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Under the giant whirlpool of White Dragon River, White Dragon River God roared resonantly while slapping Ji Hao’s head with his sharp claw at lightning speed.

Ji Hao growled brightly as well. He put down the Moho staff and punched White Dragon River God’s claw with both fists.

Following a thunderous boom, the heavy and sticky water around both of them was vibrated away, forming a three-thousand meters hemisphere space around them. Ji Hao’s entire body was shaking, as a bone creaking noise came from both his arms while two streams of hot steam puffed out from his nostrils. Abruptly, strong streams of power surged out of his body.

Buzz! This strange and strong power made Ji Hao grow taller by over three feet. Meanwhile, his muscles swelled, and faintly golden meridians beat intensely under his smooth skin. He saw twisted dark blood veins moving under the skin even on his ten fingers.

The mysterious man covered the truth with the round platform that he had been sitting on. Therefore, at the moment, Ji Hao couldn’t see the gray-colored Chaos blood surging out from his Chaos heart. That blood flushed into every corner of his body, bones, muscles. The scorching hot golden power inside Ji Hao’s body merged the Chaos blood just like sugar melting in warm water, then perfectly combined it with Ji Hao’s body.

At this very moment, around ten percent of the power that Ji Hao attained through years of severe cultivation disappeared and completely merged with his body. Nourished by this great power and stimulated by the Chaos spirit blood, Ji Hao’s bones and internal organs had been through some magical transformation.

An unprecedentedly great physical strength was generated from Ji Hao’s body. Every single pore of his suddenly opened, letting streams of hot steam swish out. Under its effect, the air around him began shaking like reflections in the water, making Ji Hao look like a phantom.

"You have finally stepped on the purest Dao of strength!"

The mysterious man’s voice came from Ji Hao’s spiritual space, yet Ji Hao didn’t hear it.

"Pure strength, pure and clean, great enough to destroy the world. This is the simplest, supreme great Dao. Extremely negative, extremely positive, thunder, lightning, magic curses, time, space, facing extreme, pure strength, those are all bullsh*t!"

Crack! White Dragon River God let out a shrill howl in pain.

Ji Hao gripped his claw with ten fingers. Just now, when his claw bumped against Ji Hao’s fists, the river God found that his physical strength was slightly better than Ji Hao. After all, he had been cultivating himself severely for so many years. Therefore, he confidently attempted to crush Ji Hao’s fists with this strike.

However, all of a sudden, Ji Hao grew taller by around three-foot, then let out burning hot steam from his entire body. After that, in a great shock, the river God found that in the past moment, Ji Hao’s physical strength improved by more than ten times, and had completely surpassed the river God himself.

How could this even happen?

The river God was a three-headed black flood dragon, a magical creature from the dragonkind. He was also a direct descendant of the famous prehistorical old priest Three Dark. In terms of physical strength, although he was not as good as those pure-blood ancient divine dragons, not even current ordinary dragons could compare with him!

Ji Hao was only a human being. Even if he were a peak-level Divine Magus, even if he were a Supreme Magus, he shouldn’t be able to rival White Dragon River God in terms of physical strength! This was a difference between races; not even the strongest human being could be as strong as a dragon!

But obviously, Ji Hao made all the above untrue.

Ji Hao locked the river god’s claw with his ten fingers. The suddenly emerged great power in his body made him feel so hot and irritated that somehow, he now believed that he could even punch the sky broken and stomp the earth apart.

With that mysterious power, he could do anything!

The crushingly great power was still releasing from his body without an end. Stimulated by that streaming hot power that had been violently surging inside his body, Ji Hao roared out. Following a series of bone cracking noise, the river God’s claw crumbled in Ji Hao’s hands. The claw was as thick as Ji Hao’s leg, and was known as the sharpest, hardest dragon claw in the world. However, Ji Hao crumbled it bare-handedly. The claw exploded thunderously.

Flood dragon blood splashed to everywhere, spraying on Ji Hao’s head and face, with a weird bloody aroma.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, opened his mouth and inhaled, swallowing all the blood spurting out from the river God’s claw.

He then held the forearm of the river God, who was howling in pain, then swung upwards and lifted him up. The river God was hundreds of meters long, and was incredibly powerful. Yet, he was raised by Ji Hao and thrown to his six sons behind like a strand of straw.

This may sound like a lot of events, but in fact, all of the above happened just in a single second.

The six sons of the river God didn’t manage to dodge as the enormous body of their father smashed straight on their heads.

Ji Hao’s overwhelming power was brought to the river God’s sons by the river God himself. The six younger three-headed black flood dragons screamed in pain as their scales were crushed. Countless of their bones broke along with loud cracking noise, and even their internal organs were injured by that great power.

The six poor young flood dragons were sent flying backward while vomiting blood. They thudded on the ground, twitching intensely. But no matter how hard they struggled, none of them managed to stand back up.

"My sons!" The river God shouted heartbreakingly.

"Speak, what is that large magic formation for?" Ji Hao ignored his scream. Instead, he picked the river God up from the ground and madly smashed at that large magic formation.

Countless water currents were stirred up while fish-scale shaped water currents around the great formation quaked intensively, at a scarily high frequency. The river God’s scales were cut into pieces by those vibrating sharp water currents. His internal organs were injured seriously by Ji Hao’s violent moves, that made him vomit blood, as almost everything inside his body was broken.

Ji Hao smashed the river God at the large formation around ten times, after which, internal organ pieces spurted out from his mouth.

Conveniently, Ji Hao threw the river God to the ground and grabbed over the three dark killing flags held in his mouths.

"No, no, I’m not defeated. My dark killing flags are not complete yet. If I succeed, if I complete all one hundred and sixty-nine dark killing flags, I would…" The river god barfed. Ji Hao didn’t want to listen to his howls, so he stomped on his head and knocked him out.

"Your dark killing flags? A creature like you, if those powerful treasures do fall into your hands, you can only bring disasters to the world, and harm countless living beings with them!" Ji Hao grabbed all dark killing flags held in the mouths of the other six three-headed flood dragons, then pressed his palm on the large black cauldron and destroyed the soul seal left in the cauldron by the river God in the most violent way. Then, he turned the cauldron into his own treasure.

"These treasures are destined to be mine, my friends. Only in my hands can they do good to all living beings in the world! Quote from Priest Hua and Priest Mu."

Ji Hao chuckled while packing all these treasures, then leaped up and reached to the Liu Ren bottle, carefully holding it with both hands.

Same as before, he burned out the soul seal in the bottle with the essence sun fire, then left a soul seal of his own. He thus built a basic connection between the bottle and himself.

After finishing all this, a loud water clattering noise came from above his head. Following that, around ten large-shaped aquatic warriors, who managed to escape from the Qing Wei thunderbolt just now, split the water, diving down at Ji Hao in a formidable way, with countless aquatic warriors following behind them.

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