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An indestructible body created by breathing earth, packed with the earth power... As the creator of the secret meridian-expanding magic of the Magi Palace, Si Wen Ming had an especially strong body. His physical strength was even greater than the strength of an enormous dragon.

As the slap landed on Yemo Tian’s face, supported by the earth power that came from all surrounding mountains, it was as heavy as a thousand mountains. Yemo Tian felt that a thousand mountains had smashed on his face simultaneously.

A black glow emitted from Yemo Tian’s body, within which, an extremely luxurious, exquisite armor, that was complicatedly decorated with rose embossments, emerged on his body. The armor was purely black. It quickly wore itself on Yemo Tian’s body, then a black mask, which was thickly covered in rose embossments as well, fell down from the helmet and shielded Yemo Tian’s entire face.

Si Wen Ming’s slap landed on the mask and generated a thunderous bang. Yemo Tian’s body began spinning swiftly, even sending out waves of arc-shaped fierce airstreams, blowing out in all directions along with shrill noises that left visible traces in the air.

His mask was shattered, and so was his helmet. The strong impact force had also broken his armor into inch-long pieces.

Yemo Tian’s face was hollowed. A half of that beautiful face was smashed, while tens of sparkling teeth with crystal-like luster flew out of his mouth and clanged all over the ground.


A few Yu Clan warriors hurriedly rushed out from the air and held Yemo Tian up as quickly as they could. Yemo Tian was nearly slapped unconscious. He slowly shook his head with his smashed face. From that big hole on his face, saliva was flowing out in streams, mixed with blood.

"Eh, ki-kill him!"

Yemo Tian mumbled, while raising his sword with difficulty and pointing at Si Wen Ming. While he was shaking his head, his erect eye had been opening and closing, within which, a black divine light was faintly visible. It seemed about to burst out many times, but eventually, stayed within that eye.

The few Yu Clan warriors seriously glanced at Si Wen Ming, then each gave a long shout and let out a stream of black divine light from the body. Within the black divine light, the tight dragon scale armors they got from Gong Gong to cover their real identities quickly melted away, being devoured by the black light. Next, they put on extremely luxurious black armors.

As nobles of the Dark Sun, these Yu Clan warriors would surely not fight close combat against Si Wen Ming. They pulled out slim and exquisite staffs, which were decorated with all kinds of complicated patterns, and wielded them while incanting a spell.

Si Wen Ming rushed at Yemo Tian with big steps. He was surprised as well. With the slap he launched just now, he was trying to smash Yemo Tian’s head, but that armor of his seemed to be really good. Over ninety percent of the power of that slap was absorbed by the armor, and eventually, only less than ten percent of the power managed to land on Yemo Tian’s face.

Yemo Tian was injured severely, but his life wasn’t in danger. Si Wen Ming had always been quite hostile towards non-humankind beings. How could he ever bear to let Yemo Tian live? Yemo Tian was clearly with a good family background, not to mention the fact that the dark devouring sword holding in his hands was so dangerous, even to Divine Magi!

Rushing for a few steps, Si Wen Ming stopped abruptly.

A three-hundred meters in radius dark swirl emerged from above his head. Following the spell-incanting voice of those Yu Clan warriors, the black whirl spun swiftly. Visible threads of dim light drifted out from the swirl and coiled around Si Wen Ming’s body, attempting to drag him into the swirl.

Si Wen Ming gave a resonant growl. He stood steadily on the ground, while tens of thousands of mountains in the surroundings buzzed deeply yet strongly, sending great earth power into Si Wen Ming’s body. This connected him with the mountain range he stood on, fending against the devouring power of the dark swirl.

Yemo Tian laughed. Just now, he was nearly slapped to death, but at the moment, he had already caught his breath and cleared his head. He glanced at Si Wen Ming with a bone-deep hatred, then fiercely threw the dark devouring sword towards the eighteen floating mountains above the giant whirlpool in White Dragon River.

"You useless things, offer your blood and souls to great Lord Yemo Tian!"

The sword flashed across the air and transformed into tens of thousands of shreds of shadows, silently flying towards the tens of millions of water-kind warriors on the eighteen floating mountains. Those aquatic creatures didn’t have the time to react at all, before their bodies were penetrated by those dark shadows.

Popping noise could be heard without an end, as the bodies of those aquatic creatures exploded one after another. Their bodies withered momentarily, then exploded, and became puffs of dust. All of their spirit blood and souls were devoured by the sword within a single moment.

On the surface of the sword, a vivid blood-red light was flowing in streams. Following a loud puffing noise, a blood-red mist descended from above Yemo Tian’s head, merging with his body and healing his smashed face within a second.

While chuckling, Yemo Tian slowly stood up. The power vibration released from him grew stronger and stronger as the blood-red mist kept merging with his body. He excitedly clenched his fist and said, "Father is right, as long as I can use this sword right, I will become incomparably strong! The spirit blood and souls of all living beings can transform into my power!"

"With enough time, with enough living beings for me to devour, I will be as strong as my father!"

"Devour, devour, endlessly devour… This is the core of the power of the Dark Sun bloodline. As long as I am brave enough to devour every living being that I don’t like, all they have will become mine!"

"Strength, life-force, sons…Even their fighting skills and experiences… Ah, how wonderful… I feel like I’m capable of anything!"

Yemo Tian yelled passionately. He slightly moved his body, but tends of shreds of afterimages were left in the air by him. Smoothly, he launched a series of punches and kicks, and every move of his was neat, quick, and effective.

By launching the punches and kicks, he even created shrill swishing noises, and faintly visible, white-colored airstreams fiercely sliced the air open, flowing to a long distance away. This practiced fighting skill was obviously not what a noble Yu Clan man could have!

Ji Hao stood on the dark soul cauldron, wrapped in a dense black mist as he dashed out of the giant whirlpool.

When he came out of the water surface, he heard Yemo Tian yelling and saw the dark devouring sword crazily devouring souls and spirit blood of those aquatic warriors. Facing the sword, those aquatic warriors had completely no power of resistance. The sword could even easily penetrate Si Wen Ming’s body, not to mention those relatively weak aquatic warriors.

Ji Hao scanned across Yemo Tian’s body with his spiritual power and sensed the power vibration released from him growing stronger and stronger. Abruptly, Ji Hao laughed out, "Eh? Can such a good thing truly happen? But, I can’t let you do the harvest! Even though they’re a bunch of damned spirit creatures, they’re local living beings of our Pan Gu world. Benefits should always be kept for our own people. This had always been the right way, ever since the beginning of time!"

Pointing at the cauldron, Ji Hao released a large cloud of black mist that wrapped the eighteen floating mountains up.

Compared with the dark devouring sword, the dark soul cauldron could devour souls and spirit blood at a much higher efficiency.

Black mist wrapped those aquatic warriors up and slightly rotated, immediately after which, countless aquatic creatures fell on the ground, screamed and howled. Then, their spirit blood was drained and their souls were pulled out of their bodies. At last, their bodies became dried skeletons and thudded on the ground.

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