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Standing on the head of that giant octopus, Ji Hao pointed at a river bay, with turbid waves roaring in it.

The giant octopus furiously gave a roar, raised tens of tentacles high and smashed down fiercely, along with shrill swishing noises. His tens of thousands of meters long tentacles tore the river apart and raised tens of water walls, with electric bolts sizzling rapidly in them like fierce snakes.

Countless aquatic creatures had been hiding in the river. But now, they all dashed out while screaming and howling. Their bodies were wrapped in electric bolts, and the strong electric bolts released by the giant octopus broke their shells and scales, cooking their bodies. These aquatic creatures leaped into the sky, then fell back down along with a dense, grilling aroma.

Tens of Yao Mountain City magic poison masters had been incanting a spell with deep voices. They poured the liquid contained in a large clay pot into the rapidly flowing river. The dark-green poisonous liquid spread out immediately, making tens of thousands of aquatic warriors, who were still wielding their weapons, cry. These aquatic warriors twitched, then sank into the water and disappeared.

Ji Tian, Ji Di and the other disciples of Ji Hao were holding magic formation flags, leading a group of disciples from Ji Hao’s Palace of Dao and forming a great magic formation in midair. They trod on watery clouds and walked forward slowly. From the great magic formation, yellow-colored streams of sword power had been releasing ceaselessly. Every stream of sword power was over three-thousand meters long, descending from the sky and cutting tens of thousands of aquatic warriors into shreds.

Young Magi from the Magi Palace in Yao Mountain City could also be found in the army. After years of severe cultivation under Ji Hao with no spare expenses spared, these young people had now all reached the senior-level. They were wearing standard war armors, holding sharp weapons, cruising across those hills, rivers, underwater cities and deep pools, one after another, in formidable battle formations.

Wherever an aquatic army rose to cause troubles, this formidable army would immediately launch an overwhelming wave of arrows in that direction. Armor-breaking arrows screamed across the sky and violently penetrated the bodies of those aquatic warriors. Explosive spell symbols blasted on the arrowheads, blowing these aquatic warriors into bits.

Yu Clan warriors from Di Family surrounded hundreds of divine towers. They were supported by great groups of strong and ferocious Jia Clan warriors, added with countless battle puppets, and were following behind Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain Army, sweeping across the surrounding area.

Countless Pan Xi world people were also armored to the teeth, led by Elder Destiny as they followed behind Ji Hao’s army, yelling and shouting in excitement while killing every aquatic warrior in their sights.

Elder Destiny had the compass of destiny to survey the flowing directions of rivers. Therefore, no gathering site of aquatic warriors could ever hide from his eyes. Those gathering sites were marked one by one on a magic sandbox, then soon being crushed by the army under Ji Hao’s command.

After seeing what happened to Si Water City, Ji Hao’s mind was occupied by the strong intent of killing, and he couldn’t restrain it.

He gathered all Yao Mountain people who were capable of fighting and raised a massive army that was well organized. This army swept around in the entire area with a radius of a hundred million miles around Yao Mountain territory like an enormous millstone.

Anywhere an alarm sounded, Ji Hao would immediately send his army to help.

Gong Mountain territory, Huang Water territory, Qi Mountain territory, Hao Water territory, Cave Mountain territory, Li Water territory…

Ji Hao had already completed the few water-sealing magic formations that he was responsible for, and at the moment, he had no task on his shoulders. Water-kind armies had been rising and causing damage in every direction. They seized all opportunities and tried everything they could to ruin the water-controlling plan. The cautious ones only sneakily attacked small human clans scattered in further areas while the daring ones gathered into troops, attacking the cities of earls and marquises.

Alarms came from all directions. Many earls and marquises who had their territories near Yao Mountain territory had led their armies out of their territories to help Si Xi build the water-sealing magic formations. By now, their territories were mostly empty, and those aquatic creatures took the great opportunity to march into these empty territories. Therefore, many nearby cities called for help.

The army under Ji Hao’s command arrived at every attacked city without delay upon hearing the alarms, and crushed those aquatic warriors.

The army under Ji Hao’s lead showed no mercy. None of the aquatic warriors that fell in their hands survived. Not to mention those spirit aquatic creatures, even the ones with no intelligence but only slightly larger shapes, were all chopped into meat paste by Ji Hao’s warriors.

Fist-sized shrimps, millstone-sized turtles, six-foot-long fishes, three-foot-long eels, wine-tank-sized frogs, three-meter-long snakes…

All kinds of aquatic creatures, as long as they were slightly larger than they should be and were with a slight potential of becoming a spirit one, Ji Hao’s warriors would mercilessly chop them.

After each attacked territory was saved, Ji Hao’s army would grow larger. Those warriors guarding their own territories who suffered the sneak attacks launched by those aquatic armies all ragingly raised their troops and joined Ji Hao’s army.

The scale of Ji Hao’s army grew greater and greater, extending for thousands of miles, raising an overwhelming aura of killing. Wherever this army reached, blood flowed in streams, and cries and screams were as loud as thunders.

Nests of aquatic creatures were destroyed one after another. Deep pools and lakes were dried and buried, while countless underworld cities built in the ancient times were flattened. Tons of nests of powerful spirit aquatic creatures were burned.

The massacre lasted for around a month. Afterward, wherever the Gold Crow battle flag of Yao Mountain territory showed up, large groups of aquatic creatures fled desperately. Not a single aquatic creature dared to fight Ji Hao’s army anymore.

However, these poor aquatic creatures could never run from Ji Hao’s hands, no matter how hard they tried. If they did not run, they might still survive. But once they tried to run, they would end up being surrounded and cut into pieces by that scary army of Ji Hao, without being able to even resist.

Other than the giant octopus, Ji Hao had also forcibly recruited nearly a thousand Divine-Magus-level powerful aquatic creatures, including a mountain-huge turtle, a carp with dragon horns, a flood-dragon-sized eel, a city-huge viviaparidae…

Ji Hao head learned countless secret magics from Yu Yu’s scriptures, including a few effective ones for bringing spirit creatures under control.

Ji Hao mercilessly cast the evilest and cruelest controlling magic on these aquatic creatures, turning these enormous creatures into his slaves and making them do whatever he said. With these powerful aquatic creatures, it became easier and easier for Ji Hao to crush those water-kind armies.

Time flew by. On this particular day, once Ji Hao took care of a water-kind army in Huang Mountain territory, Elder Destiny walked over in a rush.

"Master, thirty-thousand miles away in the front, a sense of power is especially strong. I’ve also sensed the power of thousands of enormous aquatic creatures around it. I’m afraid this one is even harder to deal with than Si Water God!" Elder Destiny told Ji Hao about his discovery while pointing at the southeast.

Ji Hao gave the order immediately. Followed that, the army under his command marched in that direction.

All the way, every single river and stream was overflowing. People were crying for help in caves or on tree branches. While the rescue team following behind Ji Hao’s army was helping these people, the troops at the front had already rushed into an extremely large-scaled water-kind army.

A strong man with silver hair stood on a water column, scornfully looking at Ji Hao’s army.

"I am Cloud Dream, a dragon king! Are you here to seek your doom?"

A while later, the silver hair man abruptly laughed out.

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