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When Ji Hao beat the river God, the surface of the river quaked intensely. The whole thing raised enormous waves which crazily slapped on the mountains on both sides of the river, causing an earth-splitting, rumbling noise.

Si Wen Ming and the others, who had been resting in the woods by the river, leaped straight up and rushed to the river, looking at the roaring river with a great shock. "What happened?" Si Wen Ming shouted.

The few human warriors who stayed on a mountaintop and had been keeping an eye on the river shook their heads. They saw nothing happen on the eighteen floating mountains. Aquatic warriors on those floating mountains were also startled by the suddenly raised waves. Many of them were woken up from their dreams, and now stood on mountaintops, pointing at the roaring river while shouting and yelling.

Suddenly, followed by a thunderous bang, a, hundreds of meter tall water column rose from the middle of the giant whirlpool and bumped on a floating mountain. It shook the mountain intensely and made all aquatic warriors on it fall on the ground.

A few oddly shaped, ferociously-looking enormous aquatic creatures trod on watery clouds and rose into the air while pointing at the river surface and shouting loudly. They were using the language of spirit water-kind creatures, shouting deeply and quickly. Therefore, none of those human beings understood them.

A short while later, an especially clear stream of watery light flashed across the river surface. Everyone on the scene had a feeling that the stream of watery light was the essence of the entire White Dragon River, which extended for tens of millions of miles long. The essence had been drawn into the giant whirlpool, and now, the entire river seemed to be powerless and dull.

Another deep and thunderous boom sounded, but this time, nothing happened on the river surface.

Si Wen Ming and the others surely didn’t know that the second Qing Wei thunderbolt created by Ji Hao was swallowed up by the dark soul cauldron. The thunderbolt exploded, but failed to do any harm to the cauldron, neither did the power of the thunderbolt come up to the river surface like the last time.

"What on earth is happening? Is Ji Hao in danger?" Si Wen Ming took a deep breath. Meanwhile, a strong and rumbling noise came from inside his body, that sounded like two giant mountains collapsing into each other. Following that noise, Si Wen Ming grew taller and taller. Within a blink of an eye, he reached to the height of fifteen meters.

Swinging his arm backward, Si Wen Ming pulled out his long sword from the leather sheath, then pierced the sword into the mountaintop that he stood on. The mountain quaked slightly, as the earth power from the surrounding area condensed into visible, dragon-like yellow streams, roaring into Si Wen Ming’s sword.

Within three to five breaths, the ordinary-looking sword in Si Wen Ming’s hand absorbed an immeasurably great amount of earth power. The pure and heavy earth power wrapped the sword up and turned it into a six meters long, door-sized and crystal-like transparent, yellow sword.

Fist-sized divine earth spell symbols sparkled faintly inside the sword. Si Wen Ming gently wielded the sword, and following his move, the surrounding earth vibrated slightly. Hundreds of mountains and hills in the surrounding seemed to come alive. That rumbling noises came out from these mountains without an end, as if an asleep giant had woken up, and something unexpected was going to happen at any time.

Si Wen Ming tore apart his long flax shirt, bared his chest and approached the giant whirlpool with big steps.

"Water-kind spirit creatures, you were gifted by nature, attained intelligence, and learned to cultivate yourselves, grow powers and were allowed to live long lives. You will not be cooked as food. You are spared from the pain that ordinary aquatic creatures might suffer, which is not easy. Our human beings respect nature, and we never offended your kind. We grow food from the earth, while you live a life in rivers and oceans."

While walking with big steps, Si Wen Ming said loudly and brightly.

His voice was indescribably vibrant, and all surrounding mountains quaked slightly along with his voice, causing a rumbling noise that chimed with his voice. Wherever Si Wen Ming reached, all mountains in surrounding would burst with a dazzling yellow light, while streams of bright yellow light flashed across the air, flowing into his body.

"But, you are born with a lowly nature. Our humankind is suffering a disaster, but you seized it as an opportunity. You raised waves, added fuel to the fire, while attempting to push our humankind into a hopeless situation…You are unforgivable, and you shall be executed!"

Si Wen Ming was worrying about Ji Hao’s safely. After all, Ji Hao was still in the river. He growled angrily, then without hearing a word said by those aquatic warriors, raised the sword and hacked down fiercely.

A strong stream of yellow mist rose from his head, transformed into a large, dense yellow cloud that covered his entire body. Within the yellow cloud, water-tank-sized inner spirit stars were faintly visible, seeming to be extra heavy. Among those inner spirit stars, a few were entirely purple. Somehow, the purple glow emitted from these few stars even made the other inner spirit stars mysterious and noble.

Yao Meng and the other few earls popped out their eyes in shock, looking at the few purple inner spirit stars, which seemed to be so mysterious and majestic. Abruptly, a young, straightforward earl shouted with a deep voice, "That’s Zi…"

"Zi your ass! Shut it!" Yao Meng hurriedly covered that young earl’s mouth, then lowered his voice and laughed, "Good, good, good, if it’s Minister Si Wen Ming, we can all happily accept it. Hehe, all those people have been fighting for so many years and caused so many troubles. At last…"

The group of earls smilingly glanced at each other and nodded.

Si Wen Ming had a good relationship with Ji Hao. This time, Yao Meng and the other young earls fought side by side with Ji Hao against the flood and those water-kind armies. By now, they were all like brothers to each other. Therefore, without a doubt, all these young earls would be on Si Wen Ming’s side in the future.

To earls like Yao Meng, who earned everything with their strengths and didn’t have strong families or clans to support them, becoming Si Wen Ming’s friends at this time equaled a skyrocketing rise.

The group of young earls shouted out loud. Without summoning their troops, they each cast their magic, expanded their bodies as much as they could bear, and released all their inner spirit stars. They trod on flame flakes, thunderbolts, fierce gales or yellow mist of the earth power, approaching the eighteen floating mountains.

"Enemies! Kill them!"

On a floating mountain, a giant aquatic warrior pointed at Si Wen Ming and shouted.

They didn’t know Si Wen Ming, but the power vibration came from Si Wen Ming was way too terrifying. It gave a great mental pressure to all aquatic warriors on these floating mountains. Those unsettling smaller shaped aquatic warriors raised their bows and released a wave of arrows towards Si Wen Ming while cursing loudly.

"Break!" Si Wen Ming gave a faint smile while pressing his left hand in the air. Millions of metal arrows stopped simultaneously, floating in the sky.

The nature of his power was earthly. The magnetic force generated from the earth power allowed him to control all metals in the world. Therefore, all kinds of armors and weapons were just like toys to Si Wen Ming.

These arrows were highly lethal to ordinary people, but to Si Wen Ming, these were nothing but millions of metal toy arrows.

He clenched his fingers in the air, and started a long and loud series of popping noise. Along with that noise, countless arrows were twisted while spell symbols on arrowheads exploded one after another, creating beautiful fireworks.

Si Wen Ming raised his longsword, prepared to launch a hack at all those stunned aquatic warriors on the eighteen floating mountains. But abruptly, a silhouette flashed out from behind him. That was Yemo Tian. He laughed loudly and viciously, while pulling out a purely black, translucent crystal sword, piercing towards Si Wen Ming’s heart from his back.

Puff! The sword pierced into Si Wen Ming’s back and came out from his chest.

"Funny, funny, you’re one of the top-grade powerful ones among human beings, aren’t you? Killing you is so fun!"

Yemo Tian’s laughter sounded like screams of cats, spreading far, far away in the night sky.

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