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Pan Jia world, a large white halo hung in the sky. From that hundred-mile-wide halo, countless Jia Clan warriors armed with heavy armors and long spears trod on metal plates and descended.

Purely metal, beautifully glowing, enormous warships flew out of the halo. Countless dark-kind warriors with light armors, and non-humankind slaves with half-body leather armors stood on these warships, with their eyes fixed on Pan Jia world, this world of water.

Metal warships steadily landed on the water surface, and following the dark-kind warriors’ growls, those odd-looking non-humankind warriors immediately began working. Water-tank-thick metal chains were thrown out from both sides of each warship, as magic formations shone dazzlingly on the countless ships. Those thick metal chains accurately flew into those magic formations, causing loud series of clangs.

Exquisitely designed locks secured those chains tight, connected those metal warships, and quickly formed a metal great wall.

Four-thousand metal warships formed a square, and after all the warships were connected, a tens of miles square floating fort slowly descended from the halo.

One fort, two forts, three forts...

Not long after, whole thirty-six metal floating forts descended from the sky and landed on the surface of the water. They raised great waves and caused muffled, thunder-like booms.

Dishi Yanmo, who was in charge of this new-world-conquering mission from Dishi Family, stood on the tallest watchtower of a floating fort. He frowned, looked around and said, "A pure…water world... Hmm, simple, but the risk is lower than those complicated large worlds, by at least three-hundred percent."

Flicking his finger in the sky, a large sphere of pure water power quickly gathered on his finger, soon condensing into a polyhedral crystal piece.

Dishi Yanmo put this bean-sized crystal piece under his nose and sniffed, instantly showing a wild joy on his face, "Without any impurity, the water power in this world is perfectly pure…Great Blood Moon, not even a grain of dust exists in the air. Such a pure world, if any water crystal mine exists…"

Large chains roared out from each edge of the floating fort, reaching to the fort next to it

These forts were connected to each other, then to the surrounding warships, and soon, thirty-six floating forts and four-thousand metal warships formed a tremendous, square-shaped, metal frame.

Xiu Clan masters walked out from those forts and threw out numerous metal balls, which were thickly covered in complicated spell symbols. These metal balls expanded swiftly along with a sharp metal clashing noise, quickly transforming into three-hundred meters wide square metal boards, loudly clanging against each other while falling down from the sky.

Shackles existed under each metal board, interlocking tightly and allowing them to match together perfectly. As these metal boards landed on the water surface, the space between those floating forts and metal warships turned into ground paved by metal boards, after which, countless dark-kind and non-humankind warriors and slaves hurriedly walked out and began building barracks.

All barracks were prepared with magic, and in no time, lines of metal barracks landed on the ground. Thus, a great metal fort stood on the vast water surface of Pan Jia world in merely a couple of hours.

Looking down from the sky, this thousand miles long metal fort glowed brightly in this dim world, especially those erect eyes floating upon every divine tower in those floating forts. Occasionally, a blood-red stream of light would flash across the sky, bright enough to lighten up the area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles.

Large troops of Jia Clan warriors led great numbers of dark-kind and non-humankind warriors and slaves, trod on metal plates and flew in all directions. They growled at each other, continually reporting their discoveries.

Water, water, water, boundless water. The frontal troop had already reached over ten-thousand miles away, but still, they saw nothing but water. Not even a single leaf was found floating on the water.

Around ten-thousand miles away from where Dishi Family people landed, Ao Li stood on an iceberg he created with magic. He narrowed his eyes while looking at the blue-cyan ice mirror, that was decorated with nine dragon embossments, in front of him.

The surface of the mirror was rippling like water, through which, Ao Li saw every single move made by those Dishi Family people, including those metal worships that descended from the sky, and the army that built an enormous metal fort on the water.

Tens of ten meters tall dragon warrior commanders, who were with human bodies and dragon heads, stood behind Ao Li. They were wearing heavy armors and blood-red cloaks, having their arms crossed before their chests. Their large dragon heads were slightly raised, letting streams of warm steam puff out of their nostrils. They looked proud, as if they were the most powerful beings in the whole universe, and no one was worth for them to even take a short glance at.

For countless years, every time when powerful beings among the dragon-kind came out for a mission in large groups, they all looked like this.

Especially the two dragon-kind members that stood on both sides of Ao Li, they were the tallest and sturdiest ones among them all, and the power vibration released from them was especially strong and prehistorical. Their scales were mottled, vaguely showing the long years that they had lived through. Their dragon horns were dagger-sharp; apparently, those horns were sharpened by countless times of fighting and killing.

Dragon warriors stood around the two of them looked especially proud as well, but when their eyes occasionally landed on these two especially strong ones, their pupils would sightly shrink. Traces of respect, and even fear, would subconsciously show on the faces of those proud dragons as well.

These were two prehistorical dragons. Among the dragon-kind, they had special titles as dragon kings, and their positions were only slightly lower than the dragon emperor. Not to mention their magic powers, in mere terms of physical strength, these two dragon kings, who had the titles of Corpse Mountain Dragon King and Blood Sea Dragon King, could rival human Supreme Magi.

Corpse Mountain Dragon King and Blood Sea Dragon King were brothers. Their titles came from the countless living beings they had slaughtered during the past years.

"Kid, I can strangle all these chickens to death myself. What are you waiting for?" A while later, Corpse Mountain Dragon King abruptly began talking.

"Hmm, your Grandpa Corpse Mountain can strangle all of them to death, alone, but I can do that with only one hand!" Blood Sea Dragon King laughed proudly, "Only one of these non-humankind beings is powerful, hehe. He seems to be an old friend of ours, doesn’t he?"

Ao Li held his hands behind, showing his teeth while looking at that mirror, and responded, "Grandpas, be patient. You will get your chance to kill. I am just waiting for them to spread their military forces all out, then we will destroy their portals and leave them no way to run."

Corpse Mountain Dragon King and Blood Sea Dragon King both had their eyes shining as they said, "Kill every last one of them, such things, we like!"

All dragon warrior leaders curved their mouth corners upwards. They were so arrogant that they had been seeing that Yu Clan army as a group of vulnerable chickens and dogs.

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