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A strong gust of wind blew over from behind. Ji Hao prepared to dodge, but suddenly, Cloud Dream Dragon King crazily spread his arms and gripped Ji Hao tight.

Thud! Thud! The golden pestle and tower violently landed on Ji Hao’s back.

The stainless cloak released thousands of layers of golden light and a raging fire, keeping the pestle and tower three inches away from Ji Hao.

The two people who attacked Ji Hao shouted out in surprise. Their tones were instantly added with a sense of greediness.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, you’re cruel and brutal. Supreme treasures like this are such a waste on you!"

"Supreme treasures like this should belong to our sect. Only we can defeat the evils and benefit the world with it."

Following the furious growls of these two people, the golden pestle had a raging fire spurting from it while the tower released a series of thunder. The pressure given to Ji Hao by these two treasures suddenly grew ten times greater. The golden light and raging fire released from the stainless cloak clashed against the fire from the pestle and the sound waves from the tower, generating a dazzling light and a cloud of warm mist.

But no matter how hard they tried to boost up the powers of their weapons, the stainless cloak stayed perfectly motionless, and those powerful weapons could never touch Ji Hao’s body.

"Attack from the back? Is this how Priest Hua and Priest Mu teach their disciples? You think I don’t know how to do it?" Ji Hao sneered and burst with a great growl, "Feng Xing, show them!"

Not even the slightest noise was made when two golden streams of light dazzled over. These two people had been focusing on Ji Hao. Consequently, they didn’t manage to dodge timely. Two arrows pierced into the left shoulder of one of them and the right shoulder of the other one.

The white flax long shirts worn by these people were obviously well-crafted defensive treasures. But compared to the stainless cloak, they were like the glow of a firefly compared to the sun. The arrows released by Feng Xing easily penetrated the two shirts, ripped their shoulders up then exploded inside their bodies.

Sharp streams of wind power roared inside their bodies while countless lightning bolts blasted in their wounds. Bowl-sized holes were created on the shoulders of these two people, and their arms nearly fell off.

"Damn you!" They barfed in pain, dragged their weapons and turned staggeringly around, attempting to run.

Ji Hao turned around and saw them lower their weapons. These two people hurriedly took out two tiny bottles from their sleeves, crumbled them and exposed the pigeon-egg-sized round pills in each bottle, that were glowing with a bright green light.

"Feng Xing, do it!" Ji Hao sneered and bumped his head into Cloud Dream Dragon King’s broken head once again, sending up another wave of blood and brain while shouting to Feng Xing.

Another two golden arrow lights dazzled over. The two people had just raised the pills in their hands. But before they could send them into their mouths, the two golden arrows accurately shattered the two pills, turning them into a puff of green powder.

Ji Hao laughed, turned around and breathed out a golden streak of fire, setting ablaze the green powder. Nice aroma suffused the air, while the two men stood in a daze.

Ji Hao chuckled, raised his hands and smashed his elbows heavily on Cloud Dream Dragon King’s head. Cloud Dream Dragon King suffered a series of severe injuries in a row, and now finally fainted under Ji Hao’s elbow strike.

Pinching Cloud Dream Dragon King’s neck, Ji Hao carried him up like carrying a bag of garbage, then turned around and looked at the two scrawny men with long loosened hair and white shirts. Both of them had sharp noses, wide foreheads, and deep sunken eyes. Their skins were strangely white, and they both had a pair of thin cracks on their foreheads. Clearly, same as Cloud Dream Dragon King, these two people also partially possessed Jia Clan bloodline.

"Aren’t you pure-blood human beings?" Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows.

"Why did you say this?" Although the huge holes on their shoulders were still spurting blood, these two men politely bowed to Ji Hao, and the taller one responded to Ji Hao’s question in a bland tone, "The great Dao of nature is boundless, compared to which, we are just…"

Ji Hao laughed coldly, interrupted him and continued, "Whatever, if you’re pure-blood human beings or not, I don’t care. Priest Mu and Priest Hua took you as disciples, the consequences are for them to bear. That has nothing to do with me. However, you attacked me from the back, that means you’re seeking death!"

The other man gave a faint smile, said carelessly, "No, no, Ji Hao, my brother, we didn’t attack you from the back. We saw you harmed our little brother Cloud Dream Dragon King so brutally. So, we were left with no choice but to save him. I am Bao Yin, and this is my brother, Bao Shu. The one held in your hand is our little brother. His name is Bao Long. You can also call him Cloud Dream Dragon King!"

Bao Yin smiled so warmly, but added with that bleeding hole on his shoulder, his smile seemed to be a bit weird.

Bao Shu made a serious face, looked at Ji Hao, slightly curved his mouth corners upwards and said, "Ji Hao, my friend, for our Great Masters’ sake, please let our little brother go. Ji Hao, my friend, you’re so cruel and merciless."

Ji Hao rocked Cloud Dream Dragon King, who was unconscious, gave Bao Shu a smile-like look and said, "Eh? You mean I hit him too hard?"

Opening his mouth, Ji Hao attempted to argue with Bao Shu and Bao Yin about all the evil things Cloud Dream Dragon King had done, what happened today, how this dragon raised a water-kind army and rampantly broke everything he saw. Ji Hao wanted to tell them what was right and what was wrong.

But then, Ji Hao changed his mind. He laughed out loud and said, "Alright, alright, why would I waste any time on you? Not to mention the other abilities, disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu are top ones in the world in terms of debating skills. I can not compare myself with you!"

Giving three resonant laughter, Ji Hao raised Cloud Dream Dragon King and pulled out the nine suns devil-destroying sword, launching a fierce hack.

A deep yet strong dragon roar came from Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body. Then, a cold and emotionless voice of a man shouted harshly, "Who dares to harm my child?"

Ji Hao laughed out wildly. Pan Xi divine mirror released twenty streams of divine light in a row, shining on Cloud Dream Dragon King. They not only weakened his own defensive power to an extreme level, but also broke all defensive seals left in Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body by the oldest dragon prince.

"Ji Hao, don’t you dare…" Bao Shu and Bao Yin barfed.

Puff! The sword was swung down, and the large head of Cloud Dream Dragon King fell on the ground. The immortal sun streamer rolled down and wrapped that head with a dense golden light, burning it into a strand of smoke within a few breaths.

The soul perished, and the head was burned out. Ji Hao loosened his hand and let Cloud Dream Dragon King’s headless body thud heavily against the surface of the water. The broken neck still had blood surging out from it.

Turning around without taking a glance at Bao Yin and Bao Shu, Ji Hao pointed at those shaking aquatic warriors of Cloud Dream Army and growled, "Cloud Dream Dragon King is dead. Aren’t you going to surrender? Do you all want to die?"

Yao Mountain army arrived in a formidable array. The strong aura of killing spread out as they occupied the whole area. Those aquatic warriors glanced at each other, then all dropped their weapons and kneeled on the water surface.

Bao Shu and Bao Yin had their faces turned green in rage. They growled and rushed towards Ji Hao once again.

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