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Could this magic formation formed by those dark killing flags under White Dragon River God and his sons’ control even twist the time and space, and shake a primordial spirit? Ji Hao was surprised already, and on seeing these ghost heads open their jaws and devour the essence sun fire, Ji Hao was shocked.

But soon, Ji Hao figured it out.

The dark killing thread already had an extremely negative nature. If the essence sun fire could represent the extreme positive power in this world, the dark killing thread would be able to represent the extreme negative power. Extreme negative power and extreme positive power were equally great. The negative power could generate positive power when it reached an extreme level, and vice versa. The mutual transformation could happen between extreme powers, which was the most basic natural law regarding the balance of negative power and positive power, also known as Yin and Yang. White Dragon River God was more powerful than Ji Hao. Therefore, it was totally reasonable for his dark killing flags to absorb the essence sun fire and strengthen themselves!

"Good, good, good!" Ji Hao laughed out loud. Cultivating the enemy’s weapons with his essence sun fire? He couldn’t do such a silly thing.

Putting back the nine suns devil-destroying sword and dimming down the stainless cloak, Ji Hao let the Pan Xi divine mirror float above his head and release a dark stream of light that wrapped him up. Then, Ji Hao took out the Moho staff that he gained from Moho Family.

Those ghost heads, which rushed up to Ji Hao while streaming, abruptly disappeared once they touched the dim divine light released from the mirror. Next, White Dragon River God and his sons shouted out in alarm, because countless ghost heads suddenly showed up before their faces with opened mouths and released fierce streams of cold power on them. The river god and his sons didn’t manage to react timely, and were struck right on the heads.

Following a few shrill howls, six of the river God’s sons, who failed to dodge, had the cold power streams land on their bodies. They were frozen in dark ice, and, their souls visibly transformed into dim streams of light, spurting out from their eyes, nostrils and ears. Those ghost heads happily opened their mouth and seemed to devour these souls.

White Dragon River God crafted these dark killing flags himself, and cultivated these flags with tens of billions of souls collected by him and his sons. But still, they did fear the power of these dark killing flags.

Just like a masterful blacksmith who collected iron ores himself, then finally smithed a good blade, he could still be harmed by this blade without a doubt. No matter how great were the skills of this blacksmith, if he dared to hack himself with a blade made by himself, he would suffer and bleed.

White Dragon River God couldn’t even dream that Ji Hao had the Pan Xi divine mirror, such a powerful supreme treasure. With a slight carelessness, six of his sons were injured severely, and even their souls were dragged out of their bodies by these scary ghost heads generated by the dark killing flags.

The river God and his sons screamed and shouted. The river God roared furiously while quickly wielding three dark killing flags and releasing strong streams of black smoke. He tried his best to cast those approaching greedy ghost heads away, carefully protecting the souls of the six sons of his.

"B*stard! You, you, you, how did you hurt my beloved sons?" White Dragon God looked at this six sons who were frozen in dark ice while six hot streams of tears flew out from his eye sockets. He nearly cried out.

Before Ji Hao said anything, White Dragon River God murmured to himself, "Abba was right! Making dark killing flags are forbidden by nature, and a disaster will descend if one tries to make dark killing flags. My poor boys, I’m sorry!"

The black smoke remained as dense as before, and Ji Hao couldn’t see what happened to the river God’s sons. But he listened carefully and heard the cracking noises that came from frozen fleshy bodies.

In winter, some trees in the forest would freeze. When those frozen trees cracked, the same noise could be heard.

The six sons of the river God were injured by the cold power released by those ghost heads from the killing dark flags. Their Bodies were frozen entirely, and the extremely cold power drilled into their body, creating countless thin cracks on their skins, muscles, bones and internal organs.

White Dragon River God and the rest six sons of his watched the bodies of the six young men slowly cracked in dark ice, turning into minced meat, without having a chance to be cured. This happened within a few breaths.

"My boys!" White Dragon River God screamed hysterically.

The six dark-green light spheres quickly hovered around him. The six young men, whose bodies had already died, wailed and cried in sadness. But without their bodies, their cries sounded like ghost screams, and somehow boosted the coldness in the hall, which was suffused by black smoke.

"White Dragon River God, don’t you still want to tell me the purpose of that great magic formation out there?" Ji Hao wielded the Moho staff.

The water power around his body froze suddenly, stopped moving along with the black smoke released from killing flags. Deep water flowing noise came from all directions, as the surrounding water power was all brought under control by the Moho staff. Extremely pure streams of water power started gathering towards Moho staff.

Within a second, a water-tank-sized white watery light emerged on the Moho staff.

This white light didn’t have a large size, yet it was compressed from all essence water power of the entire White Dragon River. Ji Hao silently incanted a spell and cast a Qing Wei thunder magic taught by Priest Guang Cheng. Next, a series of tiny, thunderbolt-like spell symbols quickly emerged within the watery light sphere. Ji Hao activated his primordial spirit power and transformed it into an enormous watery thunderbolt with Qing Wei thunder magic.

Qing Wei thunder magic wasn’t as fast as Yu Yu thunder magic. It needed to gather and transform the power before it burst. However, Qing Wei thunder magic was greatly powerful and effective, and also mysterious. Under the same conditions, Qing Wei thunder magic was always more powerful than Yu Yu thunder magic.

Ji Hao wasn’t a master of Qing Wei thunder magic, so he spent three breaths to transform the water power he gathered into a bolt of thunder.

White Dragon River God cried over his sons’ dead bodies, which were still frozen in ice. He had lived for countless years, but he only had these twelve direct descendants. With an easy move launched by Ji Hao, he lost six of them. Although he managed to save the souls of his sons, without fleshy bodies, what should his sons do? Should he let his sons cultivate themselves as ghosts? Or anything else?

Three-headed black flood dragons had strong bodies, that could even be mentioned in the same breath with pure-blood dragons. Additionally, three-headed flood dragons were born with great abilities and powers. Normally, White Dragon River God had been quite proud of his bloodline and strong body. But now, six of his sons had lost their bodies. This was like the end of the world to him. He didn’t even know what to do.

Ji Hao didn’t give White Dragon River God too much time. Instead, he gently wielded the Moho staff and released a white thunderbolt. The thunderbolt dazzled out and disappeared in the dense black smoke in a moment. The Pan Xi divine mirror protected Ji Hao’s body, as Ji Hao locked his fingers together and activated the thunderbolt. Following a muffled boom, all buildings in this underworld city of White Dragon River God were flattened.

Buzz! Wherever the white thunderbolt reached, everything was turned into ash.

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