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"Dragon tendons, dragon blood, dragon liver, dragon bile…All nourishing, all nourishing!"

Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body fell on the water surface and sent up hundreds of meter tall waves. He transformed back into the dragon-shape. That was a thousands of meters long dragon, covered in silver scales.

Yu Mu murmured about those tastiest and nourishing parts of dragons while dashing to Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body. He ook out his large pot and put it under the broken dragon neck.

Large streams of dragon blood flew into the large pot. The beautiful red blood emitted a dense, strange aroma. Yu Mu gave a big grin, exposing his shining teeth while happily shaking his head.

A few loyal spirit flood dragons under Cloud Dream Dragon King’s command furiously roared, trod on clouds and raised dense watery mist while pouncing on Yu Mu. They couldn’t accept the fact that their dragon king was killed by the enemy, and now was going to be thrown into a pot of soup.

Sideway, a few golden beams of light flashed over. Feng Xing silently released his arrows from the distance. The arrows shot into the necks of the few flood dragons, exploded and blew their necks up.

These spirit flood dragons transformed back into their original shapes as well; they were all hundreds of meters long, horned flood dragons. Scorching hot blood surged out from their broken neck. Under the effect of the mysterious power released from the flood dragon blood, waves of thin fish-scale-sized crinkles emerged on the water surface.

Shaosi and Taisi had already built an altar. Taisi put the Nail Head Seven Arrow Book on the altar. He looked at Bao Shu and Bao Yin with his pale colorless eyes while incanting a spell with a deep, spooky voice. From the distance, the boiling dragon spirit blood suddenly rose into the sky, gathered into a stream and flew into the altar.

Quietly, the corpses of the few flood dragons withered and corroded, turning into puffs of drifting ash.

The Nail Head Seven Arrow Book glowed faintly on the altar. Then, Taisi waved his arms, started a strange dance. Meanwhile, he was incanting a spell that only he and those powerful, mysterious beings in the world could understand.

Ji Hao floated in the air, with the nine suns devil-destroying sword held in his hand, looking at Bao Yin and Bao Shu as he laughed coldly.

The two poor things were apparently not valued in Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ sect, because they each only had one healing magic pill. After Feng Xing shattered their pills, neither of them managed to take out another one. Their wounds bled profusely. They had already quickly dressed those wounds with a small healing magic, but as they wielded their weapons and smashed the golden pestle and tower down towards Ji Hao’s head, their intense movements ripped their wounds open, and the blood gushed out once again.

Loud clangs could be heard without an end. The death of Cloud Dream Dragon King clearly was a great stimulation to Bao Shu and Bao Yin. They now screamed crazily, wielded their weapons and madly attacked Ji Hao, as if they had forgotten about their bleeding wounds.

Ji Hao easily defended himself with his sword. With the sword move taught by Yu Yu, Ji Hao could launch fierce attacks and could also put up a strong defense. When he attacked, it would be like the thunder rumbling in the higher sky, and when he defended, the protection would be as strong as the Chaos before time. No matter how loudly Bao Yin and Bao Shu shouted, or how many times their weapons smashed down at Ji Hao, they couldn’t even touch his body.

Both the golden pestle and the mini tower were cast from a high-quality alloy, and were strengthened with thousands of layers of magic seals secretly taught by Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Held in the hand, these two pieces were as light as a feather. But when smashed on the enemies’ bodies, these two pieces would be as heavy as a mountain. Additionally, a strong fire had been releasing from them. These two pieces were indeed great after-world treasures.

However, despite the power of these two pieces, they were just after-world, artificial pieces. Besides, Bao Shu and Bao Yin were not so valued by their sect. That meant the one who made these two pieces for them was only an ordinary one among Priest Hua and Priest Mu’s disciples. These two pieces were indeed good, but just ordinarily good.

After tens of strikes, the golden pestle in Bao Shun’s hand gave a buzzing noise, as tens of half-foot long cracks appeared on it. It couldn’t take the power of Ji Hao’s sword anymore. Following Bao Shu’s moves, the cracks grew longer and longer, and at last, a few cracks connected and this six-foot long golden pestle shattered.

A thunder-flame burst from the pestle while countless metal pieces zipped out. Bao Shu didn’t manage to react timely and let those sharp metal pieces cut into his face.

Howling in pain, Bao Shu stepped back quickly, with his face covered in blood. His eyeballs were crushed, and blood flowed out of his eye sockets in streams. The pair of red, thin cracks above his eyebrows opened suddenly and showed another pair of eyeballs, that seemed to be in hypoplasia. The second pair of eyes rolled in the sockets for a few circles, then released two fierce beams of light, glaring at Ji Hao.

"My treasure!" Seeing his pestle shatter, Bao Shu suffered a heartache. He yelled at Ji Hao with a twisted face, with the hilt of the broken golden pestle held in his hand. He didn’t pay any attention to his smashed face, because he nearly fainted.

"Bao Shu, my friend, I haven’t even made one sword move at you!" Ji Hao smiled blandly and said, "You attacked me and broke your own weapon. How can you blame me for that?"

Before his voice faded, Ji Hao turned his sword edge up. Bao Yin cast a loud growl with the tower of his held in his hands and smashed violently down at Ji Hao. But sadly, the tower landed on the sharp edge of Ji Hao’s sword.

Puff! The tower, which was already covered in scratches and cracks, was cut into two, as smoothly as cutting a carrot. The sword accurately cut into a crack on the bottom of the tower.

"My treasure!" Bao Yin screamed, his voice trailing off in a dramatic way. The magic seams in the tower blasted and released a thunder-flame. Countless pieces pierced Bao Yin’s body and shredded his long shirt. Two thorn-like pieces penetrated his body and flew out from his back.

"Your bodies are not strong enough!" Ji Hao looked at Bao Yin and Bao Shu, who were now both covered in blood and had been screaming in pain. He laughed with an obvious viciousness and said, "You see, I’m perfectly fine, but how could you end up like this? You can’t blame me for that now, can you?"

The stainless cloak sent up the nine blazing suns, hovering around Ji Hao and burning all metal pieces into smoke before they could approach him.

Bao Yin and Bao Shu looked at the splendidly glowing stainless cloak worn by Ji Hao. Hearing his almost shameless words, the fire of anger burned so ragingly in their hearts that it even made them vomit blood.

"You, you, you… good, you, Earl Yao… You, you, what happened today, we will…" Bao Shu pointed at Ji Hao and tried to leave a threatening word then get away.

However, the bodies of both of them quivered simultaneously, while an arrow-shaped shadow flashed across their bodies, and a scary sense of death shrouded them. That strong power of death gripped their souls, then slightly pulled. In the next moment, the senses of power released from their bodies disappeared, as their souls were suddenly turned into nothingness. After that, their bodies collapsed bit by bit, like sandstone statues which had failed to survive the test of time.

Ji Hao was stunned. He found no blood and flesh inside their bodies. A second ago, these were two living people, but now, only their withered skin remained.

Involuntarily, Ji Hao glanced at Taisi in shock. The magic curse cast by Taisi was getting scarier.

Shaking his head, Ji Hao pointed down at the water-kind army of Cloud Dream Lake and said, "Separate all aquatic warriors, send them into the dare-to-die corps. Let them kill for us!"

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