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"No!" Yao Meng and the others were terrified. They growled while staring at Si Wen Ming, who was stabbed in the heart. Their bodies were frozen, and their minds were blank. They didn’t know what to do or say.

"The bodies of human Divine Magi are strong, right? Hmm, as your cultivations grow better and better, human Divine Magi can even be as strong as, or even stronger than the same level Jia Clan warriors, am I right?"

Yemo Tian put his mouth near Si Wen Ming’s ears and raised his voice on purpose, taunted Si Wen Ming.

"They also told me that a truly powerful peak-level Divine Magi can be weapon-proof, not even fire or water can kill them. They can manipulate dragons in their hands, and can even crumble stars in their hands, a bunch of unbreakable freaks, right?"

Si Wen Ming expressionlessly lowered his head, looking at his own chest, carefully sensing the strange feeling given by the strange warm power released from the sword which had penetrated his chest. The sword penetrated his heart. Therefore, every heartbeat would bring Si Wen Ming an unbearable pain, and this unbearable pain caused Si Wen Ming to gradually begin laughing. This great pain made him feel so alive, so real!

"However, your so-called Divine Magi are a joke under my sword!"

Yemo Tian proudly twisted the sword, cutting Si Wen Ming’s body with the sharp sword edge, causing a slight puffing noise.

"This spirit holy weapon is made by that lascivious, yet noble father of mine. He crafted this weapon himself. For this dark devouring sword, he even destroyed a small world with a nature of darkness and devouring, then used the core as the main material, and made this beautiful and magical sword for me!"

"This sword can destroy everything in the entire universe, it can devour everything. The more souls and blood it absorbs, the stronger it will become." Just like a kid with a new toy, Yemo Tian proudly showed his spirit weapon off.

"Dishi Cha returned from my father’s place and brought me this sword. I’ve been kept in the dark Sun Castle by Yemo Luoye, that bloody woman. She didn’t allow me to come out. Therefore, I haven’t found a nice target for this sword to obtain its first blood!"

‘But today, I found the perfect target! Someone told me you’re Si Wen Ming, who made our noble Yu Clan people shed so much blood in Chi Ban Mountain. You’re him, aren’t you? I assume you’re a hero among human beings, right?""

"To feed my sword with the blood of a hero, I think this is a good sign. We Yu Clan people are quite superstitious actually. Although our powers can conquer all kinds of superstition, deep down, we believe in some mysterious, inexplicable things. What do you think?"

Si Wen Ming chuckled, but didn’t say anything. He narrowed his eyes while enjoying that strange feeling given by his penetrated heart and that long sword inside his body.

"Did you laugh? Can you still laugh?" Yemo Tian’s face turned extremely dark. That handsome face of his twisted as he yelled, "You should be crying, screaming, wailing, begging for mercy! You should kneel down under my feet, lick my boots to beg me to spare your lowly life!"

Yemo Tian shouted with a high-pitched voice, "Those maids I killed, didn’t they all do the same? They cried, screamed, begged me, kneeled under my feet… They did whatever they could to make me happy, to beg me to let them go!"

"Our brave human warriors will never beg a non-humankind being for mercy, even if we are going to die!" Si Wen Ming finally began talking, and his tone was as gentle and calm as always, "Especially under such a situation. Are you sure that you can kill me?"


Yemo Tian screamed. In the next moment, he lost his eyesight. Si Wen Ming violently turned around and let the dark devour sword cut a half of his body open. Meanwhile, he straightened his left elbow and smashed on Yemo Tian’s face.

Bang! Yemo Tian’s dragon scale armor and dragon skin helmet burst with a dazzling light simultaneously.

Gong Gong gave Yemo Tian a top-grade set of armor that belonged to a Northern Wasteland clan, in order to allow him to pretend to be a Northern Wasteland warrior, and to come to this White Dragon River to see what happened. However, facing a full attack launched by Si Wen Ming, this set of armor was too fragile.

Following that thunderous bang, Yemo Tian’s armor and helmet were shattered into tiny bits in an instant. A terrifyingly great force of gravity landed on Yemo Tian’s body. That force of gravity was millions of times greater than the normal gravity of Pan Gu world. Under the effect of that force, Yemo Tian was dragged down like a shooting star, thudding loudly against the ground.

Over ten purely dark, strangely shaped magic talismans exploded on Yemo Tian’s body, and released dense layers of black light that wrapped him up. They protected him from this destructive elbow attack launched by Si Wen Ming.

Lying on the ground, he suffered from a bad dizziness. All defensive magic talismans worn by Yemo Tian were consumed up. He slowly shook, then raised his head, but immediately, he popped out his eyes in a great shock, because he saw Si Wen Ming’s perfect woundless body, and traceless, smooth skin.

"No…How can this be? My dark devouring sword!"

Yemo Tian raised his sword in confusion and said subconsciously, "I sneakily tried it with the few birds raised by Yemo Shanye. With a slight touch, the souls and spirit blood of the few birds were drained by this sword. You shouldn’t be an exception!"

Si Wen Ming patted his woundless left chest, looked at Yemo Tian and smilingly responded, "This means this sword of yours has achieved its first blood already, hasn’t it? It attained its first blood from a bird. In this case, in the future, you can only kill small animals with this sword."

"Nonsense!" Yemo Tian’s look changed immediately. He pointed at Si Wen Ming and barfed, "My spirit holy weapon can only achieve its first blood from a hero! Its power can only be activated by the blood of a true hero! It is you! You, Si Wen Ming! It can’t be wrong!"

Forcibly fighting back the bad dizziness, Yemo Tian leaped up and raised his exquisite long sword. He left a black stream of light in the air while piercing to Si Wen Ming’s heart once again.

Si Wen Ming didn’t dodge, neither did he fend with his own sword. Instead, he let Yemo Tian’s sword penetrate his heart one more time. Meanwhile, he was silently surprised by the sharpness of this sword.

Si Wen Ming was a well-cultivated, talented human being. The nature of his power was earth, which meant his body was much stronger than ordinary Divine Magi. But even with his incredibly strong body, the long sword held in Yemo Tian’s hands could easily pierce into his body. Without a doubt, this sword would become a lethal threat to human warriors.

When the sword pierced into Si Wen Ming’s body, Yemo Tian laughed out wildly. He triggered the devouring power of the sword immediately.

However, the sword failed to devour anything. Si Wen Ming’s body was like a halfway melted maltose. No matter how hard Yemo Tian tried to boost up the power of the sword, Si Wen Ming’s spirit blood and soul remained as a perfect unity with his body, and the sword couldn’t even take a slight little bit of it away.

Yemo Tian refused to believe this. He pulled out the sword, then pierced it into Si Wen Ming’s body once again.

Nothing changed. The sword could hurt Si Wen Ming, but failed to do any harm to him.

Once he pulled the sword out of Si Wen Ming’s body, his body recovered completely.

Faintly smiling, Si Wen Ming said mildly, "This Divine Magus body of mine cost the last portion of breathing earth possessed by my clan. My body merged with the breathing earth, and became a body of breathing earth. Not even a single drop of spirit blood will spill out from this body of mine. How can you possibly devour me?"

Raising his left hand, Si Wen Ming slapped loudly on Yemo Tian’s face.

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