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Si Water God cursed out hoarsely, hurriedly dropped the long whip and patted on his own body.

Black water streams surged out from his palms as he patted on his own body, and a loud sizzling noise arose. After-world essence water roared out from those black water streams, transformed into spheres of black mist and attempted to dispel the essence sun fire that had already drilled into his body.

Ji Hao gripped the hilt of the nine suns devil-destroying sword with both hands and put forth his strength to push forward as hard as he could. The long sword pushed Si Water God swiftly back for tens of miles, then thudded him against a mountain.

The sword silently pierced into the mountain and nailed Si Water God on it.

Ji Hao quickly waved his hands and sent out a few spell symbols. Next, nine glowing suns hovered up from the nine suns devil-destroying sword, under the effect of which, the essence sun fire burned more and more ragingly while surging into Si Water God’s body like a flood.

Under Ji Hao’s perfect control, the essence sun fire only burned Si Water God’s body and didn’t do any harm to the mountain that he was nailed on.

Si Water God screamed in misery. He extracted an immeasurably great water power from the Si Water River and condensed it into after-world water essence to wrap his entire body with. Nevertheless, the essence sun fire was the extreme of fire in the world; it destroyed all the after-world water essence in a moment. No matter how much water power Si Water God drew from the river, he couldn't weaken the essence sun power inside and around his body, not even by a little bit.

The fire crazily burned Si Water God’s limbs and internal organs. He twitched intensely, and screamed in a hoarse voice, trying to free himself from the devil-destroying sword. But the nine divine sun spell symbols shone dazzlingly on the sword, releasing a strong suction force to firmly seal his body. He tried desperately hard, but he failed to move even an inch.

Ji Hao trod on a golden light stream while coldly looking at Si Water God screaming and shouting.

He was indeed a true God conferred by the heaven. His body was protected by an especially solid layer of pre-world water power, and a mysterious, faintly sensible power, that had been giving Ji Hao a strong pressure.

The pre-world water power softened the effect of the essence sun fire for the most part. Added with the suppression given by that mysterious power, Si Water God’s body was burning out bit by bit, yet didn’t turn into ashes instantly.

However, because of this slow rate of burning, Si Water God could clearly sense that his body had been shrinking inch by inch. The dreadful power released from the nine suns devil-destroying sword made him despair. He looked at Ji Hao in both anger and fear, opened his mouth and let out a puff of flame.

Essence sun fire burned his vocal folds, making his voice extremely strange.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao! Don’t you dare kill a true God! Nature will not spare you! If you kill me, you will lose your fortune. In the future, everything will go awry on you! You will bring disaster to all people in your Yao Mountain territory!"

"No one dares to kill a true God! No one!"

Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, looking at Si Water God howling with a harsh voice, and laughed scornfully.

"Lose fortune? Why do you think you can mention these two words to me after you dared to raise the flood and start a massacre in Yao Meng’s city, after you’ve taken countless lives?"

"Did you say no one dares to kill a true god? Before, this might be true. But now, I do dare to kill you!"

Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns spear, lunged fiercely, and punctured Si Water God’s right chest.

Another tremendous wave of essence sun fire was sent into Si Water God’s body, until thin streams of golden flame spurted out from every single one of his pores, and his body turned translucent.

Ji Hao widely opened his eye of Dao of sun, and a splendid sunlight penetrated Si Water God’s body, allowing Ji Hao to see through even the most secret corner of his body.

Through his body, Ji Hao saw a thin stream of water power flowing around, fighting against the essence sun fire. Deep inside his heart, a river-shaped white divine spell symbol had been glowing with a white divine light. In the areas swept across by waves of white divine glow, the essence sun fire actually seemed to be forced back.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. This white divine symbol should be condensed from the power of the heaven, or the will of the world, when he was conferred as the god of Si Water. This divine symbol represented his godhood!

This divine symbol was under the protection of nature. It equaled a supreme defensive treasure, and could shield Si Water God from all kinds of attack and save him from all kinds of disasters. This symbol was also a proof of identification; it proved that Si Water God was protected by the heaven and nature. If anyone broke this symbol and killed Si Water God, he or she would be punished by the power of the heaven!

Although the heaven was now fallen, at the moment, if anyone truly killed a true God who was conferred back in the ancient era, the heaven wouldn’t be able to give out the punishment anymore. However, true Gods were also under the protection of nature. Si Water God was actually right; if any ordinary living being killed him and broke this divine symbol, a natural disaster would certainly descend on that killer, because nature would punish the killer.

"So what?" Ji Hao looked at Si Water God and laughed out wildly. The bright laughter of Ji Hao sounded weird, and even frightened Si Water God.

Flicked his finger, Ji Hao cast a small magic he learned from Yu Yu. Following a popping noise, yellow and black light suddenly emerged around Ji Hao’s body. Above his head, a hundreds of meters huge, black and yellow colored cloud had been spinning slowly, while threads of yellow and black mist reached down, nourishing Ji Hao’s body, primordial spirit, and seed of Dao.

"The natural reward!" Si Water God popped his eyes out. His eyeballs even seemed to pop out from his eye sockets. "And…So much! You, you, how can you…how can you have so much natural reward!"

"Didn’t you say that I will lose fortune if I kill you? That I will bring disaster to my Yao Mountain people?" Ji Hao looked at Si Water God and said tauntingly, "But I’ve killed countless non-humankind beings, and I forced Di Family to come to our side to help boost human civilization. I’ve also won the battle in Pan Xi world and brought Pan Xi world people to our place, to make the fortune of our humankind soar!"

Ji Hao reached his hand out and slapped loudly on Si Water God’s face, gnashed his teeth and laughed coldly, "I am protected by the great natural reward of Pan Gu world. I can easily kill a couple of true Gods like you. What’s the big deal?"

Si Water God remained silent for a while, then under the great burning pain, he screamed, "You can’t kill me! You’re not powerful enough! Unless you’re a Supreme Magus, you can’t kill me, not even with pre-world supreme treasures!"

He looked at Ji Hao, sneered and continued, "Even if you burn my body into ash, with the divine power given by the world itself, I can still rebuild my body as a true God!"

Ji Hao nodded, pretended to be enlightened suddenly, then said, "Ah, the divine power given by the world itself? Did you mean the divine symbol hiding in your heart?"

Si Water God’s look changed immediately. He stared at Ji Hao as if he were a ghost, and asked, "You can see it?!"

Ji Hao nodded, pointed at the erect eye between his eyebrows, smiled and responded, "What do you think about my eye of Dao of sun?"

Si Water God was still hanging on the sword, but he made a perfect posture of kneeling. Looked at Ji Hao with a miserable face, he cried, "Earl Yao, dear Earl Yao, I was just fooled by Gong Gong, that sinner! I was forced to do such a nasty thing!"

"Please, don’t kill me, great Earl Yao! Please spare my lowly life!"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched. He looked at Si Water God and gave a heavy slap on his face.

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