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Ji Hao put his sword lengthways as a glden light rose in streams, shielding him against the black steel sword.

Along with a puffing noise, a dense cloud of cold mist was sent up from the black sword, sparkling brightly. Facing it, any ordinary human being would have their eyes blinded already, but beams of golden light burst from Ji Hao’s three eyes, penetrated it and saw Si Water God’s real face.

Clang! The two swords heavily struck against each other.

A water-like layer of golden light rippled on the edge of the nine suns devil-destroying sword, reaching the black steel sword. A snow-like white cold mist drifted down from the black steel sword, continually clashing against the golden light.

The intense conflict between the golden light and cold mist caused a high-pitched frictional noise.

In the next second, a strong force attacked and vibrated Ji Hao’s wrist, shook his body and pushed him back for tens of steps.

Si Water God had a white, beardless face. The face was long and slim, and so was his body. He was wrapped in a faint layer of black mist. As he swung his right arm up, an oddly shaped black steel ax appeared in his hand. He spread his arms and silently rushed to Ji Hao, like a black crow gliding across the sky.

The sword held in his left hand lunged and sliced, raising layers of cold mist that drifted like a heavy snow. Meanwhile, the ax in his right hand hacked violently and created waves of black smoke, roaring towards Ji Hao. Si Water God had great fighting skills. He circled around Ji Hao swiftly, and within every single second, thousands of cold beams of light would be sent towards Ji Hao’s vital body parts.

Ji Hao made the Big Dipper steps and unhurriedly fended him off with the nine suns devil-destroying sword. He seemed to be slow, but his moves were smooth and mysterious, that the storm-like waves of attack launched by Si Water God would always be blocked timely by the sword.

What surprised Ji Hao was that Si Water God was incredibly strong, even stronger than himself. Every time their weapons bumped into each other, Ji Hao felt that all of his bones were softened by the vibration. Consequently, he could only put forth seventy to eighty percent of his strength.

"Si Water God, you’re a true God of this world. Why are you messing around with these aquatic creatures?" While fending against Si Water God’s attacks, Ji Hao shouted harshly.

"A true God of the world? The heaven is fallen, so what is the tile of a God worth?" Si Water God’s eyes shone with a watery light. The black light transformed into sharp ice thorns, zipping towards Ji Hao. Meanwhile, Si Water God shouted, "If Lord Gong Gong becomes the divine emperor, hundreds of billions of living beings would be under his lead. Then I, as the god of Si Water… hehe!"

The stainless cloak released a strong golden light and melted the ice thorns that flew out of Si Water God’s eyes, turning them into a watery mist that dissipated in the air. Hearing Si Water God and seeing the fire of ambition in his eyes that he wasn’t trying to conceal at all, Ji Hao remained silent and began accumulating his powers.

In the distance, Yao Meng stared at Si Water God and growled furiously, "Si Water God, you, you, you and our Si Water City, we were friends for generations…"

Si Water God launched tens of attacks at Ji Hao, then cast a sideway glance at Yao Meng and said blandly, "I am the God of Si Water. Back in the ancient time, all human beings in this area worked for me, just like my slaves. Every single one of them."

"The heaven has fallen, and your human-kind rose. I had nothing offered by you when the season alternated anymore, nothing in the New Years… no daily delicious wines and fresh blood either."

"If a drought came, I would receive an official letter from your Si Water City, then I would have to bring a rain to abate the effects of the drought for you."

"If a flood came, with another official letter from your Si Water City, I would have to open up new riverways to eliminate the flood for you."

"I am the God of Si Water. Back in the ancient era, I could demand everything from you human beings. But now, I became a slave of yours! Friends for generations? I have just served generations of Earl Si of your Si Water City!"

"Yao Meng, I led my warriors and massacred all people in your Si Water City!" continued Si Water God coldly, "After that, the feeling I’ve been holding in my chest was finally vented, partially. Do not say anything stupid things like we’re friends for generations anymore!"

Yao Meng trembled. His eyes turned blood-red as he glared at Si Water God.

Did he really kill all people in the city?

When the crab yelled so, Yao Meng still didn’t want to believe it. But now, Si Water God said so as well!

Among people living in Si Water City, some were Yao Meng’s families and clansmen, his parents, his uncles and aunties, his brothers and sisters, all his relatives.

"Si Water God, I’ll kill you!" Yao Meng growled out crazily and wielded his ax, treading on a cloud and dashing to Ji Hao.

However, once he flew for around ten miles, two tentacles that were thousands of meters long roared out of the water surface and violently lashed at Yao Meng like two long whips. Yao Meng didn’t manage to dodge timely and was sent flying away. Bone cracking noises came out from his body, as Yao Meng was forced to vomit blood once again.

A tremendous octopus, which was nearly ten-thousand meters long, waved his long tentacles and slowly reached his head out from the water, while releasing dense watery mist from his mouth. The power vibration released from his body was stunningly strong. Once the octopus showed up, a large and dense cloud of watery mist emerged above his head, with bolts of thunder descending from it. This gigantic creature was even many times stronger than the large crab that Ji Hao killed earlier!

Besides, among spirit creatures, the sizes of their bodies roughly represented the levels of their strengths. This was a nearly ten-thousand meters long octopus. No human Divine Magus could ever be mentioned in the same breath with him in terms of physical strength!

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, take this!"

Ji Hao was distracted by this giant octopus involuntarily.

Si Water Earl seized the opportunity and suddenly burst with a great growl, then the black steel sword and the ax flew out simultaneously from his hands. Frosty mist condensed into dagger-sharp snowflakes, swishing towards Ji Hao disorderly. Si Water God wielded his arms, and a long black whip abruptly showed up in his hands. He flicked the whip, which immediately expanded to thousands of meters long and lashed down towards Ji Hao along with a sky-flooding wave.

Ji Hao shouted in a startle. He attempted to flash away and dodge, but the water wave raised by this whip created countless invisible whirlwinds in the air that dragged Ji Hao’s body like magnets. Ji Hao paused for a short moment, but the whip already landed violently on his body.

The Pan Xi divine mirror buzzed and released a black divine light stream that flashed across Ji Hao’s body.

The long whip disappeared from above Ji Hao’s head, and in the next moment, that enormous octopus howled in pain, because that extra long whip of Si Water God lashed heavily on his head. The octopus didn’t manage to react timely, and as a consequence, a, hundreds of meters long, tens of meter deep slash appeared on his head.

Large streams of blue blood surged out from that wound. The octopus screamed in pain, then howled hysterically.

"Si Water God! Damn you! You did this on purpose! You did this on purpose! I’ve done nothing but eat a couple more people in Si Water City! You tried to kill me for that?! I’m going to find River Earl and let him tell if you’re right or not!"

Si Water God paused briefly, then glanced at Ji Hao, who was smiling at the moment, and cast a great roar in anger.

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