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Ao Li raised the long spear in his hands, and following him, nearly a hundred dragon warrior commanders standing behind him roared resonantly.

Whole ten thousand pure-blood dragon warriors transformed into their original shapes of hundreds of meters long dragons, rising into the sky as they wielded their sharp claws towards the vast water. Silently, thousands of meters tall waves were raised within a blink of an eye.

Ten-thousand flood dragon warriors, who were over six meters tall, were wearing heavy armors and had sharp blades held in their hands. Mounted on armed see horses, they were treading on those waves while roaring thunderously. The strong dragon power was released from these flood dragon warriors, condensing into large watery clouds, puffing up into the air. These transformed into a thousands of meters wide, dark cloud, drifting in the sky.

Thin bolts of lightning emerged from the dark cloud, while blade-sharp gusts of wind were blowing out from it. Muffled thunders could be heard without an end. Meanwhile, black gusts of wind screamed ear-piercingly, and thunder-like warrior roars came out from the deep ocean of Pan Jia world, in a chorus.

Square formations popped out from the water one after another, each with ten-thousand warriors. Shrimp warriors, shark warriors, whale warriors, turtles, electric eels…All kinds of odd shaped water-kind spirit creatures rushed up to those enormous waves and lined up orderly while releasing dense, watery mist.

God knew how many warriors did Ao Li bring to Pan Jia world. All these warriors were under his direct command, and countless ten-thousand-warrior square formations lined perfectly on the waves. The edge of this great army was indiscernible.

This was a regular water-kind army under the command of the dragon-kind. With the dragon-kind's wealth, the armors and weapons used by these warriors were all top-grade. Those aquatic warriors defeated by Ji Hao, Yao Meng, and other human earls back in Pan Gu world couldn’t be compared with these water-kind warriors brought by Ao Li.

The dragon-kind was extraordinarily wealthy, and had an unimaginably great hidden power. Back in the ancient heaven, powerful ancient divine dragons used to hold important positions. After the heaven fell, those greedy dragons had gotten quite a lot of treasures out of the heaven.

At the moment, lined up in front of the water-kind army were a whole three-thousand thunder chariots. These chariots used to be driven by Gods from the department of thunder of the ancient heaven. Every single chariot was surrounded by dazzling thunderbolts, as it was condensed from pure thunder power.

Each chariot was around three-hundred meters in size, with three layers of countless milestone-sized thunder spell symbols sparkling on it, releasing bowl-sized thunderbolts. The sizzling noise vibrated the world. Following an ear-piercing noise, a bolt of thunder would occasionally fall on the water surface, and thunderbolts would immediately spread out swiftly through the water. Within the area of tens of miles, a giant quantity of water would be evaporated.

"Kill!" Ao Li roared, rushing to a thunder chariot while wielding his long spear.

The three-thousand thunder chariots tore the space apart and showed up directly in front of those patrolling Jia Clan warriors who trod on metal plates. A bright stream of light was left in the sky.

Following a roar of Ao Li, tens of cold beams of light were raised by that long spear in his hands, while over ten heavily armored Jia Clan warriors howled in pain, and had their chests penetrated by it. Countless bolts of thunder burst from that spear and destroyed the strong life-force of these Jia Clan warriors within a single moment, then tore their bodies into pieces, which then fell into the water.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Nearly a hundred dragon warrior commanders each stood on a thunder chariot, wielding their divine weapons, which had been creating dreadfully great power vibrations. They were madly launching attacks, with blood-red, glowing pairs of eyes.

In this area, over a thousand Jia Clan warriors and tens of thousands of dark-kind and non-humankind slave warriors had completely no power of resistance. They were being chopped into pieces by these violent dragons as easily as chopping melons.

Tens of thousands of meters tall waves crushed down towards the metal fort of the non-humankind, which had just been built upon the water surface. Under the control of these water-kind warriors, the crystal clear waves had turned black, looking like enormous mountains. In the metal fort, countless Jia Clan warriors leaped into the sky, while tens of thousands of different sized Blood Moon divine towers suddenly started glowing.

Buzz! The erect blood-red eyes floating upon all those divine towers opened simultaneously, releasing dense blood-red light streams with varied width, from three meters to the size of a mountain. Those blood-red lights dazzled out and struck into those roaring waves.

The blood-red streams exploded and split those waves up, also destroying those ten-thousand-warrior square formations on top of those waves. Among those water-kind warriors, the strongest ones could rival Senior Magi, while the weakest ones were just the same as ordinary human beings. None of these aquatic creatures could ever survive that blood-red light.

However, Ao Li and his people hadn’t been expecting these weak aquatic creatures under their commands to do much.

Thousands of water spheres popped out from a distance away, within which, water streams surged, and a bloody scent spread out. Meanwhile, long shrill howls reached straight into the sky. An overwhelming pressure, which belonged to prehistorical monsters, crushed down in all directions.

One, two, three…A hundred, a thousand, ten thousand…

Ten-thousand octopuses that were over ninety-thousand-meter-long reached their enormous bodies out from underwater. They opened their mouthparts, and each took a long and deep breath. Then, the blood and broken body pieces of those killed aquatic warriors rose into the sky and flew into their mouths.

After these octopuses with terrifying power vibrations swallowed so many bodies and spirit blood, from the middle of their bodies, an odd-shaped, translucent tentacle slowly moved, reaching out of the water.

Along with a long-lasting, ear-piercing swishing noise, fifteen meters wide transparent eggs were released from the middle tentacle of each giant octopus. In the air, these eggs quickly hatched while they were still flying, and next, countless hundreds of meters long little octopuses with the power vibrations as great as peak-level Senior Magi rushed into the army of the non-humankind while screaming.

Those long tentacles slapped and coiled, as hundreds of thousands of little octopuses started an intense fight against those non-humankind warriors.

From behind, a streak of fiery light flashed over. That was Feng Qinxin, as she stood on the back of a seven-colored phoenix, screaming to Ao Li, "Ao Li, that kid Ji Hao sent a message. Human beings are suffering a massive flood, and many water-kind creatures have been causing trouble all over the world. Do you think we should help them?"

Hearing Feng Qinxin, Ao Li pierced his long spear into the chest of a weak non-humankind slave, then swung his arm aside and beheaded a dark-kind salve warrior. Next, he slightly paused and shouted ‘kill’, leading his army marching to the non-humankind army.

Feng Qinxin curved her pinky limps downwards, then narrowed her eyes and smiled coldly as she murmured, "Hmm, I knew it…Alright, our dear Earl Yao Ji Hao, you shall pray for yourself. The human-kind is suffering a disaster…Hehe, asking our phoenix-kind and dragon-kind for help without paying a great price, who would save them for nothing?"

"Let’s go. Keep looking around. I don’t believe that no useful resources can be found in this world but water!" Dishi Yanmo stood on the tallest watchtower, carelessly crumbling a blood-red crystal in his hand.

"Take the expeditionary force and return to Pan Gu world to prepare for war? What a joke! I worked so hard for this opportunity. I have such a great elite force under my command now…Dishi Yanluo, my dear brother, how can I ever give this great army back to you?"

Turning around, Dishi Yanmo looked at a non-humankind salve kneeling on the ground and said blandly, "Send the message back. We’re attacked by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind. The fight is intense and we…have no chance to retreat."

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