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Si Water God and the giant octopus yelled at each other, cursing each other loudly, but neither did they stop moving.

While shouting and growing, they attacked Ji Hao simultaneously.

Si Water God madly hacked at Ji Hao with the black steel sword and ax, along with spreading a dense frigid mist all over the sky. Meanwhile, the long whip was coiled around by streams of water mist, lashing down from the sky towards Ji Hao’s face. At the same time, tens of thousands of meters long tentacles of that giant octopus reached over from all directions and circled Ji Hao up.

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched intensely. While fending against Si Water God’s attacks, he yelled at the octopus, "Doesn’t each octopus only have eight tentacles? You have so many tentacles, you’re cheating!"

The giant octopus had half a head above the water surface, with tens of dark-green eyes sparkling brightly on that mountain-like head. He stared at Ji Hao, laughed coldly and said, "Eight tentacles? With thirty-thousand years of severe cultivation, I can have one more tentacle. Count my tentacles, and you will know how many years have I cultivated myself for!"

Ji Hao looked at all those tentacles wriggling over from every direction and couldn’t help but show his teeth in surprise.

This thing could have one more tentacle every thirty-thousand years. So, judging by the tens of tentacles he had, he had already cultivated himself for hundreds of thousands of years, was that even true? These tentacles were especially strong, but the octopus was a bit clumsy. Therefore, Ji Hao unhurriedly made the Big Dipper steps among these mountain-huge, waving tentacles. No matter how hard the octopus tried, those tentacles never touched even a hair of Ji Hao.

Settling his mind down, Ji Hao straightened his left forefinger and middle finger, then led by his left hand, the nine suns spear transformed into a golden beam of light, hovering around his body. This hundreds of meters long golden light beam clashed against the black steel sword and ax from time to time, melting all the cold power released from those two weapons before anything could ever approach Ji Hao.

The nine suns spear was a supreme treasure, crafted for Ji Hao my the mysterious man himself. It was a pre-world piece, so reasonably, ordinary weapons would either be melted or cut into pieces by it. However, the sword and ax of Si Water God had been releasing a faintly sensible natural pressure while clanging loudly against nine suns spear. Even with its sharpness, the nine suns spear failed to leave any mark on the sword and the ax.

Ji Hao wielded the nine suns devil-destroying sword and slowly made the set of sword moves taught by Yu Yu. Many times, he suddenly swung the sword and raised long streaks of golden light, hacking fiercely on the sword and ax.

With the power of the nine suns devil-destroying sword, it could leave slight scratches on Si Water God’s sword and ax. But those tiny traces had constantly been recovering, and would disappear soon.

The long whip held in Si Water God’s hands was even harder to deal with. The long whip was like a living creature. Even without being controlled by Si Water God, it raised countless great waves while roaring down towards Ji Hao.

Invisible suction forces were generated in the air, making Ji Hao’s body sway. The long whip lashed on Ji Hao’s body many times, but was moved away by the Pan Xi divine mirror, slapping in the army brought over by Si Water God, along with sky-flooding waves. Countless aquatic warriors were crushed, and blood spread out in the water, looking quite scary.

Ji Hao took the opportunity and hacked on the long whip with the nine suns devil-destroying sword quite a few times. The thin whip would be broken easily, but after that, the broken part would grow back out. No matter how many times Ji Hao managed to cut it off, the long whip remained exactly the same, continuously raising great waves and crushing everything around it.

"Great treasure, indeed great treasures!" Ji Hao looked at the sword, ax, and whip of Si Water River God and praised. These three pieces were powerful enough to fend against the nine suns spear and nine suns devil-destroying sword. Although Ji Hao didn't release the strongest power of the nine suns spear and nine suns devil-destroy sword, the three pieces of Si Water God were still pretty impressive.

"Hehe," Si Water God laughed and said proudly, "Earl Yao, are your weapons pre-world supreme treasures? Shame, what a shame, even pre-world supreme treasures cannot break these heaven-conferred divine pieces of mine, the god of Si Water!"

The so-called heaven-conferred divine treasures were the ones naturally produced when the ancient heaven conferred a living being as the God of a mountain or water area. This type of divine treasures was somehow connected with the natural fortune of Pan Gu world. Although these divine treasures were not pre-world ones and neither were they as powerful as pre-world supreme treasures, they did have one particular advantage — They were unbreakable!

These heaven-conferred divine treasures were connected with the fortune of the heaven, and the territories of their owners. For example, if Ji Hao wanted to destroy the sword and ax in Si Water God’s hands, he would have to break the heaven, then evaporate all waters and streams and lakes and pools in the entire Si Water area. Otherwise, he could never destroy the ax and the sword.

As for the long whip, it was transformed from the spirit of Si Water River!

Unless Ji Hao could evaporate every single drop of water in Si Water basin all at once, this long whip would always be indestructible.

The sword and ax were just averagely powerful. They could do no better than releasing blade-sharp streams of cold power to attack enemies These two pieces were equally powerful as ordinarily natural-crafted weapons. However, the long whip was generated by the spirit of Si Water River. As the battle carried on, it could activate all rivers and streams in this whole area to attack its enemies together.

Si Water River extended for hundreds of millions of miles. Millions of different-scaled rivers and streams were included in this drainage basin. Once the water from those rivers and streams all gathered together, not even peak-level Divine Magi would be able to withstand that crushing force. Then, Si Water God could severely injure, and even kill a peak-level Divine Magus by carelessly giving a lash!

This was the true power of a river God!

Those Gods were conferred by the heaven. They didn’t even need to consume any of their own powers. By simply relying on their Godhoods, they would be able to manipulate the great powers of nature of their territories!

Ji Hao wasn’t fighting against the Si Water God. Instead, he was fighting all rivers and streams in the entire Si Water basin!

Rumbling noise could be heard without an end as the long whip raised hundreds of dragon-like rampant waves and struck Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao chuckled while the Pan Xi divine mirror released another dime stream of light and flashed across his body. Along with a loud and shrill series of swishing noise, all waves were sent to the giant octopus.

The octopus howled crazily out, because over twenty of his tentacles were crushed. Blood surged out from his broken tentacles while the octopus cried in a fury, "Si Water God, it’s not like I’ve screwed your mother. Why did you do this to me!"

Si Water God was quite frustrated as well. Why was this Earl Yao so hard to deal with?

The giant octopus cursed loudly. He opened his mouth, with a blue bolt of lightning sparkling in that mouth. Judging from the direction he faced, he was preparing to attack River Water God with that lightning bolt in his mouth!

River Water God was infuriated. As he prepared to yell at the octopus, Ji Hao suddenly raised his sword and launched the combined move of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish. The combined move generated a beautiful, thin, arc-shaped golden light, airily reaching River Water God.

Ji Hao moved at light speed. Before Si Water God could see his sword clearly, the nine suns devil-destroying sword had already penetrated his hands and sunk deep into his chest.

Golden essence sun fire wrapped Si Water God up. As the golden flame grew brighter, Si Water God was turned into a human-shaped torch.

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