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The south of Yao Mountain territory, hundreds of territories away was a large lake, named Cloud Dream.

Cloud Dream was a wide expanse of mist-covered water. Surrounding it were Si Water River, Li River, Ling River and the other hundreds of different-sized rivers. All these rivers eventually drained into Cloud Dream and merged with the two great rivers, the Cloud River and the Dream River, that rapidly flowed eastward.

Therefore, Cloud Dream Lake was the core of this entire water area. Back in the ancient time, the heaven once sent down a Cloud Dream Lake Earl to govern the Si Water River, Li River and the other hundreds of rivers in this area. Si Water God was under the command of Cloud Dream Lake Earl.

However, back then, the non-humankind intruded Pan Gu world, and divine Gods raised an army from the heaven and started a long-lasting war against those intruders. Cloud Dream Lake Earl and the group of Gods under his command fell in the war. After that, this lake became an ungoverned area. Afterward, Could Dream Lake and the vast area around it was given to tens of human earls and marquises as their private territories.

No one knew when a powerful dragon family occupied the underworld city built by Cloud Dream Lake Earl back in the ancient times in the Cloud Dream lake. The leader of this dragon family called himself Cloud Dream Dragon King, and gathered a large group of aquatic creatures to dominate this area.

This Cloud Dream Dragon King was quite a troublemaker. Normally, conflicts often burst between him and human beings in this area. He might kidnap a few children from nearby villages and eat them, or seize a few human girls to serve him as maids, or blackmail surrounding human clans for three to five hundred lambs and a batch of nice wine. And next year, he might directly loot over a thousand cows from someone’s barn.

Things like this happened all the time. Earls and marquises who lived in nearby couldn’t tolerant him anymore. Therefore, they joined hands and raised an army to attack this dragon king. After an intense fight, the water-kind army under the dragon king’s command was nearly destroyed, and when the human army was about to capture this dragon king alive, the dragon-kind sent an official letter, because of which, the human army could only retreat.

Those angry earls and marquises each tried what they could to dig up the background of this Cloud Dream Dragon King. They then found out that this Cloud Dream Dragon King was actually an illegitimate child of the oldest dragon prince, who was also the oldest son of the current Dragon Emperor!

As a grandson of the Dragon Emperor, this Cloud Dream Dragon King should have been enjoying a luxurious life in the East Ocean. However, the identity of his mother was quite embarrassing to be mentioned. His mother was a Jia Clan girl, kidnaped by the oldest prince. This meant that this Cloud Dream Dragon King was a half Jia Clan being. A mixblood of the dragon-kind and Jia Clan, it was already lucky for Cloud Dream Dragon King that the Dragon Emperor didn’t behead him personally. How could he ever be allowed to stay in the Dragon Palace to humiliate his families? Therefore, Cloud Dream Dragon King was sent to Cloud Dream Lake to do whatever he wants. Because his father was the oldest dragon prince, he had been acting unbridled all these years and caused human earls and marquises living in this area tons of troubles.

Ji Hao sat on the giant octopus’s head, which had been quickly moving his tens of long tentacles in the water, swiftly passing the troops at the front and reaching to this Dream Cloud Dragon King.

Ji Hao looked at Dream Cloud Dragon King from head to toe. He had heard about the ‘great’ reputation of this dragon king long ago. In a ceremony held in the Town Hall, Ji Hao heard the other earls and marquises complain about this dragon king, who had been harming human beings all the time. Back then, Ji Hao had already memoried all information he got about this annoying one.

The long silver hair hung loosely on the dragon king’s back. Dream Cloud Dragon King was around fifteen meters and six inches tall, with a snow-white skin. He was especially strong and sturdy, wearing a silver dragon-scale armor, baring his pair of arms. Serpent-like blood veins unsettlingly beat under that snow-white skin of his.

Dragons had noble and powerful bloodlines. Dream Cloud Dragon King was especially handsome, but above his eyebrows were two extremely thin cracks, with faintly visible silver light glowing in them. Ji Hao understood that the pair of cracks was a gift from the bloodline of her mother.

