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Immortal life?

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners, looked at Dream Cloud Dragon King, as if he were looking at an idiot.

Who dared to promise him something like that? And why would this silly dragon believe that?

Immortal life, hehe, what would that be like? Ji Hao couldn’t imagine it at the current stage. Would Po have the confidence to mention immortality? Ji Hao silently took a guess. He believed that not even Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, and Yu Yu dared to promise something like that!

Even a great world like Pan Gu world would eventually collapse, not to mention living beings in it!

The one who promised Dream Cloud Dragon King an immortal life, Ji Hao believed, he or she was either a liar or crazy.

And, Dream Cloud Dragon King had actually believed it. ‘So, it seems that a lier met a dumbo. How can this dragon ever believe something like that? Immortality?’Ji Hao pityingly looked at him and thought. He couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

Dream Cloud Dragon King’s face turned especially dark. He slightly bent his body, with his eyes turning a weird silver color. Two streams of silver-white light dazzled out of those eyes for nearly a hundred meters, piercing towards Ji Hao like two sharp blades.

"Are you laughing at me?" Dream Cloud Dragon King asked with a deep voice sensitively.

"Yeah, I am laughing at you!" Ji Hao laughed louder. Indeed, he was laughing at the dragon, and what could the dragon do?

Swoosh! Dream Cloud Dragon King suddenly disappeared from where he was standing. Along with a fierce gust of wind, he dashed to Ji Hao. Meanwhile, a pair of oddly shaped weapons appeared in his hands, shining with a bright silver light and hacking down toward Ji Hao. That was a pair of large blades, shaped like coiled dragon tails.

Fast, extremely fast. Ji Hao couldn’t even manage to see his move clearly.

A blade hacked straight down towards Ji Hao’s head while another one swung towards Ji Hao’s waist. Dream Cloud Dragon King laughed with a weird voice as he swiftly lifted up his right knee towards Ji Hao’s lower abdomen. This set of moves was completed by him so smoothly and perfectly that every single move was flawless, without absolutely no weaknesses. From his moves, Ji Hao sensed something similar to the top-grade High Moon warriors he had encountered.

Ji Hao gave a resonant roar, then swung the nine suns devil-destroying sword sideway, blocking that blade coming at his waist. Next, he gripped the nine suns spear and lunged upwards, hooking the other blade of the dragon with a small crescent blade on the spear and stopping it from falling down, three inches above his head.

The stainless cloak released the nine blazing suns, shining on the entire area. The dragon king’s left knee broke a bright layer of golden light, but the brighter golden light had been surging out from the nine suns in huge streams. Eventually, his left knee stopped three feet away from Ji Hao’s body, under the effect of the stainless cloak.

"Die!" Dream Cloud Dragon King growled in anger. Under his skin, his meridians and blood vessels squirmed, as if countless serpents had been moving inside his body. A thunder-like blasting noise could be heard from his right leg bones. Clearly, he had concentrated all his power on that leg.

"You’re the one who is dying!" Ji Hao gritted his teeth and gave a sneer. He was protected by the stainless cloak and wasn’t harmed at all. However, he still sensed streams of fierce sharp power drilling into his body. Dream Cloud Dragon King had been cultivating himself with pre-world metal power. The incomparably sharp and destructive metal power filled every inch of his body, that he could sense it even through the stainless cloak.

Pre-world metal power was lethal; it was the fiercest type among all natural powers, and was quite suitable for the natures of dragon-kind. Added with the strong bodies of dragons, pre-world metal power could be perfect for dragons who pursued lethality.

Ji Hao chuckled as the Pan Xi divine mirror emerged from above his head and released a dim stream of light, sweeping across Dream Cloud Dragon King’s right leg. All of a sudden, a weird expression that seemed to be an extreme level of shock showed on Dream Cloud Dragon King’s face. Next, following a crack, his knee swished out from behind his body and heavily landed on the back of his waist, which was a vital body area.

This strike was especially heavy, as Dream Cloud Dragon King had put forth all of his power for this strike. The terrifying force shattered his dragon-scale armor and sent countless dragon scales sent flying in the air. The waist of Dream Cloud Dragon King twisted weirdly and bulged. By now, there was a thirty-degree acute angle between his upper body and lower body, and his head nearly touched his lower legs.

A visible, silvery stream of power was released from his knee, drilling into his body.

Ji Hao heard Dream Cloud Dragon King’s internal organs being cut by the pre-world metal power. That was a silvery noise one could hear on knocking a diamond with a steel dagger. Dream Cloud Dragon King’s face turned pale like a corpse. He looked at Ji Hao in shock, then a stream of blood gushed out of his mouth.

Without leaving Dream Cloud Dragon King any time to gasp for air, Ji Hao lunged the nine suns spear held in his left hand with full power and penetrated Dream Cloud Dragon King’s lower belly.

When the spear pierced into the dragon’s body, Ji Hao sensed a great resistance. That dragon body was shockingly strong, that even with the sharpness of the nine suns spear and with Ji Hao’s great strength, the spear could only be pushed into that dragon body inch by inch with a solid effort, just like cutting a thick hide with a dull knife.

Dream Cloud Dragon King howled heart-wrenchingly in pain. Blood surged out of his mouth while he desperately struggled and crazily wielded his pair of blades, trying to hack Ji Hao.

"Wanna put up a desperate fight? Be my guest!" Ji Hao laughed out loud while the nine suns devil-destroying sword raised a golden arc light in his right hand. The move of sky-opening was combined with the sharp sword light of the nine suns devil-destroying sword. As a result, the wide and long sword easily cut into Cloud Dream Dragon King’s chest.

The essence sun fire burned unstoppably inside Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body while his blades landed on Ji Hao’s body over and over again.

Pan Xi divine mirror had been sparkling from time to time, sending Cloud Dream Dragon King’s attacks back to himself. Whirlwind-like silver blade lights struck on Cloud Dream Dragon King’s body in a row, broke his skin and sent his blood and muscle pieces all over the sky. The blade edges and his bones clashed against each other, letting out thunderous clans.

The nine suns spear pierced into Cloud Dream Dragon King’s lower belly and came out from his back.

Ji Hao dropped the two supreme treasures, then held Cloud Dream Dragon King’s head with both hands. The moves of sky-opening and earth-splitting were made simultaneously. Next, Ji Hao’s head violently bumped on Cloud Dream Dragon King’s head like a shooting star.

"Don’t you like smash the heads of the others?" Ji Hao roared while the two heads bumped together.

Pop! Cloud Dream Dragon King’s head was broken. Ji Hao squeezed his finger into Cloud Dream Dragon King’s wounds and released the fastest and most violent Yu Yu divine thunder.

The seed of Dao of sun spun swiftly while Ji Hao’s power was sent out like a rapidly flowing river. Hundreds of destructive purple thunderbolts struck in Cloud Dream Dragon King’s head, blowing it up and sending out his brain and blood, splashing like a flood.

"Ji Hao, my friend, you’re too cruel. With such a cruel personality, you’re truly not a good one for living beings in the world."

"You… shall just die!"

Following a series of resonant shouts, two tall men showed up. They were wearing white simple flax long shirts. One of them was holding a sparkling pestle while another one was holding a mini tower. These two pieces were smashed to the back of Ji Hao’s head simultaneously.

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