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Those ghost claws could be destroyed easily, yet they would grow back out immediately.

Countless ghost claws had been reaching out from the dark killing flag. The dark devouring sword was incredibly sharp, that a quick swing of it could break over a hundred ghost claws. But no matter how many ghost claws were chopped into pieces, a multitude of ghost claws would grow out from the flag, drag the sword, and disable it from moving.

This dark killing flag was the most powerful one among the hundred and sixty-nine made by White Dragon River God. This flag was the highest grade one, and had the evilest ghosts in it. Ji Hao roughly calculated and found that the number of evil ghosts in this flag was at least a billion.

The dark power released from the flag condensed into ghost claws, which were as strong as the bodies of Divine Magi. The dark devouring sword flew out from Yemo Tian’s hands, but it could only break a limited number of ghost claws at one time, and more ghost claws would always grow out after every move of the sword. The sword was even dragged into the flag by countless ghost claws.

Yemo Tian couldn’t bear watching, unable to help but growl ‘impossible’ hysterically. Meanwhile, he had been incanting a spell to control the dark devour sword to devour those ghost claws.

The nature of the power of the Dark Sun was destruction and devouring; it could destroy and devour everything in the world. The more it devoured, the stronger it would become. Like the spirit blood of Yemo Tian, the dark devouring sword could also devour anything to grow its own power. However, these hideous ghost claws moved too quickly, just like phantoms. These ghost claws were clearly tangible, but no matter how hard Yemo Tian tried to boost up the devouring power of the sword, the sword couldn’t absorb anything from those ghost claws.

It was all empty, these powerful ghost claws seemed to not even exist.

Ji Hao was less than thirty-meters away from the dark devouring sword, and clearly heard the sword let out shrill screams. The strong power vibration released from this fierce sword had been dragging Ji Hao’s body forward, even agitating his bloodline.

Even with such a great devouring power, the sword failed to gain anything from those ghost claws, which surprised Ji Hao.

"Is this dark killing flag really so magical? Even my essence sun fire couldn’t suppress those evil ghosts in it. Is there anything in the world that can restrain its power?"

"The dark killing flag is not the magical one, it’s the Liu Ren bottle and dark soul cauldron." said the mysterious man rumblingly, "These two treasures are not easy to find. They’re natural crafted supreme treasure with an extremely negative power. I didn’t think any of those extreme negative treasures could still be found out here."

"Extreme negative treasures?" Ji Hao asked.

"The power of the sun is purely positive. It’s the star of the daytime, the extreme of all positive powers in the world. Its strong, violent, and anyone can see it."

"The extremely negative power is soft and restrained, represented by the Tai Yin star, the extreme of all negative powers in the world. Ordinary people can barely see it."

Ji Hao was shocked by the mysterious man’s words, "Tai Yin star? I have never heard of a star with that name." said Ji Hao.

The mysterious man remained silent for a while, smiled and said, "How can Tai Yin star not exist? The extremely negative power and the extremely positive power, how can any of them be missing?"

"As I said just now, the extremely negative power is too soft and restrained, and the Tai Yin star has been hiding deep in the starry void. Not everyone can see it."

"Besides, a very long time ago, the Tai Yin star was taken by someone for private use. That someone sealed an area of the starry void and healed his injuries with the Tai Yin star. Therefore, hehe…By now, no human Divine Magus can ever take the Tai Yin star as his or her spirit star."

Pausing briefly, the mysterious man sighed and said, "Just like the power of those dark killing flags, the power of the Tai Yin star is invisible and unpredictable. If a Divine Magus can take the Tai Yin star as a spirit star, not to mention the other magical effects, only for hiding and assassinating, this Divine Magus could become the top-ranked one in the whole world."

Ji Hao pause for a second and roughly imagined what the mysterious man described. He couldn’t help but have his scalp numbed.

"So, the Tai Yin star is hidden by someone." murmured Ji Hao, while his fine hair stood straight up. Who could achieve such an unimaginable thing as hiding the Tai Yin star and sealing an area of the starry void, only to heal himself?

The dark devouring sword quaked quickly along with Yemo Tian’s voice, releasing a dreadful devouring power, trying to devour those ghost claws. But as the mysterious man said, the extremely negative power was too unpredictable. Those ghost claws were wrapped around the sword, yet the sword couldn’t absorb any power from them, no matter what.

To the dark devouring sword, these ghost claws were like reflections in the water, so clear yet could never be reached. The sword failed to absorb any power from those ghost claws, so how could it ever destroy those ghost claws and get away safely?

Countless ghost claws grabbed the sword tightly, dragging it to the dark killing flag. Once the sword was dragged into the flag, it would depend on Ji Hao’s mood if it could come back out or not.

Yemo Tian’s handsome face turned dark and gloomy, staring at Ji Hao as he said slowly, "You have enraged me, you have truly enraged me. Let go of my spirit weapon. Otherwise, I will let you lowly barbarians know what fear is."

Ji Hao stood on the dark soul cauldron, continuously sending waves of evil ghosts to the one hundred and sixty dark killing flags from it. These evil ghosts nourished those flags, and had been improving and completing the powers of those flags.

Hearing Yemo Tian, Ji Hao smiled at him provokingly and said, "If you’re a man, don’t spout too much useless talk. If you’re a real man, talk with your fists! Do you want to teach me about real fear? Come, show me what you got, I’ll fight you with one hand."

Ji Hao held his left hand behind his body while waving his right hand at Yemo Tian. Then, he clenched his fingers and caused a loud popping noise. His five fingers broke the space directly, leaving five short space cracks in the sky.

Such a scary physical strength made Yemo Tian’s eye corners twitch. He even subconsciously took a step backward.

Si Wen Ming, who was locked by the black swirl controlled by the few Yu Clan warriors, glanced at Ji Hao in surprise. He blinked his eyes and clenched his fingers like Ji Hao did. A muffled boom was generated, along with which, a large circle of air blast was generated around Si Wen Ming’s fist. A strong wave of airstream was released, shaking the few Yu Clan warriors and disabling them from standing steadily.

Nevertheless, Si Wen Ming tried his best, but still failed to crack the space directly like Ji Hao.

"Good boy! Unwittingly, the little kid I brought over from Southern Wasteland has grown up even stronger than his uncle Wen Ming!" Si Wen Ming laughed happily, "Good, another strong human being, good, perfect!"

Delightfully looking at Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming then cast a sideway glance at Yemo Tian and said, "Are young men among non-humankind beings all like this? Good-looking boys who can do nothing but talk? Well, this…seems to be a good thing too!"

Yemo Tian had sensitive ears. He heard Si Wen Ming’s murmur clearly, and that made him growl in anger.

He opened his erect eye, and the dark divine light seemed to burst from that eye.

"Zhong!" Ji Hao suddenly burst with a great roar.

A water-tank-sized ghost head silently emerged from behind Yemo Tian, opened its jaws and released a gray stream of mist that sprayed on Yemo Tian’s body.

Yemo Tian screamed out, as his entire body was immediately covered in extremely frigid ice flakes.

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