing his appearance, Chu Liuyue was also secretly shocked. I can only say that Lin Zhifei’s recovery ability is much much stronger than I had expected. Without those restrictions, this person’s future will definitely be bright. It’s no wonder Lin Tianfeng is so happy today. This should be the scene he has most wanted to see for the past few decades, right?

“It seems like you’re indeed better, Fourth Young Master.” Chu Liuyue smiled and went forward.

The distance and coldness in Lin Zhifei’s eyes subsided greatly. “It’s all thanks to you, Ms. Dugu. Out of all these years, I slept most peacefully last night. May I know… if Ms. Dugu slept well?”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled, and she smiled with slightly deeper meaning. “Thank you for your concern, Fourth Young Master. Big Baby and I slept very well.”

Lin Zhifei nodded. “That’s good.”

Then, Chu Liuyue took the chance to take his pulse and said, “Fourth Young Master, your health has been deteriorating for the past few years. If you want to recover completely, you still need to recuperate for a period of time.”

Lin Zhifei smiled and said, “I’ve already survived so many years. There’s nothing I can’t wait for.”

Hearing the duo’s conversation and confirming that Lin Zhifei’s health did have a chance of fully recovering, Lin Tianfeng turned his head to the side slightly and took a deep breath in to suppress the tears in his eyes.

“Master, Fourth Young Master, everyone is waiting in the living room,” reported the pageboy as he came forward.

“It’s time to go!” Then, Lin Tianfeng turned around, smiled, and urged the two of them.

“Look at me, I actually forgot about this! Zhifei, Ms. Dugu, let’s go!”

The few of them went to the living room. When they reached, a group of people was indeed gathered there.

Chu Liuyue quickly surveyed her surroundings.

The three elders had an experienced aura, and they were clearly the elders the Lin family had chosen to go on this trip with them.

Beside them were three young girls. At first glance, they were all beautiful with good figures. Furthermore, these three people’s auras weren’t weak.

They were clearly beauties that had been meticulously chosen, and they were superior in all aspects.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze suddenly turned a little strange. I think these three must be the candidates Grotto-Heaven Cliff has chosen to participate in His Grace’s consort-picking contest. 

Seeing Lin Tianfeng and the rest arrive, the people in the living room immediately looked up and bowed in unison. “Greetings, Master.”

Lin Tianfeng raised his hand and smiled brightly. “We’re about to set off. We don’t have to care about these formalities.”

When they saw that he was so happy, the few of them exchanged glances and later looked at Lin Zhifei, who followed him in. With that, they all understood why.

One of the elders laughed out loud and inquired, “Master, you’re so happy. It seems like Fourth Young Master’s body is recovering?”

“It’s all thanks to Ms. Dugu!” said Lin Tianfeng heartily with a smile.

Hearing his affirmative response, the crowd in the room instantly turned around to look at Chu Liuyue together. This woman seems ordinary, and we’ve heard that she came from outside the God Residence Realm. Could she really be that amazing? 

However, Chu Liuyue seemed to be in a daze.

Lin Zhifei gently called her. “Ms. Dugu? Ms. Dugu, what are you thinking about?”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and then noticed that the crowd was looking at her. Her lips curled up into a smile. “Nothing much.. I was just thinking that these few ladies are indeed very pretty. If His Grace sees them, he’ll definitely like them, right?”

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