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When Ji Hao started the fight against White Dragon River God and his sons, from the barracks in the east, south and west, large groups of aquatic creatures were disturbed. They put on armors and rushed out of their rooms.

These aquatic creatures were all trusted warriors of the river God, and also were the backbone of the water-kind army under his command. Ninety-percent of these aquatic creatures were at the level of Magus Kings, while the rest ten percent were as powerful as Divine Magi.

The hall was wrapped in a dark power, so these aquatic creatures couldn’t approach it. Therefore, these well-trained aquatic warriors formed battle formations and surrounded the hall, while tens of powerful ones trod on rapid water currents and flew above the hall. The entire hall was now sealed off.

While these aquatic warriors were preparing for a war, the Qing Wei thunderbolt created by Ji Hao burst.

Waves of dazzling white thunder light shattered the black smoke released from the dark killing flags, spreading out in an unstoppable way. It then landed on the bodies of those aquatic creatures surrounding the hall. In a moment, their armors were crushed by that white, soft yet heavy thunder light, then their internal organs were shattered. They didn’t even manage to give a howl before they were turned into nothingness by the thunder light.

Only seven to eight aquatic creatures, who were the most powerful ones, sensed the danger ahead of time, transformed into a stream of water and fled swiftly away, while all the other aquatic creatures were turned into a strand of smoke in the thunder light.

However, on the square before the hall, that large magic formation floating in water was suddenly surrounded by a thick layer of rapid water currents. Layer and layer, those water currents spun oppositely while vibrating intensely. As waves of thunder power struck down, those water currents quaked, continuously neutralizing the thunder power and protecting the large magic formation. Eventually, the magic formation remained unharmed.

On the flattened hall, Ji Hao looked at the river God and his six sons, who were staggering backward, and chuckled.

By combining the Moho staff and Qing Wei thunder magic, such a great effect was delivered, which was beyond Ji Hao’s imagination. With Ji Hao’s current power, he could only gather the water power of a hundred-mile radius area at most and compress it into a Qing Wei thunderbolt. The Qing Wei thunderbolt generated by the water power from a hundred-mile radius area would be powerful indeed, but it could flatten a mountain at the most.

Not to mention defeating White Dragon River God and his six sons, or breaking the black smoke released from those dark killing flags, with a Qing Wei thunderbolt like that, Ji Hao wouldn’t be able to even kill those high-grade aquatic warriors who all had extremely strong bodies.

Nevertheless, the Moho staff was incomparably powerful. With its power, Ji Hao gathered a giant amount of water power momentarily, then cast Qing Wei thunder magic and transformed it all into a Qing Wei thunderbolt. This Qing Wei thunderbolt was tens of thousands of times more powerful than the one that Ji Hao could generate with his own power.

Ninety-nine percent of those aquatic creatures were struck to death by the thunderbolt, and only around ten survived, managing to escape with severe injuries.

In front of Ji Hao, the White Dragon River God had thin streams of blood flowing out of his mouth corners. The six sons of his had their horns and scales broken. Their flood dragon heads were vomiting blood as well. What made White Dragon River God’s face even more twisted was that the corpses of his six dead sons disappeared without a trace under the effect of the thunder light as well.

"White Dragon River God, you’re a well-cultivated three-headed black flood dragon, conferred as a river God by Gong Gong. But you’re still a spirit creature." Ji Hao said in a bland tone, "This thunder magic I cast is a positive magic based on the great Dao of nature. The thunderbolts generated by the positive natural power the most are harmful to spirit creatures like you."

White Dragon River God looked at Ji Hao with a sulky face. He opened his mouth, and large streams of blood gushed out. Before, he was forcibly holding it back, but on hearing Ji Hao, his injured internal organs twitched intensely and squeezed the blood out of his body.

"If I were a true God…Thunder magic would be useless to me!" White Dragon River God angrily stared at Ji Hao and growled with a hoarse voice.

"Not necessarily!" said Ji Hao. If White Dragon River God was a true God conferred by the ancient heaven, after accepting this title, his spirit creature power would surely be taken away from him. Naturally, he wouldn’t be afraid of the power of thunder. But Qing Wei thunder magic was incredibly powerful and extremely effective, and even true Gods could be killed by a Qing Wei thunderbolt.

However, Ji Hao didn’t want to explain all this to the river god. Should he even tell the founding story of his sect?

Holding the Moho staff with his left hand, Ji Hao slightly waved the staff, which quaked the entire White Dragon River along with a buzzing noise. Then, another water-tank-sized white light sphere emerged on the staff head. This sphere of water power was much more concentrated than the one before. As it emerged, Ji Hao began incanting the spell again while locking his right fingers together. The white light sphere suddenly shrunk, then another Qing Wei thunderbolt was shaped.

"Today, one of us is gonna die!" White Dragon River God viciously stared at Ji Hao and yelled, "You killed my boys, you ruined my future, and you destroyed my hope of achieving the great Dao and an immortal life. Today, I will fight you to death!"

White Dragon River God roared resonantly in a fury. The bodies of his and his six sons began changing quickly, and within a breath, they each expanded to hundreds of meters long. Six enormous black, three-headed flood dragons showed up in front of Ji Hao.

The six flood dragons roared towards the sky, then tens of dark killing flags started vibrating above the large black cauldron behind them. Along with a shrill noise, large clouds of dark smoke were released from those black flags, surging into the black cauldron down below.

The large black cauldron let out a high-pitched noise, while countless ghost and spirit embossments on it began moving like living beings. All of a sudden, a ghost face in the middle opened its jaws wide, and let out a flood-like, black and sparkling stream of smoke. It swept across the bodies of the river God and his sons, pressing towards Ji Hao.

"Deep dark soul cauldron, devour his primordial spirit!" The river God roared furiously. "Destroy his primordial spirit, and I am going to eat his little body as a snack!"

Ji Hao chuckled and pointed the Moho staff out. The human-head-sized thunderbolt was released, flying with a dazzling long tail, and bumped right into that purely dark smoke. Ji Hao changed his hand motion, following which, this crushingly powerful thunderbolt exploded.

The black smoke suddenly spread out. In the explosive moment of the thunderbolt, the black smoke wrapped it up like the long tongue of a frog rolling up a flying bug, swiftly dragging the thunderbolt back into the large black cauldron.

Ji Hao paused for a second, then shouted in surprise, "White Dragon River God, this cauldron is not bad. I didn’t think you have such a great treasure, apart from the pre-world Liu Ren bottle!"

Buzz! The thunderbolt blast in the square cauldron and sent out huge clouds of black smoke. Ghost screams came out along with the smoke, bringing Ji Hao a piercing earache. Thin electric bolts dazzled and sizzled in the opening of the cauldron, and it buzzed for a long while, after which, the thunderbolt Ji Hao released was swallowed up by the cauldron.

"Die!" The river God and his six sons roared out simultaneously. They wielded the dark killing flags and raised large waves of black smoke. Then, along with fierce gusts of wind, these six enormous flood dragons pounced on Ji Hao.

Water currents were agitated while the river God flashed to before Ji Hao’s face and slapped his sharp claw down towards his head.

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