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"Ha! Ji Hao, you’re okay! Good!"

Si Wen Ming was locked by the power of the dark swirl created by the few Yu Clan people, but on seeing Ji Hao flying out from the whirlpool, he laughed out loud happily.

Ji Hao stood on the large cauldron, and was surprised by the weakness of those aquatic creatures. Even some relatively stronger, enormously shaped aquatic creatures were turned into withered skeletons when the black mist rolled across.

Hearing Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao showed his figure from the dark mist and laughed proudly, "I’m alright, alright. Not only okay, I’ve also captured White Dragon River God alive, and got a few treasures from him!"

A three-hundred-meter long crocodile struggled and roared in the black mist. He was large in shape, with iron-hard skin and great strength. With these, he attempted to free himself from the black mist released from the dark soul cauldron. However, the black mist wrapped him up and quickly rotated. Meanwhile, a black light spot began sparkling between the crocodile’s eyes. In the next moment, it paused suddenly, then all his spirit blood spurt out from his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, along with his soul, and soon was absorbed by the cauldron.

"White Dragon River God? Good for you!"

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock. He finally figured out why did the dark soul cauldron devour such a large water-kind army, with quite a lot of powerful warriors in it, so quickly and easily. It turned out that White Dragon River God harbored a malicious intent towards his warriors since long ago. He had been seeing the spirit blood and souls of these aquatic warriors as the ‘food’ of the dark soul cauldron all this time. He planned to extract the souls of these aquatic warriors already, as the materials for his dark killing flags.

Therefore, the river God left a magic seal in the body of each aquatic warrior under his command, including those Divine-Magus-level ones, Magus-King-level ones, or those weak ones who had just gained a slight little bit of power, and still had shells or scales on their backs, unable to even transform into human shapes.

With the river God’s power, this was surely easy. After all, not a single warrior would go against their biggest leader!

Nevertheless, Ji Hao harvested the result delivered by all the preparation done by the river God. Yemo Tian’s dark devouring sword had devoured less than a hundred thousand aquatic warriors, while the rest hundreds of millions of aquatic warriors were all swallowed up by the dark soul cauldron under Ji Hao’s control.

Just now, the evil ghosts released from the cauldron by Ji Hao seemed to be hazy and translucent. But after devouring so many souls and spirit blood, the figures of those evil ghosts turned much clearer, and their bodies now looked even like real fleshy bodies.

Si Wen Ming clapped his hands while laughing out wildly, "Good, good treasure! Is this the treasure you got from White Dragon River God? Looks a bit like one of those pieces made by Maguspriests from the Dao of ghost."

Maguspriests from the Dao of ghost, they specialized in the study of ghosts, human souls and all kinds of mysterious creatures. When they come near oneself, one would feel nothing but a frigid gust of wind, and when they would leave, one would see nothing but a stream of dark mist. The dense dark mist released from the cauldron looked indeed quite similar to the magics of those ghost Dao Maguspriests.

Ji Hao laughed loudly, then flicked his hands and sent out the one hundred and sixty-nine dark killing flags made by White Dragon River God. Each flag was hundreds of meters squared in area and purely dark, floating above the dark soul cauldron and absorbing those twisted, screaming souls releasing from the cauldron at a stunning rate.

Strong black mist puffed out of the cauldron. Within the mist, those enormous black flags fluttered in the air. Ji Hao stood on the cauldron within the black mist, looking a bit like a thousand-year-old evil Magus who had just come out of his isolation.

The dark soul cauldron slowly flew towards Yemo Tian. Ji Hao stared at Yemo Tian and said coldly, "Dark Sun? The sword of yours seems to be not bad!"

Yemo Tian put the sword back into the sheath and stared at Ji Hao with a gloomy look, seeming to be quite unhappy. Tens of millions of aquatic warriors, if his dark devouring sword could devour all of their spirit blood and souls, he believed that he would be able to break into a higher level.

Back in Liang Zhu City, the base of the non-humankind in Pan Gu world, Yemo Luoye had been guarding against him as if he were a thief. He had this supreme weapon, but he dared not to use it. He clearly understood that Yemo Luoye was highly vigilant against him. If he dared to do anything inappropriate in Liang Zhu City, Yemo Luoye would never, ever show any mercy to him, even for their blood relationship.

This time, tens of millions of aquatic creatures were right in front of him. This was a banquet, but Ji Hao ruined it. The dark soul cauldron was incredibly powerful, that it actually drained so many aquatic warriors within a single second.

Yemo Tian angrily stared at Ji Hao, gnashed his teeth, laughed coldly and said, "Ji Hao? I’ve heard about you! Earl Yao Ji Hao, a human being, hehe, do you remember those prisoners you purchased from Black Shark Castle? That money is all in my pocket now. I should thank you for it."

Ji Hao looked at Yemo Tian as if he was suddenly enlightened, then said, "Ah, so you’re the supporter of that prison manager? I assume that you’re an especially noble and powerful being. Otherwise, who dares to sell prisoners in such a big way?"

Yemo Shan kept his teeth gnashed. He looked at the hundred and sixty-nine fluttering dark killing flags above Ji Hao’s head, and continued with that dark face of his, "Cut the crap. For the sake of the business we did before, hand out the spirit blood and souls of those water-king things, then I won’t do anything to you today!"

Ji Hao shrugged, laughed relaxedly, and said, "How can you not do anything to me? What can you do to me anyway?"

Yemo Tian slowly pulled his sword back out, raised it and glanced at Si Wen Ming, who was locked by the few Yu Clan warriors, disabled from moving at the moment. He then said coldly, "Just now, I made a mistake. Si Wen Ming merged his body with breathing earth and attained an unbreakable ability, just like the breathing earth itself. I didn’t think of that, so I lost out."

Taking a deep breath, Yemo Tian laughed coldly, "But this time, I won’t be careless again. Thank you for the lesson you taught me. At this stage, I am lacking experience in many aspects. Therefore, I will…be extra careful, extra cautious. I will grow stronger and stronger, until you all kneel under my feet and lick my boots!"

Seeing Yemo Tian raise his black transparent crystal sword, Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns devil-destroying sword.

He smiled and said, "Your sword is not bad. I happen to have a nice sword too. Why don’t we have a contest with them?"

He raised the nine suns devil-destroying sword at an angle. On the sword, nine spell symbols of sun glowed with a dazzling fiery light. Meanwhile, the temperature began raising soaringly.

Yemo Tian laughed out and pointed the sword at Ji Hao. Suddenly, the sword disappeared from his hand and in the following moment, it popped out from behind Ji Hao, released a black beam of sword light while piercing straight towards Ji Hao’s back.

High-pitched ghost screams could be heard without an end. Behind Ji Hao, from a purely dark, blackhole-like dark killing flag that seemed to devour the whole world, a pair of ghost claws reached out and grabbed the dark devour sword.

The sword slightly quaked, then cut the pair of ghost claws into pieces. It then pierced towards Ji Hao’s heart from his back. However, another pair of ghost claws, four ghost claws…Hundreds of ghost claws thrust out from the flag, reaching to the sword while striving to be the first.

The dark devouring sword vibrated intensely, cutting those ghost claws into pieces one after another. But no matter how fast it moved, more and more ghost claws reached out and coiled around it, and the sword could never free itself from those ghost claws.

Ji Hao laughed. These dark killing flags were even harder to deal with than he thought. Good, indeed great treasures!

Yemo Tian’s face turned as dark as ink. Why couldn’t his spirit weapon deal with a small flag of Ji Hao?

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