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Si Water God gave up on resisting and let Ji Hao wrap up that divine spell symbol in his heart with a layer of essence sun fire.

Ji Hao locked his finger together and incanted a spell. As his hand motion changed, this thin layer of essence sun fire glowed brightly and transformed into small, sun-shaped thunderbolt spheres, and attached to the divine spell symbol. After this, Ji Hao was still worried that Si Water God might have other abilities to escape. Therefore, he activated the Pan Xi divine mirror and released a dim stream of light that sparkled across Si Water God’s body and sealed all powers of this poor God.

The black steel ax and black steel sword, and the long whip generated by the spirit of Si Water River, were all thrown into Ji Hao’s pocket. Afterward, Ji Hao pinched Si Water God’s neck and dragged him back to the battlefield.

On the roaring waves, countless aquatic warriors from Si Water were still wielding their weapons and attacking warriors under Ji Hao and Yao Meng’s commands. These aquatic warriors were from a regular army; they had high-quality armors and weapons, and they fought in ordered formations, seeming to be an elite troop. This batch of aquatic warriors was totally different from the massive group earlier led by Big Shark and his brothers.

Furthermore, these aquatic warriors had been attacking with a special magic formation. They split up into groups, each group containing thirty to fifty warriors. They extracted essence water power from the waves, then created water bombs with the power of the magic formations. Within a short span of time, a large wave of water bombs could be thrown out.

The waves surged inexhaustibly, and the number of aquatic warriors was giant. After they split up into groups, cyan-black water bombs started to flying out without an end. The powers of these aquatic warriors were limited. Therefore, the effect caused by each water bomb was not so great. However, the number of water bombs was way too huge, and so was the density.

Warriors under Yao Meng and Ji Hao’ commands formed a strong defensive line in the woods. At the moment, the bodies of over hundred-thousand warriors were covered by the dazzles of thunderbolts, while muffled thunders could be heard from everywhere. The ground was full of bumps and hollows, and from time to time, large pieces of rock and earth would fall off from the shaken mountains, burying troops of warriors under sand and earth.

Many warriors had been struggling out from piles of sand and stone, with their bodies covered in mud. They ragingly rushed out into the group of aquatic warriors, madly wielded their weapons and killed a great number of aquatic warriors, then returned to the woods.

But the aquatic army had a stunningly high number of warriors. After a certain number of aquatic warriors were killed, countless more would pop out from the water, form new groups and start launching the water bomb attack.

The hundreds of thousands of poisoned magic formation artists were still lying in the woods without being able to move. Therefore, warriors under Ji Hao and Yao Meng’ commands could only guard in front of them, form a defensive line to protect them from the overwhelming waves of water bombs, and helplessly suffer the strikes.

Water bombs blasted one after another, and those warriors seemed to be shaken.

Man Man and Shaosi each led an elite Jia Clan warrior troop, fighting a heavily armored group of aquatic warriors. Yu Mu was quickly spreading magic poison in the water, while Feng Xing’s arrows flashed across the air from time to time, harvesting the lives of leaders among those aquatic warriors. Taisi was doing a strange dance while shouting loudly. Wherever his eyes reached, waves of aquatic warriors would suddenly fall to the ground and die.

They had been killing as much as they could, but there were way too many aquatic warriors. They fought intensely for quite a while and found that the number of aquatic warriors treading on the waves was actually raised by a couple of times.

The most annoying one was that giant octopus. The wildness of that octopus was stimulated after he was injured by Si Water God with the long whip. He roared, madly slapping his long tentacles down and sending up groups of warriors under Ji Hao’s command into the sky from time to time.

Moreover, the giant octopus had also been releasing strong electric bolts from his mouth. The silver-white electric bolts landed on the ground thunderously, and could even turn three to five human warriors into nothingness, along with their armors and weapons.

Occasionally, an electric bolt would fall on a hill, and the hundreds of meters tall hill would be evaporated in a flash. This giant octopus was indeed powerful.

Feng Xing shot two arrows at the octopus sneakily. But the skin of this octopus was way too thick, that Feng Xing’s arrows managed to sank into his body for less than a hundred meters, then were stuck there. A nearly hundred-meter long wound was definitely lethal to a human being, but to this giant octopus, that was only a scratch.

Taisi, who was still confused, also noticed the octopus. He cast a deathly curse on the octopus many times. Every time, the octopus would tremble intensely, then his moves would slow down obviously, as Taisi’s curse took a great amount of life-force from him.

However, the octopus was surrounded by countless aquatic warriors. He opened his mouth and sucked hundreds of aquatic warriors into his mouth. God knew why his digestive system was so great, that those warriors swallowed by him would be digested immediately and he would regain his life-force within about a second.

Taisi cast the deathly curse a couple of times in a row, but he failed to do any actual harm to this giant thing. On the contrary, he caught the attention of the octopus. Tens of electric bolts were sent to Taisi, forcing him to turn around and run as fast as he could, nearly scaring him to death.

The octopus madly whipped with his long tentacles, shaking the defensive line of warriors under Ji Hao and Yao Meng’ command intensely. Added with the ceaseless water bomb attacks launched by those aquatic warriors, the defensive line even seemed to break.

At this very moment, Ji Hao flew back with Si Water God in his hand.

He silently stood in midair, flicked his left hand and created three earth-shaking thunders.

Down below, all aquatic warriors raised their heads and saw Si Water God held in Ji Hao’s hand. These aquatic warriors paused, then followed by a series of clangs, their weapons dropped all over the ground.

Si Water God then moaned with a weak voice, "Kids, surrender, surrender! Our Si Water army will stay out of all this. Just surrender! Otherwise, I will be killed!"

Hundreds of enormous aquatic creatures with strong power vibrations releasing from their bodies trod on raging waves, and rose while roaring. These odd-looking aquatic creatures glanced at each other, then all kneeled on the waves and listlessly said ‘yes’.

That giant octopus gave a shrill howl, then flicked his tens of tentacles and abruptly turned around, attempting to run away along the flowing water.

He never even dreamed that Si Water God would be captured alive by Ji Hao just like this, as Si Water God was more powerful than himself. If Si Water God was captured alive, he could never rival Ji Hao. Therefore, he had to run.

But Ji Hao had his eyes fixed on this giant octopus for so long, so how could he ever let this giant thing run away so easily?

The immemorial sun streamer fluttered in the sky, while countless streams of golden light flowed over from all directions. They transformed into an immense golden light and descended. The golden light transformed into a hand tens of thousands of meters in radius, grabbing the octopus up. Next, essence sun fires burst from the golden hand and wrapped the octopus up.

Before the octopus could yell out in pain, Ji Hao wielded the nine suns spear and spread a stream of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi on it. The long spear expanded to tens of thousands of meters long. Then, as Ji Hao pointed out his finger, the long spear penetrated the octopus’s tens of tentacles and his giant head, putting him on the fire.

Within a couple of breaths, a nice aroma of grilled octopus spread out.

"Surrender, surrender, I surrender too! Si Water River God, you ball-less ba*tard, how can you surrender?!"

The giant octopus couldn’t withstand the burning pain and cried gut-wrenchingly.

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