"Dream Cloud Dragon King, I’ve hard so much about you!" Ji Hao stood on the octopus’s head and cupped his hands towards Dream Cloud Dragon King.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, I know about you!" Dream Cloud Dragon King pointed at Ji Hao, laughed wildly out and said, "That bullsh*t ninth uncle of mine is doing some secret thing with you, isn’t he? Hehe, Feng Qinxin, you’re pretty close with that little woman too, aren’t you?"

Flashing across the air, Dream Cloud Dragon King teleported himself to before Ji Hao’s face, put his hand on Ji Hao’s shoulder and put his large grinning face near Ji Hao’s ear. He laughed, "How about this, you kill that stupid Ao Li and poison Feng Qinxin for me. Let me screw her for a whole night, then I’ll promise you that I won’t touch your Yao Mountain territory. What do you think?"

Abruptly, Dream Cloud Dragon King bumped fiercely to Ji Hao with his head.

Ji Hao was enraged. He boosted up his power and bumped against Dream Cloud Dragon King.

Thud! Followed a thunderous noise, a dazzling fiery light burst from between their heads. Both of them showed their teeth in pain, with their eyes popped widely out, staring at each other.

"Good boy, such a hard head!" Dream Cloud Dragon King gnashed his teeth, grinned viciously and said, "Good, good, you have earned your right to talk to me now. What a hard head, what a great strength! Good, good!"

Letting out a frosty breath, Dream Cloud Dragon King stared at Ji Hao and continued, "Think about it, will you? Hm? Kill Ao Li, take out a stupid brother for that blamed father of mine, so that he will have one less competitor for the throne of dragon emperor. Feng Qinxin, that little woman smells good. I’ve been wanting to do something to her since the first time I saw her. Do me these two favors and we’re brothers. I’ll never touch even a grass of your Yao Mountain territory. What do you think?"

Ji Hao saw countless stars glistening before his eyes. Just now, he bumped against the dragon king with his head, and it was indeed incredibly hard, even causing Ji Hao dizziness.

Ji Hao tried pretty hard to concentrate, then gave a cold smile and responded, "Dream Cloud Dragon King, what on earth do you want? Human beings are suffering the flood. The dragon-kind and the humankind, we’re allies. What on earth are you doing by raising such a great water-kind army?"

Dream Cloud Dragon King laughed loudly, then bumped again with Ji Hao, still with his head.

Ji Hao was totally infuriated. He activated his power to an extreme point. The great power contained in his body was compressed into a tiny spot, then he made the move of earth-splitting. He sent all his power up silently to his forehead and bumped against Dream Cloud Dragon King.

Another thunderous bang was released, as blood splashed everywhere. Blood surged out in streams from Ji Hao’s forehead along with his skin pieces; even a part of his skull was crushed.

Dream Cloud Dragon King howled out. He suffered worse, as his skull broke, even exposing his beating brain. They were both sent zipping away, with their heads buried in their hands.

Divine Magi could regrow their bodies from a single drop of blood. Ji Hao gave a resonant growl, then his blood, skin and bone pieces all flew back to him, momentarily covering that huge wound. In a short while, that wound healed itself perfectly.

Dream Cloud Dragon King also burst with a great roar while a bright silver light sparkled on his head. Within a breath, his wound recovered as well.

Showing his teeth, Dream Cloud Dragon King looked at Ji Hao and laughed, with a slight trace of surprise flashing across his eyes.

"What do I want? I want to loot a burning house, of course!"

"You’re suffering the flood, what a great opportunity! I’m going to take as much gold, jade, and as many beautiful girls to warm my bed, as many as I can!"

"Hehe, I don’t want to lie to you. I’m also going to take out those human earls and marquises nearby. After I kill them, their territories will be mine, their people will be mine too! Everyone will worship me as Dream Cloud Dragon King!"

"Someone promised me an immortal life, as long as I can have enough people to worship me!"

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