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Back in Liang Zhu City, in the government hall which was still under re-construction, countless warriors were armed to the teeth, surrounding a round-shaped, secret chamber.

Compared to the other halls, this hundreds of meters wide secret chamber could even be counted as tiny. A round-shaped, metal table was placed in the middle of the chamber, with twelve exquisitely crafted, large armchairs standing around it. Yemo Luoye and the other eleven emperors in power sat on those armchairs with gloomy faces, without saying a word.

A long while later, Fan Hai, who was wrapped in strong death power, abruptly began talking. His high-pitched voice sounded like a sharp steel pricker, fiercely breaking the quiet in the chamber.

"Supreme weapon, that power was definitely from a supreme weapon. Moreover, it’s at an even higher level than Blood Killing from the Blood Moon, the one we used to own. Blood Killing was only at the level of ‘Doom’, and it was antique."

"But this one, is it at the level of ‘Immortality’? Or ‘Eternity’?"

Speaking the word ‘Immortality’, Fan Hai subconsciously curled his body up, with the word ‘Eternity’, he even started trembling. The green flame burning in his eyes shrunk into a needlepoint. It was not hard to tell how nervous, and even frightened he was.

Dishi Yanluo suddenly threw a punch at the round metal table in front of him.

Dong! Large numbers of spell symbols burst from the table, sparkling with a bright fiery light. Dishi Yanluo had put forth all of his strength for this punch. Despite all those spell symbols thickly covering the table, he still managed to put a three-inch deep, fist-shaped dent on it.

"What’re you talking about? Are you joking? Immortal-level supreme weapon, how much would it cost? How many worlds would be drained, and how much manpower and material resources would be consumed to produce one Immortal-level supreme weapon?"

"As for an Eternal-level supreme weapon, haha… haha… Which one of you have ever seen one with your own eyes? That’s a legend! My dear brothers and…sister…that’s only a legend, you know? Back in our hometown, which great force could still have enough resources to allow them to afford an eternal-level supreme weapon?"

Once again, the secret chamber felt into a deathly silence.

Another while later, an emperor in power, who looked like a hazy shadow, murmured with a deep voice, "People, in this primitive and barbaric world, we are dominators from Yu Dynasty. We are standing high above the masses, and our civilization is way more developed than those lowly ignorant barbarians."

"We built magnificent cities and beautiful castles… We are high up above, enjoying our lives. We appreciate art, we throw all kinds of high-class parties, and we do whatever we want to enjoy our long and elegant lives…like real nobles!"

"However, we shall never forget our true origin."

This emperor in power lowered his voice, his tone filled with an indescribable mysteriousness as he continued, "In this world, we can get whatever we want. We have the greatest powers, we control countless lives, and their honors and disgraces."

"But we have to remember the place we came from, the place where our ancestors lived. Our families, our forefathers, they were just bottom-level beings in that strong, dreadful, strict and merciless world, that great world."

"Our ancestors were a group of impoverished aristocrats, homeless cultivators on the tramp, even exiled prisoners and prisoners awaiting execution, low-grade artists, or lowly prostitutes…Those people came to this untouched realm with the last glimmer of hope, and luckily, they found Pan Gu world!"

"Primitive, wild Pan Gu world, with countless resources, slaves, and, faintly visible three-thousand worlds surrounding this world. By exploiting resources of this world and enslaving people in this world, our ancestors built a base in Pan Gu world, gradually reaching to the surrounding three-thousand worlds and attaining the great powers and wealth that they dared not to imagine before."

"Even our hometown began to rise and develop again, gradually attaining greater powers and strengths, because of those resources sent back by the lucky ones in Pan Gu world."

"However, we have to know that beyond us are the true powerful families, true eternal beings. They’re the dominators of that powerful and dreadful world. Facing them, we’re nothing but trembling bugs."

"Before they notice us, we can still have what we have in Pan Gu world, all to ourselves. But after they fix their eyes on us, what will happen to us? Can we truly ensure our own safety by lying and concealing?"

"Don’t guess their intentions and purposes with our narrow ranges of knowledge."

"Don’t try to measure their capabilities with our ignorance."

"Don’t even think about reaching their omnipotence with our stupidity."

Yemo Luoye finally couldn’t bear listening all these. She gnashed her teeth and squeezed out a few words, "Lord Jialou Min, what on earth are you trying to say?" Jialou Min was the emperor in power of the Mirage Moon. At the moment, his figure turned hazier and hazier, while he continued with that deep and scary voice, "That power, we all sensed it, cruel and terrifying, destructive, devouring. The power of the Dark Sun, we can all sense it… That’s the power of the Dark Sun."

Dishi Yanluo stood up, supported his own body with his pair of fists pressed against the metal table. He looked at Jialou Min and said with a deep voice, "Jia Lou, my brother, are you saying that this woman, Yemo Luoye, has betrayed us?"

Yemo Luoye immediately stood up and growled harshly, "Are you trying to start a war between the twelve families of ours? Don’t forget the holy oath of alliance our ancestors made when they found Pan Gu world…I will never betray it!"

Dishi Yanluo licked his own lips, then gave a greedy glance at Yemo Luoye’s beautiful face, and said, "Betray or not, you can’t just say it. Hmm, I have a suggestion, that Yemo Luo has to cooperate with us for examination, and during this period, she should be under the supervision of someone reliable!"

Fan Hai laughed with an especially cold and creepy voice, "You’re not suggesting that you’re the reliable person, are you? Oh, come on!"

"Enough!" said a strong, deep voice, "We are facing a crisis, don’t think about those unimportant things."

An extra tall and sturdy, red-colored figure stood up, heavily patted on the metal table and said, "I, Piji Nu, believe that Yemo Luoye would never do stupid things like that. We have to combine our powers and fight against this crisis together!"

Piji Nu clapped his hands, then said loudly, "With the name of Red Moon, I suggest, we call back all our armies in the twelve new worlds, and prepare for the war with all our powers. I hope that the twelve of us can know that only we are our true allies."

Yemo Luoye raised her right hand the first and responded, "I agree."

Dishi Yanluo looked at Piji Nu in a slight fear, then slowly raised his right hand, "I agree…Piji Nu, for your sake!"

Fan Hai and Jialou Min glanced at each other, then these two dark and cold ones raised their right hands together.

Soon, the other emperors all raised their rights hands, one after another.

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