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Ji Hao left a troop to help those poisoned magic formation artists under Yao Meng’s command. Then, he grabbed the neck of Si Water God, with Yao Meng dragging that giant octopus, and headed to Si Water City.

Si Water God had been murmuring all the way. This entire area was under the government of his Si Water River. Therefore, wherever Ji Hao brought him to, the flood silently drew back into rivers and stopped surging rampantly.

After half a day, they arrived at Si Water City. Or in other words, they came to the ruins of Si Water City.

Si Water City had disappeared already. This city was built by Yao Meng’s grandfather, his father and himself, with countless efforts. It occupied a large fertile alluvial plain near Si Water River, which was rich in many types of natural resources. But now, this great city had become a giant pit.

The whole Si Water City and millions of meters squared fertile farmlands around it had sunk down, turning into a bottomless pit.

Si Water River surged into the pit as turbid waves roared, with watery mist reaching to the sky. This place was turned into a whirlpool hundreds of miles in radius, with countless aquatic creatures happily swimming in and out of it. They laughed, dragged out a few high-quality pieces of clothes from the whirlpool, or some kitchenwares like iron pots and clay bowls.

The city sank, and all of Yao Meng’s families and clansmen were killed by the water. But the properties in the city remained undamaged. These aquatic creatures laughed excitedly while searching for all kinds of valuable things in the water, then showed off their harvests to their friends.

Some fierce ones even dove down to the bottom, bringing up bloody human heads one after another, or broken human limbs. They proudly held those human body parts, as if those were medals, giggled, then threw these body pieces at each other.

"Amma! Abba!" Yao Meng had just been through a long-lasting fight, and he remained calm all the time. But now, he fainted and fell straight down from the air. Fortunately, Yu Mu reacted pretty fast, grabbed Yao Meng’s belt and dragged him up.

"Si Water territory." Ji Hao clicked his tongue, then his face turned especially dark.

Yao Meng’s grandfather didn’t have a nice family background. He was given birth by the second wife of the leader of a small-scale clan. After he had grown up, Yao Meng’s grandfather was forced to leave his clan and live a vagrant life in the wilderness of Midland. In that vagrant life, this talented man fought natural disasters, countless fierce wild beasts and eventually cultivated himself into a powerful one.

Afterward, Yao Meng’s grandfather joined the human army in Pu Ban City and volunteered to go to Chi Ban Mountain to fight in the frontal line. For countless times, Yao Meng’s grandfather went deep into the grassland in the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain and attacked the battle forts of the non-humankind, killing incalculable non-humankind beings. He accumulated his credits, until he was conferred the title of Earl Si.

That wasn’t a massive war fought by Yao Meng’s grandfather. Therefore, despite the fact that he had killed a great number of enemies and made countless meritorious contributions, the credits he earned were still not as great as Ji Hao’s, for what he did back in Evil Dragon Bay with Yu Yu’s sword formation. For this reason, although they were both conferred the title of ‘earl’, at the beginning, the territory of Yao Meng’s grandfather was not as big as even one-tenth of Ji Hao’s territory.

Yao Meng’s grandfather, his father and himself were all simple and honest people. They kindly invited homeless people to come to their territory and start a life, helping their people build new homelands. They amassed wealth bit by bit. By the time Yao Meng took over the position of Earl Si, they had spent all they had and finally built the Si Water City!

This was a story of the rise of a human clan in the most traditional way. Countless strong human clans grew larger and larger like this; their ancestors worked as hard as possible, stayed as cautious as they could, to gradually turn their small and weak clans into powerful ones.

Si Water City, Yao Meng, his father, and grandfather put all of their hearts and souls in here. All of Yao Meng’s families lived in here.

The tall and sturdy city wall shielded Yao Meng’s clansmen from wild beasts, and the fertile farmlands fed the people. To Yao Meng, Si Water City was all he had; it was the only spiritual support of his.

But now, the city sank; it was gone, and everyone who lived in it was killed! Including Yao Meng’s father, mother, brothers, all his clansmen, all those loyal warriors under his lead, all those people were killed by these happily laughing aquatic creatures!

The core of Si Water territory, the richest area of this territory, was destroyed thoroughly.

"They built the city with all of their hearts, three generations of them!" Ji Hao clenched his five fingers, squeezing a loud creaking noise out of Si Water Gods’ neck.

Looking at Si Water God’s pale face, Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and said, "I know that Earl Si and his families are all honest and nice people. They didn’t even purchase slaves from Pu Ban Market. People living in their territory were invited over with their kindness. Those were all honest, reliable homeless clans."

With a darkened, frosty face, Ji Hao continued with a deep a scary voice, "They’re not like me. I do everything. I purchased countless slaves, I brought over countless Pan Xi world people, and I even bought a large number of non-humankind slaves from a prison of the non-humankind."

Ji Hao’s tone became strangely bland and cold while shrugging, "They’re not like me. Si Water territory…Si Water God, tell me, you could have destroyed the city, but why did you have to kill everyone lived in it?"

Si Water God’s face instantly turned dark-blue. He looked at Ji Hao in fear, because he sensed the strong intent of killing from Ji Hao’s tone.

"I…awe! If I flattened Si Water City and killed everyone in the city, the other human beings would…"

"Awe!" Ji Hao interrupted him. He gave Si Water God an especially warm grin, then said, "Indeed, awe! I will kill you, then tell everyone that I killed Si Water God and wiped out your entire family. That should be enough to awe Gong Gong’s dogs, right?"

The nine sun devil-destroying sword was raised high. Si Water God screamed himself hoarse.

"No, Earl Yao! No! You’re a human minister, and I am a true God. You, you, how dare you kill me? How can you kill me?"

Ji Hao paused slightly, then smiled, "Ah, you’re right, I’m a human minister. Killing for no reason seems to be not right."

Yao Meng lied aside and moaned, then woke back up from unconsciousness. Hearing Ji Hao, he growled furiously, "Earl Yao, if you’re not doing it, let me!"

Ji Hao laughed wildly out then swung the sword down. Following a quick series of puffing noises, Ji Hao cut off Si Water God’s limbs. As the essence sun fire swooshed around, those limbs were burned into ash.

"Earl Si, we cut him together!"

Ji Hao threw the remaining half body of Si Water God to Yao Meng.

Yao Meng curved his lip corners up viciously, then raised his ax and hacked down, chopping off Si Water God’s head.

Ji Hao flicked his finger, and following his move, the nine sun-shaped thunderbolt spheres exploded in River Water God’s heart, blowing up the white divine spell symbol in his heart.

Ji Hao raised the sword and roared resonantly. Rumbling sound waves spread out along with a strong aura of killing. Visible sound waves swept across the whole space like a tsunami, igniting the bodies of those aquatic creatures in the ruins of Si Water City, one after another. Within a blink of an eye, at least a million aquatic creatures were crushed by Ji Hao’s roar.

Yao Meng kneeled down beside the whirlpool and kowtowed loudly towards it.

"Amma, Abba! I will kill every last one of these evil aquatic creatures… You just watch me!"

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